Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Tomorrow

I remember the pure joy of ringing in the new year. Especially when single and on the prowl or with a new boyfriend (or new husband) and cherishing that midnight lip lock!! I even remember celebrating midnight when I was a kid during one of my parent's big parties. It was so much fun sneaking into the kitchen to see if there was still a few drops of margaritas clinging to the sides of the blender!

It is 11:00pm EST. I have not been awake at midnight to "ring in the new year" in 5 years. Yes, 5 years! My youngest is 3.5, so I was lame about New Year's Eve before having kids. But I was soooo not lame in many other ways - so hush (okay, I was really going to type BITE ME)!

This year's Plan #1:
This year I was going to head to a dear friend's house and get in the spirit (if you know what I mean). Alas, my 1yo began puking last night. She stopped this morning after being up 4 times last night and covering us both with (well, I won't go into details). Poor little thing. It was so sad to watch. However, I decided it best to keep our germs to ourselves and forego the party.

Plan #2:
I was exhausted from being up all night. So at 6pm I headed out to get a triple shot latte!!! That should do the trick and keep me awake when the clock strikes 12!
Ate dinner.
Baby down at 7:30pm.
Hubby let me squeeze in a workout in our garage gym.
Toddler down at 8:30pm (with hubby who was supposed to stay up, drink wine, and play Scrabble - which we used to enjoy playing years ago).
Hubby fell asleep with toddler.

And here I sit with some dark chocolate (thanks Brae) and red wine (really, really good red wine - thanks Amy).
I began working on my laptop because my work has been piling up.
Chocolate is gone.
Wine is gone.
House is quiet.
My mind is quiet.
My heart is full and thankful for all the love I share.
Should I watch a movie?
Should I read?
Should I sanitize this germ-ridden house?

Nope, I'm heading to bed.
Signing off at 11:12 pm EST.
Happy New Year to someone somewhere OR everyone everywhere.
I will go kiss my kids and husband on the forehead while they sleep. (or maybe not - it might wake them!!!!)
Silence is truly golden!

Here's to a fabulous 2008!!!! This year is going to truly ROCK!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gettin' Back in the Groove Post Holiday

So how did everyone do? I know we haven't made it past New Year's Eve yet, but most of the holiday eating-season is behind us. Wow. I, for one, am glad it's done! I am so tired of massive meals! I'm sure I'm like a lot of people who have to do know, one with the parents, one with the step-mom and dad, step-dad and mom, step-grandparent and other, um, get the point. My kids are over-gifted, I'm over stuffed and in need of some veggies!

I've somehow managed to keep up some running during the past week. Leading up to Christmas was hard because of all the errands but once we got to the big day, getting out for a run was a huge stress reliever for me. I got in my longest run ever just before the holiday of 10 miles! I'm pretty pumped about that one still. I think knowing that I was able to do that helped me stay active through the following week and was able to do another 10 mile run and then some. I'm still amazed at what getting out for a run can do for me mentally, not just physically. I truly am a better wife and mother if I'm able to get that me-time in especially knowing that it is time spent making myself better physically and working for that big overall half marathon goal. I think that is something that some day, my kids will be proud of. Happy New Year to you all!!

Space Coast Half

Although I trained for and ran a marathon last January, and although I have kept up a somewhat respectable training routine since then, I completed my first official half-marathon last month. I was timid, mostly because my left foot had been aching; a mysterious soreness that seems to alternate between my plantar and my achilles. Basically, I feared that a long run at race pace might knock me out of the sport for a while. No one has ever confused me for being Kenyan, so it wasn't a huge shift to slow to a 12 minute mile.

I drove up to Cocoa for a warm Florida race that unveiled a new theme this year: Space. From the countdown of the Space Shuttle on the jumbotron at the start, to the alien costumes running past me, the excitement was in the air. I even saw dolphins twice along the Indian River route. Without the lust for a PR, I was able to pay attention to the moment and really enjoy running for running's sake. After feeling fine at the turn-around, I started to pick it up a bit. By the last 5K, I was full of energy and inspiration. I was passing people left and right, even skipping my intervals with little effort. All was well, I had made up lots of time and was ending up a little faster than predicted.

When I came around the corner of the public park, the crowd went wild. Not only did I have the regular race photographers snapping away, I had video cameras surrounding me. People were clapping and yelling "Looking good!" I felt like a million bucks....until I heard a bicycle approaching from behind and a man yelling "Get out of the way!!!!!"

Thirty-three year old, Ezekiel Ruto, was hurtling towards me and quite possibly would have mowed me over had the "Lead Runner" biker not come through. Ezekiel was completing the full marathon just about the time I was finishing the half. Still, it was a great race. And basking in the winner's glory for 25 seconds was nice, too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Truth is out-- laundry is bad for your knees

Hello Running Mommies! I'm at the tail end of caring for my sick family. Two straight nights of my 4-year old vomiting, even my baby vomited once and my usually energetic husband spent the day in bed. Me-- I do not have the good luck to get a day in bed. How pathetic am I that I'm jealous of a sick person :)
I was carrying a load of laundry up from the basement and somehow twisted to get up the stairs and hurt my left knee. It really hurts. I've never really hurt anything before (except broken leg/arm as a kid). I know my side of the family is expecting this. I keep showing them Runners World articles that emphatically deny knee problems have to go with running. I'm healing and trying not to eat all the stuff that comes with the season. I must make a New Years resolution to give up laundry. Merry Christmas Ladies!!

The Wrath of the Cookie Recipient!

Ok people! Those loved ones that sent us the two HUGE boxes of gourmet (size of your head) cookies? Yeah, you! I love you, but you are apparently trying to fatten me up before my 1/2 marathon training. Seriously - I won't even be able to run up the stairs of my house by the end of this week!

I WILL find a way to retaliate! I WILL get my revenge!

I WILL....ok, I WILL eat another cookie!

Dang it!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Happy & Merry Merry!

Packing up the computer on this end as there's a move afoot in my world (thankfully not ON FOOT although that would at least mean I was exercising through the holidays!).

have a great holiday.

stay safe.

And ENJOY everyone and everything to its fullest.

Life is too short not to.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tracking Workouts

I found a new site today, Buckeye Outdoors, that allows you to track all your workouts in one handy-dandy place. I just joined so I'm still feeling my way around, but so far, it seems pretty cool! It is super easy to add workouts and then it tracks your weekly and monthly totals included calories burned. There are also a lot of different training plans on there if you have a long term goal such as a half or full marathon, 10k or a strength training goal. Anyone else use a site like this to keep you on track with your goals?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Classy Mommy Giveaway: Angelina Ballerina: A Star Collection DVD Box Set

Thanks to Hit Entertainment and Fox for offering this charming girly DVD giveaway!Almost every little girl adores Angelina the Ballerina!

This box set of 3 DVD's is super with many of your favorite Angelina adventures. Mackenzie at age 2 is totally an Angelina fan - along with being fascinated by cousin Henry too!

Win it! Enter by the end of the day on 12/19/07. Click here for entry details.

You Have The Power

Two articles caught my eye in today's paper. First off, smack dab on the front page AT THE TOP, was an article about the rising cost of groceries and how in the (near) future the cost of cooking at home would be equal to the cost of eating out. Not to mention the cost of oil and the cost of driving to the grocery store to pay those higher prices. That, my friends, is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Secondly, the need for ethanol is causing an increase in chemical run-offs into the Mississippi which then runs-off into the Gulf causing a "Dead Zone" where sea life basically suffocates which then causes the people who make their livings from fishing have to go farther and farther out. Using more fuel.
My question is: When will enough be enough?
Really. When I look at our society, I see a bunch of yapping dogs chasing their own tails.

Life is so much more than this rudimentary nonsense and you don't have to live like a hamster in a wheel. It's in your power, it's in all of our powers.

Walk. Run. Garden. Cook. Live.

The dots above will link you to a related article.

Walk. Run. Garden. Cook. Live.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Baking

Are you guys baking for the holidays? I am a horrible baker. Horrible! But! I am thrilled to say that I have found the perfect no-bake holiday treat! It's perfect for me because as I said, it's no-bake and from what I can tell so far (and I've made a few batches!) it's impossible to screw up. I'm willing to bet that I'm the last mom on earth to have heard of this so bear with me if you've been making this up for years, I'm just so stinkin' excited!

No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars
1 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1 1/2 cup crushed vanilla wafer cookies (about 45)
1 lb powder sugar
1 cup melted butter
12 ounces milk chocolate chips

Mix peanut butter, sugar, wafers and melted butter together. Press into a 9x13 dish.
Melt chocolate over a double broiler or in the microwave. Spread chocolate over peanut butter mixture. Cover and chill for 2 hours.

Oh. My. Gosh. It is so rich and so good you will not believe it! I am cutting them into little triangles and packing them up for last minute neighbor gifts. And I think I'll need to add a bit of extra cardio to combat all the sampling I'm doing!

Friday, December 14, 2007

To Cross Train or Not To Cross Train,

There shouldn't be a question.

This piece was written on spec & ended up more just being a personal kick in the pants.

Im in a huge workout rut.

And it's the holiday-food-treats time of year to boot.

All that to say FEEL free to skim---I just thought Id share in case anyone else needs some CROSS TRAINING ENCOURAGEMENT.

Even when working full time as a personal trainer, I was the queen of do as I say and not as I do.

"You must cross train!" I would admonish a client.

"You can not whine about plateauing," I would tease another. "Have you done any form of cardio this month other than the treadmill??"

I would cajole and chastise-while all the while hiding my own dirty little secret: my stationary bike. Each morning I would climb on the bike and pedal away for 40 minutes while watching TV.

Morning after morning.

