Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eat Like A President

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

To run or not to run....that is the question!

I am sooo ashamed to admit it BUT, I haven't been running in a LONG time. I have tried my hand at tons of other things and enjoyed them too but I have always missed the commaradorie of my SMR group in Montclair VA since I moved to NC. I was thinking running was in my rear view mirror but now I am reconsidering. WHY? A friend of mine texted me this week end about wanting me to do a 1/2 marathon with her........ hmmmmmm...... The angel on my right shoulder whispered "that would require training, meeting for long runs, goals, Starbucks ( yes, *of course *) ect. I actually like that sort of stuff. My youngest is now in kindergarden so I could make the time..... The devil on my Left shoulder whispered " you are getting old, your L knee hurts all the time, you need new running shoes, you could spend that time on other stuff....." I am leaning towards giving this a go. Mostly because I am trying to relive some of my Montclair Strider days. Even back then, it was the friendships that made getting up on the coldest of mornings with a double jogger worth the embarrassment of being the slowest one there! Send all your good karma my way I am soooo gonna need it!!