Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C'mon cold weather! I'm ready for ya!

So I went out today (in Nashville's 78 degree weather - what the heck is up with that!) and purchased some cold weather running gear. I was literally giddy over it as I feel that I am truly committed to running this darn half marathon in April. I'm excited about it! I'm excited about the training process. Craziness!

Now if I can just find the evil person that created those mint chocolate covered Oreos and beat him/her to a pulp then I will be at peace.


Anonymous said...

Get it, girl!

carla said...

me? its the hot chocolate flavored poptarts most NORMAL PEOPLE find heinous :)


crumbs said...

Living in Miami, "winter" IS our training season. I'm so glad it's no longer 99 degrees with 142 percent humidity (yes- i'm convinced it CAN be more than 100 percent humid here). I'm so excited that we don't have to run at 4am anymore. I totally admire you ladies who brave the cold and snow (and sleet! holy moly!!!).

anyway - good luck training for the 1/2 in April, I hope I can make the trip up there for it, too.