For years. Still.

And now I have plateaued.

I knew I needed to change up my cardiovascular routine. And recently. FINALLY. I decided to put myself out there and try something really different.

So I tried NIA.

NIA is a unique combination of modern dance, martial arts, yoga and African dance.

I have to admit that I have preconceived notions regarding "holistic" exercise. While I have shed the '70's no pain no gain mantra but the notion of flapping my arms and chanting my way to a size 8 still gave me pause.

From my first step into the NIA studio I knew this surely wasn't my old stand by Powerhouse Gym. A pungent aroma of patchouli incense filled my nose (!) and various candles and weavings filled the studio's waiting area.

At this point I had to squelch my instinct to turn and run (pun intended). I had the sudden fear that even with the sense of open-mindedness the NIA studio had so painstakingly created, I would do something "wrong."

Something not laidback enough.

Arriving early I had the opportunity to meet the (male) instructor and chat with a few other class members. Can I say that I was surprised how normal (read: like me) they all were? I don't know what I was expecting-but these people did not embody it. We all talked for a bit and after hearing the word dance and free form tossed about repeatedly, I decided to grab my hand weights and make a beeline for the back for the room.

My new vantage point gave me a great view of a rather large painting in the front of the room. The painting was of a naked woman dancing. This woman was naked and voluptuous and frolicking and HAPPY.

That figure seemed to follow the NIA theme: love who you are and the health will follow.

Loving who you are or not, I had wrestled with what exactly one wears to a NIA class. Gym shorts and a t-shirt? A unitard? Flowing pants? Tie-dyes? Robes? In a word: YES.

Unlike many gyms where there is inevitably a "cool" uniform (and usually a mandatory perfect body to be placed in it) at NIA anything goes.


No one in the room either appeared interested in what the other people were wearing or seemed to feel uncomfortable with how much or how little he had on. Big women in little outfits, little men in long flowing outfits-if ever there was a workout filled with unconditional positive regard NIA is it.

And then the dancing began. Just like that. The instructor turned on George Michael and we were off.

The notion of NIA lost me a tad here. I wasn't sure exactly what our goal was, what muscles we were going to work, and in what order we were going to attack them.

I soon realized I was thinking inside the box in a room filled with people who hadn't seen the box's interior in a while.
I needed to loosen up not only my cervical spine-but my mind as well.

The class quickly progressed. We were encouraged to dance what we were feeling.
Me? Im someone who inevitable claps off the beat when music is playing! I wasn't quite sure how to display through dance my feeling of wanting to crawl and hide in a closet.

So I just wiggled my hips a bit.

And waved my hands.

And tried not to look in the mirror.

Eventually, I recognized that there were a few steps that we did simultaneously. Although I also recognized that my classmates whooped and kicked and fluidly moved their arms in a way I had yet to master.

When the instructor encouraged us to imprint these routines with our own creative stamp-I didn't even know where to begin. It was all slightly embarrassing and it was all very amazing.

I might have been focusing on my jerky movements and off rhythm stumbles-but no one else was.

Check out NIA, try a new class at your gym, run outside if you typically use the treadmill---remember, variety is the spice of life! (And it also helps tighten up your glutes…)

Ear Problems

I'm sending out a big fat S.O.S for ear bud ideas. I am so over my iPod ear buds flying out of my ears while running so I have decided it's time for a change sisters! I know, I'm a wee bit dramatic today over the ear bud issue. Please tell me I don't have some kind of weird ear issue but I really think I do! I can't get them to stay in to save my life...or my run as it so happens! I've tried the ear wrap things too but apparently I have child-like ears because they are too big!! Help! What to do to keep my music playing during these long runs?

Dire Warning!

Oh, gosh! I hope I'm not too late. I just wanted to warn everybody about the danger of performing The Rat Pack's Greatest Christmas for your child(ren) while wearing socks on the tiles of your kitchen floor! I won't go into any greater details, just know that you've been warned!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C'mon cold weather! I'm ready for ya!

So I went out today (in Nashville's 78 degree weather - what the heck is up with that!) and purchased some cold weather running gear. I was literally giddy over it as I feel that I am truly committed to running this darn half marathon in April. I'm excited about it! I'm excited about the training process. Craziness!

Now if I can just find the evil person that created those mint chocolate covered Oreos and beat him/her to a pulp then I will be at peace.

Running as a Lifestyle

Well, I'll mention this on my personal blog, but since seeMOMMYrun probably gets a teeny-tiny bit more traffic than my blog does (hee-hee-hee-ha-ha-ha-ho...ho...ahem) I'll blog about it here, too.
(What Stephanie??? Would you get to the point! As my husband would say.)
Hopefully you can tell from my high spirits that I went for a run. How far I went is not nearly as important as where I went. I ran to the library for the 10:05 Lapsit with my little baby buddy boy. He had a great time and so did I. It's so fun to watch the little tykes. And then I ran back home.
So my point is that running is a lifestyle: I hate cars. I mean, obviously they are a necessary evil but, ultimately, I have a choice in the matter. If that means my life moves at a speed that is less than 70 MPH, then that's just the way it is.
Of course, I'm more self-conscious of my Ped lifestyle here than I was in that other country I used to live in and that's because, as Trice commented, that country is full of active walkers. But I imagine I'll get over it. Then I'll be running to the grocery store and to the post office and anywhere else that I am required to be.
Otherwise, I'll just stay home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mommy running in the cold

It is that time of year again when it is oh so much easier to stay inside than get out and run, but if you can just squeeze in a little one it will make this whole season so much more pleasant. All those relatives that come visiting make great baby-sitters for you to get out and get a run in. Christmas Day too!

Good that You're doing That

Once I was running up my old German village's hill as one of the villages old timers was hobbling down on thick ankles. As we passed, our eyes met and she nodded with approval.
"Gut das du machst das." She said.

"You're doing a good thing."

The image is emblazoned in my mind

Sunday, December 09, 2007

In case you're like I am...

and still planning your christmas gifts (no such luck with Hanukkah this year as it was too early. I had to have that stuff organized and bought before thanksgiving!) I found two online that I adore.

Not exactly running related (or so they think :)) but I tweaked them a smidge and made em 100% running treats.

the first? silly but fun. check out

Im a huge fan of My Jones soda and at that site they'll slap ANY PICTURE you choose on a case of your favorite flavor.
One special runningwoman in my life is receiving a case of her favorite sugarfree flavor with a photo of her finishing a race plastered on the front.

feeling more serious? check this site out:

My words wont do his work justice but, essentially, he tweaks your photos (read: polishes & perfects) and then amazingly mats, frames and sends.

Different fabulous running friend is getting a black and white pic of her finishing her first marathon so she can hang it in her living room (figured out who you are yet? please to pretend to be surprised!)

just some ideas from a woman who CAN NOT believe how quickly december is FLYING past!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Run Indoors or Out?

This morning, I'm pacing around the house trying to decide what to do about my run. It's cold outside but the snow has stopped and so has that rain/sleet crap that we had yesterday. From my window, it looks like the sidewalks are all clear but I have no idea what some of the paths look like. I desperately want to run outside and not on the treadmill. I've been trying to get along with that thing, but seriously, it is hard to run indoors! Anyway, back to my problem: it's really cold which I can deal with but I have this crazy fear that is taking over about slipping and taking a bad fall that could mess with my half-marathon training and I just can't get past it. So I'm weighing that fear with the fact that if I run inside today, no way will I be able to get a 'long run' in which I really need to do.

How boring am I? Who spends their Saturday morning obsessing about things like this? Maybe I should just have another cup of coffee and look out the window later. Please tell me some of you have some treadmill tips for me! How, how, how do you do it?!

Friday, December 07, 2007

starting with me

I started that blog. All the names I wanted were taken. Out of desperation I came of with I'm hoping that keeping an online journal will keep me motivated!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Road Trip!

Ah - the glory of the open road - yeah, right! The girls, my father and I took an 8 hour road trip to Mississippi this past week. What is it about a road trip that gets us all excited? I mean, it is hours and hours of time in an enclosed space - hmmm...might be a great idea for a reality show. Nope - Mtv's Road Rules already has that covered, but that is with all scantily clad 20-somethings. I could DEFINITELY put on a new twist...30-somethings with children and attitude...yep - I'm going to the networks with this idea!

Road trips in college meant great times listening to "mixed tapes" (I'm dating myself), eating fast food and telling your life story to your traveling buddies (typically a bunch of girlfriends). Now road trips take on a whole new meaning. Shoot - it takes more time for me to plan a road trip with my twins than to actually complete the road trip. My, my...these times they are a-changin'.

And speaking of roads...I'm just about ready to start the 12-week Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon training program that I have been staring at on the inside of my kitchen cabinet. Starting the first week of January it will be exactly 12 weeks til the Music City Marathon. Yeehaw!

Lunge Mommy Lunge

Subtitle: this post is so trite--but since Ive only just experienced it please to indulge me.

Im not great about making myself do things that I dont like to do.

In the exercise/diet realm anyway. Im fully aware (*sigh*) that as an adult my life shall be crammed with doing stuff I dont r-e-a-l-l-y want to do, however, I shall spareth you THAT rant.

I definitely cling to the notion of consistency with my workouts (as in if I do it 6 days a week for YEARS then it mightcould be ok that I am not good about mixing it up).

In a really obvious way.

Im certain that the people who are at the gym the same time I am in the mornings could tell you precisely which machines Im going to do in what order once they know the body part Im lifting/if Im there to do cardio.


It was leg day (extensions, inner/outer, seated ham, prone ham and DONE) and something possessed me at the end to throw in a few sets of lunges.

The exercise of champions and one which I detest.

You know what? it felt really really good.

