Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 5 Style Challenge: Brooch

Does the word BROOCH invoke visions of antique jewelry and black & white photos?  Well, it shouldn't!  Brooches can be very NOW.  If you happen to have a brooch tucked away that is a family heirloom - get it out, dust it off, and wear it this week.  Otherwise, you can easily create a brooch from a fancy earring, a silk flower, even tiny artwork from your kids and some ribbon.

I think the key to this week's challenge of wearing a BROOCH each day is finding new ways to wear them.  Brooches don't have to lay sweetly on a lapel.  Pin one to your winter hat.  Use one to define your waist on a dress.  Pin it to your bag, your boot, or attach one to a necklace.  Think outside the brooch box.

Click here for brooch inspiration.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Run This Year: 2,013 Miles

That’s right, run 2,013 miles in 2013.
We’re inviting all of you to join in on the challenge. 2,013 sounds like a lot of miles, because it is. But that’s part of the fun, right? You can break it up like this:

2,013 miles:
  • 5.516 miles per day
  • 38.72 miles per week
  • 167.75 miles per month
  • 76.84 marathons per year
  • 671 runs to Starbucks (if your Starbucks is 3 miles away)
There are tons of ways to get started at reaching your goal. Tiffany and I will be hosting monthly challenges and chats to help motivate you and encourage you to RUN THIS YEAR.

Let's see I'm already approximately 60 miles behind :(  
How about you???? 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Style Dare - Week 4 - On Your Head

ON YOUR HEAD!  Huh?  Stand on my head?  No....
Wear something on your head!
A cool barrette, a hip hat,  a do rag, a hair band, bunny ears...whatever strikes your fancy.
No rules.  Anything goes.
Style Challenge for this week should be fairly simple.

I will try to post a few of my ON YOUR HEAD days.
And because I love, love, love making barrettes, etc. I will try my motherly best to post a DIY hair clip project this week.

I made these retro hair bands for the girlies in December 2012 using felt for the "leaves" and foldover elastic in beautiful colors found on

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowflake Poem

Stumbled across this lovely little poem...

Whenever a snowflake leaves the sky,
It turns and turns to say goodbye.
"Goodbye, dear cloud, cool and grey."
Then lightly travels on its way.

And when a snowflake finds a tree
"Good day," it says, "good day to thee."
Thou art so bare and lonely here
I'll call my friends to settle near."
- anonymous

Monday, January 14, 2013

Disney World Marathon Weekend 2013 - Arrival

This past Wednesday the "fam" and I jumped on a plane and headed to Orlando for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (WDW Marathon).  Being Disney newbies my family (me, husband, 8yo, 6yo, and 3-month old) had no prior knowledge about the theme parks and no idea what to expect.  As a matter of fact, I assumed this would be another stressful family vacation of "best vacation ever" expectations withering away with each argument among the children, exhaustion, and indecision about what to do next.  Would this be another crowded amusement park with really bad food?  Would we spend the entire weekend trying to figure out directions to the expo, the race, a decent place to eat?  Boy, was I ever WRONG!

From the time we stepped off the plane Disney treated us like royalty.  Actually, Disney treated EVERY guest like royalty, taking care of each detail and alleviating all of the highest stressors (i.e. luggage, transportation, and most importantly addressing the needs of our children).  They are a well-oiled machine with friendly, knowledgeable employees everywhere.  The most impressive part being the huge percentage of Disney employees who were disabled or above the age of 60. We stepped aboard the Disney's Magical Express (complimentary transportation to all Disney resorts) and were dropped off at the front door to Disney's Yacht Club Resort.  No rental car, no bad directions, no worries.

Because we were there for the WDW Half Marathon runDisney had a complete marathon weekend itinerary waiting in our room, along with a hospitality suite for all runners and their guests to grab snacks, drinks, continental breakfast items, and incidentals throughout the weekend.  The hospitality suite was their way of supporting all runners at each Disney resort -- keeping us hydrated, nourished, and stress-free.

From the moment we arrived I knew that this would truly come to be a "magical" weekend.  Yes, I was already sipping the Disney kool-aid (wink, wink).

We arrived late the first night - grabbed some grub and went to bed.  

Next post:  Blogger 6am run around the boardwalk, race expo at ESPN, Epcot, and more.

Week 3 Style Challenge: Scarves

Do you where scarves?  Do you want to wear scarves but have never tried?  Do have some cool scarves tucked away in a drawer unworn and in need of some love?  I do!  This week's Style Challenge is SCARVES.  

Any kind of scarf will do.  
Wrapped around your head.  
Tied around your neck.  
Worn as a belt.  
Twisted into a necklace.  
Tied onto your purse.  

How will you incorporate scarves into your wardrobe this week?  Will they sparkle?  Will you choose retro patterns?  Do you prefer rectangular scarves or small square scarves?  

I will check in with you with a taste of how I will wear scarves this week. 

Here is some inspiration:

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Week 2 Style Dare - Denim - update

I haven't heard how my Style Dare buddies are doing this week, but I'm a big cheater! I made a cool little denim flower brooch and have been wearing it this week.

Just proves that anything counts... Get a little creative.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Challenge Week 2 - Denim

Whew!  This week's challenge I can handle!!!  Denim!  Well, its sort of easy.  I will still have 2 hurdles this week: 1) I homeschool and work at home and, therefore, spend a lot of time in sweats and workout clothes, 2) I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans after having my 3rd child 3 months ago (NONE of them).  So its time to get a bit creative.  At the very least I'm going to head upstairs, grab an old pair of jeans, and create a denim flower pin to wear all week as a fall-back.  I might even attempt making a denim collar and embellishing it with rhinestones (in my dreams).

I hope it turns out looking something like this!

What will YOU do for the WEAR DENIM ALL WEEK challenge?????
I will post photos later!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Crafty Christmas 2012

We were up to a ton of crafty goodness this holiday season. We made:
-pine cone fire starters dipped in wax
-book pages folded into trees and painted
-bourbon sugared cranberries
-wine cork trees
And many many other awesome things.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 2 pink lipstick challenge

Here's a quick update on our 2013 challenge. Week 1 is a short week (thank goodness) and is probably my biggest challenge of all. I mean, I like fashion but makeup really isn't my thing. And even when I wear a bit of makeup I rarely wear lipstick.

Making rambling excuses?

You betcha!

So far I have failed this challenge miserably!!! I can't even find my old stash of lipstick!! I did, however go on a way too long run and my entire face turned hot pink! Might very well be the first time that has ever happened. Getting old stinks.

Amy, on the other hand, painted her lips hot pink and set out on a neighborhood walk Day 1. Not only that....her 2 precious daughters wore pink lipstick too! How cute is that!?!

Tomorrow is another day.