Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Challenges for 2013

A dear friend, Amy who I met through seeMOMMYrun, recently reminded me that I typically sent out personal challenges each new year. My friends and I sometimes nail each challenge and other times we get a few weeks into it and drop it. There is never any pressure because these are supposed to stretch our creativity, strength or hearts - NOT stress us out. Some years it might be a physical challenge such as increasing run mileage or including yoga three times weekly. Other years it is a creative challenge such 30 Days of Art using new techniques we've never tried. Or even an online sewing course. So this year I decided to give us a couple of options. 

First, is a style/fashion challenge put together by an awesome blogger mom in Australia, Fox in Flats! She has style challenges throughout the year to help moms get their sexy back. We are taking her DAREcember list of 31 Challenges and doing them in order BUT one weekly for the entire week (which is how her original challenges were done - weekly). You can make up your own meaning for each weekly word - or dig through her blog for details on how she set up the dare last year. 

Second, we are going to take a WEEKLY PHOTO by using this PHOTO-A-DAY CHALLENGE from Fatmumslim in Australia. She gives you a word or a few words and you simply take a photo of it! Easy, right?!? 
Everything starts JANUARY 1ST. Please let us know if you take one of the challenges and post comments, progress or photos here. We will try to make blog posts each week or day with our progress. 

And just let me say that my latest self-challenge was a 21-Day Gratitude Journal. I'm on Day 8 and its been 2 months since I began!!! Oopsie! I'm not giving up though!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Healthy Cheats Cookbook - FREE today

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