I may do nothing else today to challenge myself but as of 8 am I already had.

what did you do today that challenged the way you think or work out?
That scared you just a little bit but you did it anyway?


This morning as I was doing my usual penance of exercising the dog (she's fine once she gets her exercise, but gosh does she tug that leash until I let her run free) two young XCountry runners whizzed by me, their coach trailing behind on his bike. They looked so strong and determined. And they were FAST. I'm guessing they were the top runners.
I got to get this bod back and between the workout regimens in Men's Health Ultimate Dumbbell workout and my Complete Book of Running and Fitness, I should be able to do it.
I'm going to follow our little world's lead and blog about my training. As soon as I come up with a catchy little name.
Those young men inspired me. Thanks to the universe for sending me that message.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Body I was Given

It's not a fact that I am necessarily proud of, but here it is: I have flat feet. Wait. The disappointing news doesn't end there. My right leg kicks out behind me, something my Xcountry coach brought to my attention in high school. (Man, I would love to still be on a Xcountry team...with a kick-ass triathlete coach and his running gear sponsored sidekick...I used to be one mean and lean little mama.) He didn't know how to fix it, so we just kind of let it be. Now, some twenty years later, the back of my right leg is crawling with spider veins. And sometimes the leg, I don't know, just goes weird on me and I can feel myself limping. When that happens then the front of my right foot joins in on the fun and starts aching, too.

And you all thought I was perfect :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mommy lost that loving feeling.

I'm at the gym getting ready to take my own advice and run/walk and get some speed back. Well the gym has all these TVs lined up, but I need an FM tuner to hear them. I thought ok, I'll join this century and get an MP3 player/FM tuner. I tried Napster, Itunes, etc.. and could not get any songs I liked and gave up. Then I ran for 40 minutes and it was awful. I was fiddling with the damn player and almost fell several times. I probably should have thrown the thing away, but I was determined not to be beaten by technology. It was ok and I finished the workout. I'm going to beat this. My kids are getting Ipod nanos for Christmas-- how wll I ever get them loaded up? Have I mentioned what a great bunch of people contribute to this blog? I've never written one never mind read one and this just makes my day.

On SEP 11, 2001 I was at the gym and the TVs played the tragedy over and over. I had earphones then and unfortunately could not stop listening/watching. I think I'm feeling pressure not to miss thew news. Since then I've read the entire 9-11 Congressional report and just about every book written on the subject. I still cannot believe it happened.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Im in love.

please not to tell my husband.

with these:

and not for my daughter.

You might not know this about me unless you roll with me in real life but I ADORE SKULLS.

Any kind and no Im not sure why.

From the Pirates of the Caribbean vergingonscary ones to the silly, girly pinkbowed kind.


It's going to be a struggle but Im going to TRY and not request a woman-sized version of their black skully thermal top.


Regardless there are a few little ones in my life who are DEFINITELY getting these for Hanukkah.

if youre still shopping definitely check them out and, by means of disclosure, Im definitely not getting paid for my love.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Classy Mommy Giveaway: Box Set of Barney DVD's

2 lucky readers will win the recently released DVD box set titled, Barney: The Imagination Collection. This is a super collection! Thanks to Hit Entertainment and Fox for sponsoring this giveaway! Value of $30. On sale at Amazon right now!

know my daughter adores Barney. I have to admit as a parent, I find many characters are not always as amusing and as a household rule we are strict about limiting TV time to a minimum. However, I adore how my daughter sings the Barney song again and again and sweetly says, "I love you, You love me, We're a happy family". So, Barney is a winner in our house!

Click here for contest entry details.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mommy at the gym and not the road

It is December! 24 more days till the big day. My children are so happy and trying so hard to peek. I usually find this time of year as an essential time to work out and remain sane. When I lived in NY I had to go to the gym because 26 inches of snow kept me inside. When I lived in TX-- 110 degrees kept me inside. During those times I ran on the treadmill, did the elyptical, and in TX I always went to a BodyPump class twice a week. I like the gym, but then moved to KY when the weather is almost always conducive to running outside and I never run inside. What happened was that I got slower. On the treadmill I always had the speed at 7.5 or 8 and ran for 40 minutes. Now I'm outside having a grand old time, but my speed has slipped drmatically. I was forced to the gym because of pouring rain last Monday and loved my time on the treadmill. I walked at 3.8 for 10 minutes, ran at 7.0 for 10 minutes, walked at 3.8 for 10 minutes, ran at 7.0 for 10 minutes and finished walking at 3.8 for 5 minutes. I'll get back to running the whole thing for 40 minutes, but this way I know I'm doing it and truly we can really do almost anything for 10 minutes. I think I'll break down and buy an MP3 player and keep going to the gym for a while. Speed means longer distance in the same time. I once ran 12 miles on a treadmill while training for the Houston Marathon. It was pouring out and I was too frightened to miss a run on the training schedule. It was hell.

Flu shot for KIDS???

Not sure how I feel about the flu shot for kids....this is the second time my little girl has gotten very sick after the flu shot. Now I know that when they inject the flu shot they are giving you the live virus....(did you know this) it is in order for our body to create antigens to fight the virus if ever exposed again. So LIVE virus means YES you can get sick from the flu shot (especially if your immune system is already DOWN). my 3 1/2 year old had hers ONLY because she goes to daycare and around other KIDS, otherwise I wouldn't get her one. WHY do I feel this way...MAYBE because I went ALL my infant/adolescent years WITHOUT it and I am still here! I have gotten the flu 4 times in my life....Twice was after I received the Flu SHOT....HMMMM what does this mean?
The Center for Disease Control is ONLY predicting the strain of FLU that will come around each could still get exposed to another strain and be DOWN with the WHY get a FLU shot?
My little girl got PNEMONIA this started like this....low fever within the 24 hours following the FLU shot......2-3 days following a dry cough....then about a week later still coughing and a running nose....10 days later deep cough followed by HIGH fever, vomiting for 12 hours, then "crackling" in her chest.....a call to the doctor and then a rush visit to the MED CHECK b/c it was Thanksgiving....she has pnemonia.....
She is better now but I am seriously debating whether or not NEXT year I will get in the flu shot.
What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Not so much a shameless plug

or even a begging-for-ideas post (as I really do have a plethora of my own) but a "what would you like to read about?" query.

here's a(n ugly) link to my magazine column---anything youd like to learn more about?

email me!

Bad, bad blogger.

please to know Im giving myself 0387420478 lashes with a wet (low carb) noodle.

may I pathetically state that, even though Ive been UpToHere with work, life and toddlerville, I still have been working out (not that THAT'S pathetic...I mean using it as an excuse :))

this morning I was thisclose to losing my mind at the gym daycare woman when she sauntered in at 910 (the place opens, technically anyway, at 845) and we (the royal. really my daughter) had a class at 925.

I didnt however.

I smiled.

Tossed, errr, handed over my daughter.

and proceeded to lift weights for the eight minutes I had.

whats the point of my post? (besides NOT MUCH) I command all of you to do what I SO RARELY do: dont blow off the work out but use the time youre given.

happy happy FRIDAY!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What to do when your kids see all their Christmas toys??

Crap. This must be one of those 'what comes around, goes around' moments. When I was a kid, I say a wee bit anxious about Christmas and what gifts I may or may not receive. As a result of my....inquisitive....nature, I may, (or may not - my mother might read this!) have seen a gift or 10 before said holiday. I have never seen any problem with this. I've grown up relatively normal and my parents have never looked particularly distraught.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I shopped like a crazy person on Black Friday for my boys. My husband lugged the loot in and after asking me where I thought they'd never look, stashed it all in the closet in his office. Since he is out of town, they were able to play down in the basement, where the office is, yesterday afternoon. My 7-year-old came upstairs and said "I have to tell you about something that happened in the basement." So I figured something broke and said "What'd you guys break?" and he said "Uh, nothing. But, uh, we were looking for the balls for that pool game and, uh, well, uh, we looked in the closet in Daddy's office." So I was clearly (a) only half listening, and (b) had totally forgotten about the stash so I say "Yeah, ok. Were they in there?" and little man's eyes got all wide and he says "No but there are all these bags in there! With toys in them!!" So I freak and say "No! No no no! No bags! What did you see!?? Tell me!!! WHAT? DID? YOU? SEE???" Ok, note to self: if you want your kid to be honest with you, do not freak and act like a total idiot and make it so damn obvious that you are upset. So he totally back peddles and says "Uh, well, nothing. I saw that it was toys so I didn't look. Not at one single thing! I closed the door!" Then my 4-year-old who can't keep anything to himself to save his life comes up and says "There are TOYS in the closet!!!!! TOYS!!!!!" Crap crap crap. Calm down. So I say, a bit more calm this time, "Ok guys. No big deal. Tell Mommy what you saw." So the big one says "Nothing. We closed the door." And gives his brother a look. My 4-year-old, trying to catch on, says "Well...uh...nothing." So I let it drop. Then about 2 or 3 hours later, my sweet baby who I can get anything out of says "Mommy, why are all those toys in the closet?" and I said "What toys did you see?" and he says, "Well, nothing but I'm really glad you bought that space ship because I always wanted that!" His brother groans and says "We didn't see anything! He probably just saw that through the bag!" So I say "What else did you see honey?" And he says "Oh, uh, well, that robot guy and that car...." My 7-year-old cuts him off "Q! He didn't see anything Mommy."

