Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 5 Style Challenge: Brooch

Does the word BROOCH invoke visions of antique jewelry and black & white photos?  Well, it shouldn't!  Brooches can be very NOW.  If you happen to have a brooch tucked away that is a family heirloom - get it out, dust it off, and wear it this week.  Otherwise, you can easily create a brooch from a fancy earring, a silk flower, even tiny artwork from your kids and some ribbon.

I think the key to this week's challenge of wearing a BROOCH each day is finding new ways to wear them.  Brooches don't have to lay sweetly on a lapel.  Pin one to your winter hat.  Use one to define your waist on a dress.  Pin it to your bag, your boot, or attach one to a necklace.  Think outside the brooch box.

Click here for brooch inspiration.


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