Crouching like a Tiger

Twelve years ago, when I followed a young man to his home country of Germany, I believed myself to be the heroine of a wonderful romance. We married, I had a baby and reality quickly set in.
I was a much different person then. Impetuous? Well, yes. Irrational? Almost certainly. Immature? Rash, quick tempered and ignorant? Yes, yes, yes and yes.
German speaking? And that's where reality bit me in the butt. Our apartment was in a small village nestled in the vallies of North Rhine Westphalia. I was the only American for miles around.
So many experiences shaped my identity in the eight years that it took me to correct my error of rash judgement. To say it was a struggle would be an understatement and as much as I would like to let the past remain in the past, the fact of the matter is that I thank God everyday for forcing me to recognize my own strength.
I am now fluent in German. My daughter is intelligent and beautiful. I published a novel and then some. I discovered that I can run a mile straight uphill in 20 degree weather. Perhaps most notably, I learned to respect myself enough to walk away from a mentally abusive marriage.
It is who I am, although that kind of strength and determination is no longer required in my everyday. But it's there. Crouching like a tiger.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cool New Vitamin/Energy supplement found

Just a quickie~~~~~~
I did an impulse buy on the internet for antioxidant/vitamin/energy supplements. It is a 2 week free supply for only shipping ($3.95). I figured, why not? Lance Armstrong supposedly uses it. I wasn't even sure anything would arrive after I submitted my order. I DID get a box about a week later and now am addicted. This stuff is like crack for a busy mom. I'd rather have it than my coffee in the morning. It is an never ending supply of energy with out the caffeine jitters/up-set stomach. Anyways, give it a try for $3.95. Read everything though. If you you don't love it you have to call and cancel any future mailing. I am keeping mine coming but changing the monthly shipment to every other month. And NOOOOOOO they are not paying me for endorsing their product. It just isn't very often I find something that works so well!!!

Happy Baby

I downloaded the Happy Baby coupon (fresh frozen organic baby meals, sponsor of seeMOMMYrun) and look forward to trying out the new product. Which grocery stores sell it?

See Mommy at the Reunion

It's been too long since I've written. Last Friday night I had my high school reunion. I will admit that I really worried about how I'd look. I was pretty average in high school and am still pretty average so what was I worried about? I will also admit that I HATE to shop and had to go to the stores 3 times and ended up wearing something out of the closet. I had a baby 11 months ago and had not tried anything on in while. My Mom came through with a suggestion of a red dress she remembered and oh miracle, it fit. I got on a plane in KY at 1pm, got to Boston at 5pm, my sister's house to change at 6:30 pm and before that stopped at TJ Maxx to find one of those slimmer panty deals I've been hearing about. No luck there, but some good control top. Did I mention that I left Boston 20 years ago and it seems most of my classmates did not? I had all the turmoil you might think about seeing people after all these years. My hair felt too blond (I was light brown in high school). It was great to see my sister. She and her roommate made me feel good as I trouced out the door wearing heels I've not worn in 13 years (my husband is my height-- no heels w/him). I navigated my way to the hotel and met my brother in the parking lot. He graduated a year before me and sees these people regularly. My best friend since I was 4 years old (the yoga queen) also met me there and boy, was it strange. I walked in and there were two tables set up. I almost attended another high school's graduation till our event person saw me and called me over. For the first hour I was absolutely dizzy with hugs and old faces at the door. It took me that long to get inside. I graduated with 700. We had a good showing. As the night wore on and I got my eyes full -- so much came to me. First, it was so not about what we looked like now. It was who we were then.

I was a non-gossipy, friendly person in high school with nothing for anyone to ever be jealous about. People were happy to see me and I was happy to see them. As a generality- the ladies looked great and the men were a bit bald/chubby. But that also was pretty irrelevant. I remember thinking you can tell who works out and who has not. There was one guy who is now a police officer who clearly works out, but he was one of just a few. The ladies on the other hand- walked, did yoga, hit the gym..... When I was in high school I walked a lot out of sheer necessity to get where I was going and not for exercise. Also, I made sure to attend the Red Sox game that took place on Patriots Day in April (did you know Patriots Day is only Massachusetts?- I did not until 1990). That same day is the Boston Marathon and I would get with some friends and watch the runners come in. At that time in my life I would have thought I'd be a more likely candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and never a Marathon finisher.

One of the things that hit me most was what you told people about yourself. I first mentioned my Army husband, my 4 children, my service in the Army and not at all that I am a lawyer and once jumped out of airplanes for a hobby. It is all about being a wife/Mommy for me and it felt so good to really be proud of those things. I really am so happy to be able to love on my family. I think being 43 is so great. I'm so much more comfortable than ever before.

Another good deal-- my husband got my 11 month old to sleep through the night (I was only gone for 13 hrs) and now she is doing it each night. It is a good thing I did not teach him how to nurse before I left. Now I'm sleeping through the night too! Did I mention that I came in at 2AM to my Dad's house and felt like a naught teenager. I flew back home at 0530 and in my families arms by noon. Ahhh, what a great time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rain Smain!

I have the most supportive husband ever: he is 100% behind me in my 1/2 marathon dream and will give me an enthusiastic "Go for it!" whenever I ask for a spare hour or so to go for a run. He works from our home and when not on the road, is always willing to hang with our 4-year-old during his lunch hour so I can get a short run in. Today was such a day. I was trying to talk myself into the idea of getting out there because (a) it's my day to run! and (b) it was 58 out and I know these kind of days are soon to be a thing of the past. However, I spent the morning cleaning after having house guests and feeling that overall post-holiday sluggishness (sluggishness?) feelings so I was willing to skip the run and was even preparing excuses when my perfect man came up the basement stairs and said "I'm going make lunch for me and Q so you can go for a run if you want." Seriously? How am I supposed to be a sloth and make some lame excuse after that perfect husbandness?? I quickly geared up and out I went.

My plan was to get in at least my normal 4 mile run but I really think I need to start bumping up my short runs in addition to my long runs. I went out with the feeling of 'go for 4, but 4.5 or 5 would be even better'. I went a totally different route as a last minute decision as well. I got about a half mile from my house when the rain started. It was just a light drizzle and it wasn't cold out so it actually felt kind of good. I stuffed my iPod up my sleeve to keep it dry (I can't seem to find a holder that I like) and kept moving. It stopped as quickly as it started but then 5 minutes later, started back up. This starting/stopping went on and on every 5 minutes or so for a bit but then on the back part of my route, I got to the base of the 'big stupid I hate you bastard never ending hill' hill and it really started to come down. It was one of those moments when I was feeling really into it, having a great run but the combination of the hill and the hard falling rain could have sent me either way. This is one of those times when I realize just how much of running is psychological. I had a little inner chat about how this was no big deal and it worked. Off I went, up that damn hill and I felt great. I ended up running 5.5 miles today which I think is good for me right now, for a 'short run' day. Shows me that even on days when I don't think I can do it, I can. Thanks to my inner chat and my super supportive fantastic and easy on the eyes husband!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Health Tip

26 weeks pregnant now and hatin' it! Especially the heartburn! Someone told me sparkling water helps, and the $11 spent on a case of Pellegrino at Costco was a steal!
I am all for herbal remedies, but I like to pop my pills too (yeah, Nyquil!). Obviously I can't do too much of that these days, so I am considering every old wives tale that comes my way. Sparkling water works better than Zantac (Zyrtec...what was I taking???). And I am still swearing by Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet for a cold.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh my beloved Spanx

How do I love thee my beloved new Spanx? I love the fact that even though I must jump off the top of my house to get into you, that I look smooth and lean once you are on. I love that you hide those yummy holiday goodies in which I have already indulged.

Ah, yes, if I could write poetry (nope - can't) I would write one heck of a love sonnet to you.

And - I'm definitely not getting any sort of kickback for this endorcement, but - let me tell you - if ANY Spanx products showed up on my doorstep I would definitely NOT complain (wink, wink - nudge, nudge). C'mon little Spanx elves - give a girl some love...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Classy Mommy Giveaway for 2 Kaboost Portable Chair Boosters

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's on YOUR iPod?

I need to rebuild!
WHat get's you pumped up?

Two standbys for me:
Scotland the Brave on pipes (I used to wake up to this played on a recorder every day during an Outward Bound trip)
Eye of the Tiger... I can run sprints to that, no matter what!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Diet Tip Number 1925610924670912874

Subtitle: while Im not headed out of town (thank you lord) Im hosting this year so I wont be around much for a few days.

My biggest diet tip?

Skip the dessert? NO.
Eat before the party so youre not hungry for the tantalizing delights offered? NO!!!
Exercise more? NOPE. This is a great time to, if you feel like it, TAKE A BREAK.

what do I give up between now and January second? Eating stuff I dont like just to be nice.

Im such a picky eater. It's immediately evident and, once you get to know me, IMMEDIATELY evident that it isnt a health thing (read: I cant stand green peppers, red peppers or mushrooms).

As a result I spend ERRR SPENT a lot of time eating stuff I really couldnt stand (see above veggies and add MAYO and onions to the list) just to be nice.

So as not to hurt people's feelings.

that's my one tip and suggestion for you: dont be nice. smile and say no thank you if it isnt something you REALLY want.

otherwise: ENJOY. INDULGE. There's plenty of time to give a care about caloric content later.

that's just my .02


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving 5k Run

Today was the Freeze Your Gizzard Cross Country 5k. It was a great morning for it, cold at 36 degrees but virtually no wind which was a real treat. After running in very gusty conditions yesterday, I was a bit worried about what today would bring.

The route was pretty hilly today. The "cross country" part was no joke. I ran the entire thing looking down at my feet worried about twisting an ankle. I like the cross country races though, the terrain takes your mind off of how far you've been and how far you still have to go!
Early on, I'd say about 1.5 miles in, I found myself directly behind two boys that couldn't have been a day over 15. They were all arms and legs. Long thin limbs flying around. They had creaky voices and were talking non-stop about video games. As much as I'd love to hear about the newest advances in X-Box, I decided to pass. There were a lot of runners and the course was pretty tight so it was hard to get by people but everyone was laughing and having a great time.

As I was nearing the finish line, I looked up ahead of me, I'd say about 100 yards, and spotted to young kids. I'm talking 7 or 8 years old. Just trotting along having a great time and here I was, behind them, breathing pretty heavy by now and thinking to myself 'I signed up for a half marathon (something I'm still kind of freaking about having signed up for!) and 2 8-year-olds are kicking my butt in a 5k?!' So I dug deep and found some more gas and managed to pass them just before the finish line. It wasn't until after the race that I found out there was a 1-mile 'Fun Run' for the kids and they were running in that one! Kind of a relief, I have to admit.

It was a good time and I'm happy I attended.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Can't think of a title

Me and my posse are headed out of town for the week of Thanksgiving. Don't worry, the neighbor's going to feed the dog but I do need to cancel the paper. Don't let me forget. Oh, and diapers, baby food...should we take the stroller? Pack sandwiches, napkins...the camera. Ummm, I know I'm forgetting something...socks, underwear, nursing pads...oh, yeah, and my sanity.
Have a great Thanksgiving, SMR crew!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

if you can look past the weight loss focus...

this site has some really good recipes:

Im seriously considering making my own pretzels now.

No reason.

Just the fact I now have a recipe.

Why - oh why - didn't I take Auto Mechanics in school...

I hate vehicles! With as much fiery passion as I hate a not-to-be-named-evil-mega-store-starting-with-a-"W" (different post for a different day) I hate my minivan. Let me tell you it is definitely not the "minivan that drives like a sports car" right now (true sales pitch for the Mazda MPV Minivan when we bought the sucker about 6 years ago). More like a "minivan that moves like an old biddy with a walker" on the highway.

Last week I had the emissions test done on the minivan. This is something you have to do in Tennessee before paying the annual registration fee. I think it is all a farce and is a way for the state to embezzle $9 per vehicle - genius!

Anyway - all was fine til I started to get on the interstate. I was pressing the gas, the engine was "revving", but the speed was not increasing - lovely! I was able to get to about 50 miles per hour and had about 3 semis coming up behind me - again, lovely. Thankfully, my exit was the next one down so I was able to make it without too many people honking their horns at me (I've got your license plate numbers suckers - not sure what I'll do with them, but I'll figure something out).

So - after an hour long visit to the dealership the very nice head of the service department (not being a smart a** here, he really is nice - must be some sort of mutated dealership employee) told me the bad news. Vanessa (the girls' nickname for the minivan) needed a boob job and a tummy tuck - ok - not really - but that would be what I would consider the equivalent of a new transmission.

As the cost of this overhaul almost knocked me over, I thought I would be a bit more creative in retelling that part of the story. Here goes:

A new transmission for Vanessa equals:

1. 7 pairs of brand new Jimmy Choo shoes
2. 700 boxes of Starbuck's Refresh Tazo tea bags
3. 10 Kate Spade Tarrytown Samson purses
4. 40 American Girl dolls
5. 1 lower level 2008 Super Bowl ticket
6. 35 one-hour-long messages
7. 9 iPhones
8. 5 Wii Customer Choice Bundles

Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year's, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Mother's Day and Happy 4th of July 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 to me!

Why, oh why - didn't I go to a vocational school and learn the amazing skill of auto mechanics. I just HAD to have that Public Relations & Psychology degree! Dang it!

Health Tip

A colleague clued me in yesterday: To prevent coughing at night, put Vick's Vapor Rub on your feet, with a pair of socks over it. I tried it yesterday and I swear it works! Let me know if you have heard of it, or if you try it and get results.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter in Virginia Part II

Thanks for all the great comments I got on my Winter has arrived in Virginia post. You guys had some great tips! As a result, I'm happy to report that you all successfully got me off my wimpy butt and out on the path and I had a great 6 mile run that morning! The cold was only a factor for the first few minutes but I started off slow, dressed for the weather and had a great run. I'm hoping to keep up this trend and become a fan of running in the cold like Kimberly because I am not looking forward to being banished in doors already. And another thing Kimberly, you are so right, it isn't that cold and I totally agree, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there laughing at my wimpyness over the weather! : )
This weekend, I am participating in a Thanksgiving run - the Freeze Your Gizzard 5k - at Ida Lee Park. I'm sure it's going to be quite chilly on Saturday morning but I'll be ready for it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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time change lament.

For some reason after a day or so my daughter easily adapted to the falling back.

She's an up at 5 down at 6 (am and pm respectively. her day isnt only an hour long) kid of gurl and after 2 mornings of up at FOUR even she had enough.

Me? for some reason *I* am up at four...have been up at four since the time change I mean.

there's nothing better than having this quiet hour or so to work and nothing WORSE than the brutal realization that I'll be tired around 7 when the toddler tornado is just getting going.

that's about it from this None Too Motivational Mama this morning.

Oooh, except the fact that I WILL be working out in 3 or 4 hours (is that motivating or tiring sounding? I cant tell.) AND Im working on a new project which will involve workout demos (nongym. with your toddler in tow :)), free and a blog.

Good times.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Needed--Songs to motivate!

Just a reminder, I hope everyone is submitting their fav songs to run with to SMR. I am in serious need of new tunes....To make a long story short: A group from my running group was out for a girl's night out to wish one of our fellow runners good-bye ( Her family was relocating clear across the country and that made us all so very sad). Since we are a bunch of mid-late 30 year old moms who don't bar hop too often now, we didn't know where to go.....somehow we ended up at a hard core dance club/ most certainly drug infested local establishment (picture the frisking, pat downs, and electric wands upon entering to detect weapons....). Once there we were pretty much stuck since my 17 year old son was the Designated driver and just dropped us off......back to the of my favorite running songs, which happens to be an older rap song, came on....I exclaimed how much I love to run with this tune. To my shock and dismay, my friends exclaimed how such a song would certainly slow them down while running......hmmm.....I am the self proclaimed slowest runner "ever"..........but then I thought.......(this is my mind excusing my slowness)......It must be my music that has made me slow!!! Not MY fault.......Right?!! Soooooo----Help me speed up by giving me what songs motivate YOU!!! I mean submit them to SMR. Thanks! My slowness is now in your hands!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Write Stephanie Write

Just wanted to let you know that I am in the THRILLING final draft(s) of my children's book! No time for anything...barely time to cook. But when it's done, it will be DONE! And I will be able to sort through the guest room, dust the furniture, clean the cabinets, buy new clothes, have my hair done, get that root canal, call my mom, train for a marathon, pry my hinter region from this chair...

Burrrr! Winter Has Arrived in Virginia!

It's 27 degrees out this morning. 27!! Yesterday I attempted to run and ended up coming home for two reasons (1) I don't think I had on enough layers, and (2) I just couldn't breath!
This is my first experience with running in the cold. How do you people do it?! I simply cannot catch my breath when it's super cold outside. Do you slow down and run much slower than you do when the weather is warm? Walk for a long time first? Or simply run for a treadmill which I'm quite tempted to do at this point. I was hoping to make it through November before heading inside for the simple fact that I get so bored on a treadmill and if I go in now, it's going to make for a very long winter!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ouch this hurts

Hello Running Mommies. I've been quiet this past week because someone stole my yahoo account, got into my inbox, address book, and messed with my life. I felt so incredibly vulnerable. They know my full name, address,kid's names, password. They wrote to merchants I'd dealt with including ebay and paypal and tried to get more information and more passwords. My invite to blog was there too and it left me feeling like my identity was raped and do I really want to put myself out there. I'm back and feel stronger after this whole yuck fiasco. I think I was phished by signing onto a fake yahoo sign in page where they grabbed my password. Yahoo took a week to get me my account back. They emailed my address book asking for money too. Knowing they know about this blog too just left me feeling so vulnerable. Then I stood up, brushed off the dirt, and went for a long run. I'm still out there and am not going to be bullied off the web or anywhere else. What else but feeling physically strong could do that? Keep running, keep going for good health and Run Mommy Run.

Monday, November 05, 2007

What do WE think?

the royal we I mean.

Check this out:

Now, at first I thought it was pretty cool!

Lots of us are trying to lose weight and what better motivator than slapping a photo up of YOUR OWN DANG SELF on the fridge (or Heidi Klum now that we've established that she works at staying fit & all)?

and then I thought.

for a while.

and did a 180.

I mean, unlike a HAIR CUT where there's no going back (& it's a gift to be able to check out what youd look like with Reece Witherspoon bangs BEFORE snatching the scissors) most of us are aware we'll look pretty fab after we shed the pounds.

I "get" the notion of motivation but am now stuck on wondering whether it doesnt emphasize the wrong thing.

me? as I edge toward 40 Im less obsessed with the LOOKS of it all and more obsessed with seeing my daughter walk down the aisle/meeting my grandkids/the HEALTH of it all.



I don't even know where to begin describing how utterly and totally impressed and amazed I am that Paula Radcliffe of Britain won the NYC marathon NINE MONTHS after having a baby!! Wow. I mean, really, wow.

$180 Birth'a Bag Giveaway for all you Pregnant Moms!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Aw, gee shucks it really happened

I'm not sure if I mentioned among my many roles that I'm also a homeschool Mom to a 6th grade gal. The 3d grader is in school, the preschooler goes if he feels like it, and the 10 month old likes to go anywhere.

The 6th grader just finished her soccer season and since we homeschool it is important to us as a family that she get excercise every day. My husband suggested she run with me and I was sort of intrigued about how good of a run I would get in. We went during lunch on Friday and I lifted weights earlier just to ensure that I was getting a workout regardless of how the run went. We took off and I was so happy to tell her about warming up with a walk/gentle jog first. Show her my route and how I run across a railroad trestle that she should not. I chatted about form and not clenching your fists and keeping your shoulders back and down. She's a sweet girl and listened and smiled at me nicely. I told her about walk breaks that will keep you out there and enable you to make it entirely running after a while. In the middle of the run I explained what a fartlek is and what a great training tool it is. She suggested we run to a pole and we did. She seemed a bit faster than I expected, but I wasn't thinking too much of it. My husband and I always sprint the last straight away of every run and I told her we'd be doing this. We get to the end and the girl beat me fair and square. She is really faster than me. I've always been fast- sort of smugly so now that I think of it and my 11 almost 12 year old sprinted and I could not keep up. Wow, what a day. Love it. She is empowered too. This little one has been to way too many races watching Mommy run. She's come of age. Gosh, do you think periods could be next?

Adding Miles and Time: Tips Needed!

In my on-going quest to pace myself so that I can add mileage to my runs, I've decided to do two things: (1) add distance slowly to the middle of my runs, and (2) concentrate on time run rather than worrying so much about miles covered.
I decided to add a bit to the middle of my run because every time I would try to add to the end, I just couldn't do it. Psychologically, I couldn't make my brain agree with my legs and keep running past my house in order to get more time/mileage and physically, I was beat. My front door and the couch that I know sat just beyond it were just too tempting. Today, in the middle of my typical out and back route, I kept going at my usual turn around. This helped quite a bit. I wasn't totally fatigued like at the end of my run but I also wasn't gung-ho sprinter girl like at the beginning of my run so I was smart about how much distance I added. As for my second plan, adding time, by focusing on the minutes rather than miles, I have found that I am able to slow down. I have added time in small, 5 minute increments every other run so it's not that noticeable at the time, but is really adding up. I'm curious to hear if you guys have any tips for those of us trying to add distance to our runs.

Friday, November 02, 2007

ok. This has been everywhere already so

feel free to imagine me as that LAST PERSON climbing on to the bandwagon BUT it simply makes me laugh and I now think of it each time I wet a tissue via my MOUTH and use that to wipe the wriggling one's face.

(which Im sure was their plan)

anyone try it yet?

Im too cheap, err, frugal.

Inner Vixen

We all have her. She's how we really feel. To visit mine, visit The Dallas Morning News at the linking dots above.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Curse to All the Halloween Candy in this House

Holy cow! Who allowed these children to go trick-or-treating!?! Oh crap, that would be me.

Thing 2 (I have twin 4 year old girls) pooped out on us pretty early, but Thing 1 was like an Energizer bunny (dressed up like a Bengals football player - my dainty flower) and there was NO WAY she was going to stop. She made THREE - yes, 3 - trips to areas around our subdivision (properly supervised) for candy and now has a large pumpkin FULL of goodies. Nothing like a large orange ball full of temptation placed right smack in the middle of your kitchen table to make someone like me go nuts. I'm about to go all Michael Myers on that candy engorged pumpkin and take an ax to every last piece.

hmmm...that's a bit violent...but I am on steroids for bronchitis so I'll blame these emotional outbursts on the 'roids! Think I can use that excuse to get myself an hour or so of free time when the hubby gets home? Yep - gonna try it.

I just hope I'm over this soon so I can start running again and burn off that bloomin' (I'm from the South y'all) mini-Snickers (or two) I crammed in my mouth a few minutes ago.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I hadn't run since last week after I made a lousy, half-ditched effort before throwing in the proverbial towel. Oh, what a wuss. I hated myself. But then again, I had a stomach bug, it was too cold to take the baby out--you name it, I had an excuse at the ready.

Since my normal tendency is to be manically busy, I naturally began an internal, verbally abusive conversation with myself. It went something like this:

"You think you're so good and really you're such a loser."

"Look at this house. Why can't you keep it clean. What's wrong with you?"

"Nobody likes you. Why would anybody like you?"

"Go ahead. Eat those Oreos."

Oh, I can be so mean to myself. Why? Why am I like that?

But I did it. I went for a run.

And you know what? I am a pretty good person. I'm not a loser. And the house isn't as messy as I thought it was. And if people don't like me then that's fine. There are other people who do like me.

And the Oreos? I plead the fifth.

P.S. I had to look up Resuscitate in the dictionary and the dictionary naturally fell open to Runner which, for the record, is defined as one who runs :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

world run day 2007

I hadnt heard of this before--you?

(it's been happening since 1999. that should tel you precisely how running "with it" I am)

W.R.D. is a very cool idea that's about running (I know. shocking.) but also about giving charitably and uniting the running community (just like a web site I know :))

check em out:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Warning: a rant

You know, it occurred to me yesterday that I'm so tired of everything being SO DIFFICULT. Not only have I been covering for my boss and assistant for the past two weeks on top of my own full-time job (which, for the record, was two full-time jobs), but I have to come home and try to have a semi-clean, or at least not embarrassing, home and happy healthy children. And try to take care of myself? It's a joke right now.

I ended up sobbing in my room yesterday after melting down in front of my dear family. My daughters are 2 and 3-1/2, and they are wonderful but just being their ages. I often feel like I'm working like mad to just get everyone where they need to be, get the to-do lists done, and try to grab time to launch my graphic design freelance business after everyone is in bed. The arguments about candy, lip gloss, videos, and blankets just puts me over the edge.

On a happy note, a walk saved the day. My older daughter Katie and I escaped for a walk with the dog and it truly made everything so much better. Now if I could find the time to do that every day...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's always running

First, I have to say Go Sox! I'm a Bostonian stuck out of my state for the 2nd World Series in my 9 year old's life and he has no clue how 86 years is a long time for a win. To be in the World Series again is nothing short of a miracle.

Today I was reminiscing about my time in the Army. First let me be clear that I am a lawyer, joined the Army to live in Germany and still be able to practice law and then we invaded Panama and had Desert Storm and we've been deploying ever since. I'm now an Army wife and raise kids.

The first thing that happened after I signed the paperwork was a big packet comes in the mail that says "Your APFT" I cautiously opened it and saw some stick figures doing full sit-ups, push-ups, and a 2 mile run. At that time I really did not know how far two miles was though I've always been athletic and enjoy sports. I read for a while and then put it away. Flash foward to January 1990, Fort Lee VA and I arrive in my Fisherman's sweater and jeans and sign-in. Within a day they had us line up to take the APFT. I laced up my tennis shoes-- who knew if they were running shoes or not? I ran the 2 miles and passed all sorts of people. I had to go around the track 8 times. I was really surprised at how good it felt, how easy it actually seemed. I finished in 19 minutes 38 seconds. I think I could have gone faster, but I was afraid to do too much too fast. That started my first day as a runner and I've been loving it ever since. From there we went to UVA in Charlottesille, VA and I met some real runners. My classmates who ran at lunch, after class, on the weekend-- wow! It opened up a whole world to me. There was the rabbit looking guy who took me out for an 8 mile run and I was just floored that my body could do that.

Next came Airborne School. I signed up to jump out of airplanes and had to do rigorous runs to get ready for it. I arrived at Fort Benning GA with only 10 weeks of military training and I was a First Lieutenant JAG. They had a good time making fun of us lawyers and putting us through hell (sort of like Basic Training, but the goal is to leave a perfectly good aircraft at 2000 feet-- feet and knees in the breeze). If you fall out of a run- you're done. My trainer (called a Black Hat) was a great guy. He was mean and yelled a lot, but really just playing the role. He did however pull me aside and threaten me that if I fell out of a run there would be hell to pay. I assured him that I may not be able to do any of the Army stuff, but run I could do. It was so empowering. In a world of very unfamiliar everything-running saved me. It was the only thing I could confidently do. The Army is very judgmental about running. Falling out is sort of like treason. I enjoyed my time in the air,but more than that I was proud to finish the runs strong.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great And Mighty O.

subtitle: get yer mind out of the gutter.

Did any of you see Oprah the other day when Seal & Heidi Klum were on?

(not sure when it was since I TiVo everything but it was this week)

First? I have an enormous crush on them now. Both of them. As a couple. Talk about what really appears to be a dynamic of love, respect and BALANCE.
All that chickenbus, however, is a post for a different day.

This one? About how Heidi pretty much laid the (subtle) smackdown on The Great And Mighty O.
Not surprisingly Oprah commented on how fantastic Heidi looks *so quickly* after having each of her babies.
Homegurl DOES look amazing and we know that for certain seeing as she strutted down the catwalk TWO MONTHS after giving birth.

Heidi seemed to sincerely appreciate the compliment and then proceeded to (paraphrasing here) say that she ate healthy during her pregnancy, ate well after, exercised and all the weight came off.

T.G.A.M.O.? You know she had a sarcastic (and hilarious) comment to make in response.

Heidi? She did NOT let that chickenbus go.
She didnt get irritated but she did clarify (and THANKFULLY so we now know she's human) that she doesnt eat everything she wants all the time and look that great.

That it IS hard to see others eating cakes, cookies & pasta (which she did say she ate in moderation. something I also loved.) and keep eating healthy (again paraphrasing you, Ms. K. Please not to sue my chickenbus for misquoting you).

For some reason I adored this entire exchange (because I have no life? sure. but I think there are other reasons as well).

How refreshing to hear Heidi "the body" Klum being HONEST and T.G.A.M.O. being called on her chickenbus because, well, Id imagine she has lots of people around her telling her precisely what she wants to hear.

And, perhaps, because it reminded me of a personal training client I had back in the day.
A client whom I still quote upon occasion.

Said client was struggling to lose weight & asked if I would keep a food diary for her so she could see what worked for me.
Upon receipt of the diary she looked at it, looked at me and said:

"You see, it's HARDER for me because I like Pop Tarts & things like that."

I didnt say it then (at least not out loud) but HOMEGURL, WE ALL ENJOY POPTARTS & "things like that."

In summation: Way to go Heidi. We have enough stars out there telling us they do nothing, eat everything, and "just look this way."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greetings new leaf!

Allow me to turn you over.

My tornado is turning two next month and, well, please to see the title of my post.

Ive got one word for you: COOKING.

Im so bad about it. I mean, I do "prepare" her food (if you read my personal blog youre already painfully aware that a lot of this involves my boyfriend Mister Micro Wave & fresh ingredients) but I could be better about cooking for myself and my husband.

Me? Im old school. Id just as soon eat tuna out of the can instead of driving to whole foods, buying a fresh tuna steak, soaking it in a marinade and firing up the grill (all with aforementioned toddler in tow).

Id rather scramble egg whites and grab veggies from the fridge when I pass by than motivate to chopchopchop and scramble & season (all with aforementioned toddler in tow).

my hubby? the most amazing man and AMAZINGLY plain eater as well (cue wedding bells! I wasnt letting that one go).

AND amazingly LATE worker. So, for now, we dont do dinners the three of us.

yada yada yada.

Greetings new leaf! Allow me to turn you over.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homework is Hard

I'm going to go ahead and put this in black and white: I must be the worst mother in the world not to mention that I must not be very bright because I had to google an answer to my son's second grade homework. Second grade people!! I'm so glad I looked at his homework before he sat down to do it so that I could see the word in question and get my fingers typing! As a result, when he looked at me with those adorable big brown eyes and said "Mommy, what does estivation mean?" I was able to look back at him as only June Cleaver could and say "Why dear, estivation is a rare state of dormancy similar to hibernation, but that occurs in the summertime!" I can hardly wait to see what he brings home in 3rd grade.

Calibrate Your Nike +

Do you own the Nike + for your iPod Nano? I have it and I love it. I really do. It's a great way to know how far you've gone, how many calories you are burning and what your average per mile pace is. It's also pretty darn cool to see all your runs in graph form on the Nike + site. However, if you do use the system, do yourself a favor and calibrate that sucker! "They", meaning the Nike Gods, advise you to head to your nearest track and walk, then run a set distance for calibration. I never did that and just always took the number with a grain of salt. Surly it couldn't be to far off, could it? Well, this weekend, I learned just how far off it actually is. I ran in an 8K on Sunday and before the race began, I set the distance on my iPod at 5 miles assuming that it wouldn't be right on with 4.9. At the end of those 4.9 miles, my iPod was thrilled to tell me that I had just completed 5.43 miles, ".43 miles past your goal!" So that thing has been a half mile off all this time?! Honestly, this isn't that big of a deal if I have a long run, but on those days when it's all I can do to log 3 miles, I'm kind of devastated to know that I didn't even make it that far! So, do yourself a favor and get up to a track and calibrate, calibrate, calibrate!

Veggies make you jump higher!

I'm not at the food wrestling stage with the baby yet, but you all have gotten me to thinking. Just how did I get my daughter to eat? And then I remembered. I used to call broccoli Monkey Trees and, when she refused to eat her carrots, I told her they made her jump higher.
"I can already jump high!" The defiant toddler assured me.
"Show me!" I challenged.
And she jumped.
"That's not very high." I said in mock disappointment.
Then she'd scramble back onto her chair, shove some carrots into her mouth and jump again, just to show me.
"Wow! That is the highest I've ever seen anybody jump!"
Her father would just shake his head in amazement.
Ah, the good ol' days.

I may have to hurt him

I love my husband, but (you know something bad is going to happen, huh? - kinda like when the scary music starts during a horror movie) does he HAVE to weigh less than me?

I've been battling these last several pregnancy pounds (yes, my twins are almost 5 - yes, I'm still calling them pregnancy pounds - don't judge me!) for a while and feel I have finally decided to meet these stubborn pounds head on over the past couple of months. I have already lost 6 pounds and at least feel like I'm making progress.

My poor husband has had to deal with me discussing, debating, complaining about these pounds since the girls were born, but - more importantly - I have had to deal with him always weighing less than me.

You see, he has never had a weight issue (he really is a stick - 6 feet tall and MAYBE weighs 145) and there is NO possible way for him to understand what I am going through and I get that. I - on the other hand - have had to deal with weight issues since I was little and it has just become a part of my life. Kinda like a demon possessed security blanket.

So, when I have a mental breakdown over the fact that a few Halloween costumes don't fit me right because of my weight (that's another post for another day) there is no way for him to relate. And - as much as I want to be sympathetic to his confusion over my breakdown - all I really want to do is drop-kick his skinny butt through the kitchen window.

Love ya honey - mean it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Win a Free Pair of Shoes from Stride Rite

Thought I'd share this week's Classy Mommy giveaway with the See Mommy Run gang! Good luck and run on over to Classy Mommy to enter!

Win Classy Mommy Swag! Thanks to stride rite for sponsoring our latest giveaway with a kick! One winner will receive a pair of brand new cute shoes from stride rite's fall collection for their lucky child! Contest entries need to be received by October 27th.

Food thoughts....

I was motivated to share some of my favorite sites thanks to GoShellyGo's post.

the first? helpful and interesting.

the second? helps to keep things interesting

the last? I love even though there are more than 2 of us.

(I know. I cant reach all my goals in a few weeks. the links? UGLY but work.)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uggg. I thought I was doing ok.

I am one of those Moms who hates to have her kids looking uncared for or sloppy (I can however spend all day in running clothes). I remember very smuggly watching the other kids in preschool with unkempt clothing, dirty fingernails, messy hair and feeling very relieved that my kids were pretty clean/kept up. The other morning I took my sweet 10 month old baby out of her crib, nursed her, loved on her, and got ready to change a diaper. I did not put her to bed the night before- my older kids and husband did. I gently tugged her sweet little toes out of her sleeper and kissed her right foot and made a big deal out of the toes. I went for the left foot and as I started to kiss the tiny feet- I saw large green slash marks of magic marker on my poor baby's feet. She had grafitti on her feet. She was far from pristine, but boy was she happy as she is every morning. Reality check. I just cannot do it all and was I ever wrong to ever be smug. A good friend once told me we probably would not make it as friends since my firstborn was her 3d child's age and I was oh too uptight :) Green magic marker on my baby. I've sunk to a new level. Nobody admitted to coloring on the poor thing.

Ugh, rainy weekends!

Okay, I confess. Feel free to laugh, judge and ridicule, but it has been a LONG rainy weekend here in Portland Oregon (the first in a long line of them this winter!), and not only did I not go out and be healthy or productive, but I have fed my children candy and cookies. Yep. They've had meals too but nothing remarkably healthy. I've been a poor role model. My youngest daughter truly only plays with her little kitchen's microwave oven. She tosses a plate in, pushes a few buttons, hits "start" and walks away. We've watched videos upon videos, made blanket forts, chased each other around, and colored forever. I showed my older daughter the food pyramid and felt like our family's was upside down. And it's finally Sunday night. Wow.

I feel that I can say all this because I plan to make big changes in how we eat. But does anyone know good websites that make healthy meals fast? I work outside the home 40 hours a week on top of being a mom and trying to launch my freelance graphic design business. I've enjoyed but am looking for something fresh. Ideas (but no ridicule) welcome!


crumbs brought it my attention that goes to a software site and she wonders if that's my favorite site and all I have to say is Heck Yes! I am all about software.

Okay. So maybe I'm not ALL about software.

The correct site is

Y'all are going to love it!

(Guess which state I'm from...)

Friday, October 19, 2007

is it called a MeMe?

Im not really even sure what these things are called---but Ive been tagged with one.

Which started me thinking that it might be fun--by way of introduction/re-intro.--to have any blogger here who wanted to participate do the same.

So feel free to consider yourself tagged!

And, because Im never one to follow directions, Ive decided not to answer the questions as some would have gone on & on...

My route? listing only the answers that would *surprise* people who know me.

Im such a boring open book my MeMe thing is brief.

*Jobs I Have Had*
Sunday school teacher
Aerobics instructor (zero rhythm here)
Hamburger patty maker (please to think ginormao vat of cold bloody ground beef & me chanting in my head I NEED MONEY FOR SPRING BREAK. I NEED MONEY FOR SPRING BREAK)

*Places I've Lived*

oxford, england

*Foods I Love*
plain air popped popcorn and a SHAKER of salt.
sad but true. I lovelovelove plain chickenbus.
a close second? a vat of plain oatmeal.
third? BOXES AND BOXES of plain ole chocolate poptarts :)

*Places I'd Rather Be*

(cue sappy music) nowhere else but wherever I am at the moment. It has taken a lot of work to get to this place (both where I am & appreciating it)

*Movies I Love*

(everyone around me knows I love low-brow. the lower the brow the better)
The surprise answer? Born into Brothels and the Shawshank Redemption.

*TV Shows I Watch*

sadly nothing surprising here. Love? James Spader & William Shatner’s friendship on Boston Legal.
Adore? Julia Louis Dreyfus on the New Adventures of Old Christine.
Eddie Izzard on The Riches? Amazing.

*Books I Love*

many many many many.
Today? Eat Pray Love.
Tomorrow? Perhaps The Year Of Living Biblically or Foreskin’s Lament.
Always? Steinbeck.

Anyone else wanna jump in?

Desperate Housewives.

Is there one in every crowd? The other woman who always tries to one-up everyone else. The one that is on the edge of the stalker cliff, ready to jump full fledged into crazy stalker status. The one who makes the new neighbor on Desperate Housewives seem mild and makes you feel like Bree? I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.......but I admit, I can hold a grudge like a jaded elephant. Some how I got caught up in some sort of a stay-at-home turf war. I expected politics in the work arena.....but seriously.........politics as a mom?? It's nuts. I went from mild mannered minivan driving mom into "oh hell no, not her AGAIN!!" HELP!!!!!
Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't post this..........................

Favorite Site

Hi ladies! It's me again. I just spent some time on my favorite website: and wanted to let you know about it.

Aunt Stephanie

I became an aunt (again) yesterday! My little sister (if you can call six feet tall little) had her first baby. I'm so happy for her. I'm so glad that she finally went through labor. I'm so glad that everything she ever thought she knew about parenting will be put to the test. I'm hopeful that she will stop filling my daughter's room with useless junk. I'm so glad that her days of being flighty are over and that she will learn that if she wants her old body back, girl, you're going to have to work.
Did I just say all that? Am I really that mean?
Why, yes. I am.
Congratulations, Sister. Welcome to the jungle.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What kind of inheritance did I give them?

For the past three days I have been catering to a sick little girl whose illness was allergy induced.

I have twins (Thing 1 & Thing 2 for the purpose of this blog and a "shout out" to Dr. Seuss) and they have inherited my lovely allergies. Of course, I am not completely at fault. I put some of that blame (oh heck - I'll just give him all of that blame) on my father. A good man by all other accounts, but he has one heck of an allergy issue. This - my dear internet friends - is what he decided to pass on to me. Not his ability to run hurdles in track, not his great athletic prowess (I'm athletic, but not great by ANY means) - his allergy issues (and his freakish outgoingness - is that even a word?). And I have passed this gloriously annoying trait on to my children - lovely.

Their father? - not an allergic bone in his body - seriously. You could shove him in a room full of hairy cats, hand him a large bouquet of ragweed and make him guzzle peanut butter (can't leave out those food allergies) and he wouldn't bat an eye. Why - oh why couldn't they inherit these "non-allergies" from him.

So, as I sit here with my daughter's head in my lap as I type I consider all the traits I may or may not have passed on to these beautiful girls. I just hope the good traits outweigh the bad.

Of course - I do give myself credit for how gorgeous they are :-). Now, if I can just get my parents to let me know when I'll inherit that trust fund I'm convinced they have set up for me. I'm still not quite sure why they laugh when I ask them about it.

My Mommy is faster than your Mommy

Yesterday my 9 year old son told me he had the oldest parents in his class and he was not looking thrilled about it. I'm 43- husband is 48. I was gleeful and asked him, "ah hah, but can those young Mommies run 26.2 miles or 10 miles for that matter? Can those Daddies run as fast as your Dad? Of course I could have gone into us finishing grad school and starting careers while others had babies or that I did not meet your Dad till I was 28. Running was the first thing that jumped in my head-- I never ever feel old-- I feel wise for running. I feel strong. I feel capable and yes, I've got lots of lines on my face and all the other funny little things that happen every 5 years (I get slower and weight is harder to keep low). My 10 month old daughter is probably going to have it worse. I may need to go back to sky diving to keep up with the latest young Mommies.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

8k This Sunday

This Sunday, I am running in the Star Kid 8k which benefits the Pediatric Heart Program at INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children. The race takes place at George Mason University. I was wondering if any of you MD/VA/DC moms were participating. If so, it would be fun to meet you!
Information on the race can be found on Washington Running Report.

completely frivolous

I laugh that blogs are kind of like the intimacy you feel when you sit next to someone on a plane and assume you'll never see them again.

You reveal stuff you might not tell your realworld friends or your family or even your husband.

back in the day anyway.

Ive learned that if I am going to have a blog about our daughter then I need to keep that thing pretty well sanitized (for my protection :)). There is a *lot* going on in my head that I seriously doubt my mother in law could handle as she swings by for her morning granddaughter fix.

Also my amazing husband reads my other blog & there are certain things I dont wanna burden his pretty little head with either.

(Dooce? anyone? I heart her blog. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? all the snark & no one seems to get their feelings hurt! anyway, I digress.)

My revelation? Im getting my teeth whitened tomorrow.

I realize you dont know me but this is a fairly big beauty step in my world.
I own no make up, havent had a haircut that wasnt courtesy of supercuts in years, and possess an old comb instead of a real brush.

it's just who I am.

I blame the teeth-issue on my daughter.

about 1 year ago I started obsessing that my teeth were no longer white and I couldnt figure out why it had suddenly become a "thing" with me.

I bought crest white strips (didnt work. for me anyway.).
I started using straws when I drank my (trying to only have one a day) diet coke.

It all be came clear when I brought my daughter home to visit my parents.
My mom's first remark? SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL & HER TEETH ARE SO WHITE!!

That's when I put it together. Her teeth are exceedingly (toddler) white.
I hadnt consciously noticed but, as evidenced by my bathroom trashcan brimming with strip-wrappers, subconsciously I had.

Flash forward to my 6 month cleaning last week when I said (CASUALLY): I might whiten my teeth.

And the hygenist (who is a close friend so she wasnt up-selling me)didnt miss a beat and responded: OH GOOD YOU NEED IT.

So there you go.

tomorrow at 920 am I shall be the proud owner of some kind of whitening tray configuration which shall supposedly take years off my face.

I hope not.

I like my years.

I just dont wanna have bottom teeth that mightcould soon resemble baby corn.

now you.

any whitening horror stories before I make my mold?

Let's Dish!

I was just reading about how Deceptively Difficult Deceptively Delicious seems to have turned out, and I remembered my own little trick for healthy eating: Let's Dish!
It is one of those prepare-your-own-food places. I have no desire to prepare food for 2 hours, but they also have "Dish and Dash." They prepare the food for you, and you cook it. It's fabulous, and not expensive. It's a $15 fee for them to prepare it, but even with that, it figures out to $4 a serving. The food is fresh and very good. I had them divide the 8 serving dishes in two. My husband and I shared the 4 servings with the 3 year old who eats nothing and actually managed to still have 2 servings left over, so they don't scrimp on size. Check it out. It's awesome!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

WHEw- what aweek so far...still no running in. Early morning work day Monday ( 5am start-which meant I had to hop out of bed at 4am....who gets up at 4am...OH I do !) Worked 6-1pm, then ran home to pack for an overnight....I had an overnight WORK trip on Monday night to Ft. Wayne, and just returned home, and went to dinner with my husband and our daughter. I am feeling like a hubby and I talked about making a routine of going to the YMCA....I am better at it than him....but we both need to do it. Next week it what he said...I said we have to...b/c winter is around the corner and we will neve start a routine in winter...I think this is starting to sound like random thoughts from my head....but isn't that what we all think us the MULTI_TASKING MOMS!
I plan to run tomorrow....notice the plan...I think it will be short and sweet 3-4 miles. It will have to be after my 5am- 12 work schedule....another day of getting up at 4am.... Well that is the "hustle and bustle" of my life.

Mission Accomplished

Eleven year old daughter came home from middle school. "Lost my cell phone." She said. Just like that: plop, the truth, deal with it. My first thought was that my husband was going to have a coronary which was immediately followed by the realization that my husband was going to have a coronary.

He didn't have a coronary, though his face (handsome, muscular, jaw like George Clooney's) did soften with disappointment. The truth of the matter was that we were as much to blame as anyone. "Get your cell phone", "Do you have your cell phone?", "We got you a cell phone for a reason." Yada, yada. (Are you as sick of the words Cell Phone as I am?)

Two days later, when the phone still hadn't surfaced, I did what I do best and that is to take masterful control of the situation because, dog-gone-it, how in the heck else is anything going to get done about it?

"I'm taking you to school tomorrow." I told her. "And we are going to find that phone."

Her face fell. I mean, fell.

"And the baby?" She asked, meaning her seven month old brother. Nightmarish visions of her mother (gasp!) pushing a baby stroller through the halls of her middle school were, I'm sure, dancing tormentlingly through her head.

"Oh, he'll be there." I assured her. I mean, it wasn't her fault that the phone hadn't been found, but I had a job to do.

The size and scope of my mission increased the next morning with the discovery that my husband had taken the checkbook without leaving a check for her french horn tutor.

(That's all right. Shake it off. I've handled more than this.)

We all load into the car, drive across town and buzz the buzzer to get into the school. The secretary let me in, but she also let me know that no one was allowed into the school until 7:15.

I thanked her for the information but, as I was on a mission, nothing--not even a little protocol--was going to stop me.

So, with a 21 pound baby on one arm, a french horn under the other, I retraced my daughter's steps with her. No luck. Until we happened to run into her math teacher who tells us that although she found a phone, it couldn't possibly be Susanne's because the name on the phone was Suzy-Q.

Apparently being a math teacher is a far cry from being a rocket scientist because it was indeed my daughter's phone.

"What do I do now?" She asks me.

"You begin your day," I tell her, my face aglow with accomplishment.

Back in the car, I venture farther into the Burbs and through several school zones to my husband's golf course. He gives me the checkbook, kisses the baby, tells me he's got to get back to work, so long.

By this time, the baby's had it. Nothing about the morning even resembles our routine. Nothing. And he's not afraid to tell me about it.

After turning at the wrong turn and going the wrong way at the school's one way, I trudged, victorious, into the school office.

My daughter was paged and the look on her face when she came into the office and I put the check in her hand and she had witnessed, once again, how mommy had single-handedly wrestled the world into order, was GOLDEN.

Mission Accomplished.

You can do what you want to me, you can say what you want about me, but you cannot stop me.