Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I hadn't run since last week after I made a lousy, half-ditched effort before throwing in the proverbial towel. Oh, what a wuss. I hated myself. But then again, I had a stomach bug, it was too cold to take the baby out--you name it, I had an excuse at the ready.

Since my normal tendency is to be manically busy, I naturally began an internal, verbally abusive conversation with myself. It went something like this:

"You think you're so good and really you're such a loser."

"Look at this house. Why can't you keep it clean. What's wrong with you?"

"Nobody likes you. Why would anybody like you?"

"Go ahead. Eat those Oreos."

Oh, I can be so mean to myself. Why? Why am I like that?

But I did it. I went for a run.

And you know what? I am a pretty good person. I'm not a loser. And the house isn't as messy as I thought it was. And if people don't like me then that's fine. There are other people who do like me.

And the Oreos? I plead the fifth.

P.S. I had to look up Resuscitate in the dictionary and the dictionary naturally fell open to Runner which, for the record, is defined as one who runs :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

world run day 2007

I hadnt heard of this before--you?

(it's been happening since 1999. that should tel you precisely how running "with it" I am)

W.R.D. is a very cool idea that's about running (I know. shocking.) but also about giving charitably and uniting the running community (just like a web site I know :))

check em out:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Warning: a rant

You know, it occurred to me yesterday that I'm so tired of everything being SO DIFFICULT. Not only have I been covering for my boss and assistant for the past two weeks on top of my own full-time job (which, for the record, was two full-time jobs), but I have to come home and try to have a semi-clean, or at least not embarrassing, home and happy healthy children. And try to take care of myself? It's a joke right now.

I ended up sobbing in my room yesterday after melting down in front of my dear family. My daughters are 2 and 3-1/2, and they are wonderful but just being their ages. I often feel like I'm working like mad to just get everyone where they need to be, get the to-do lists done, and try to grab time to launch my graphic design freelance business after everyone is in bed. The arguments about candy, lip gloss, videos, and blankets just puts me over the edge.

On a happy note, a walk saved the day. My older daughter Katie and I escaped for a walk with the dog and it truly made everything so much better. Now if I could find the time to do that every day...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's always running

First, I have to say Go Sox! I'm a Bostonian stuck out of my state for the 2nd World Series in my 9 year old's life and he has no clue how 86 years is a long time for a win. To be in the World Series again is nothing short of a miracle.

Today I was reminiscing about my time in the Army. First let me be clear that I am a lawyer, joined the Army to live in Germany and still be able to practice law and then we invaded Panama and had Desert Storm and we've been deploying ever since. I'm now an Army wife and raise kids.

The first thing that happened after I signed the paperwork was a big packet comes in the mail that says "Your APFT" I cautiously opened it and saw some stick figures doing full sit-ups, push-ups, and a 2 mile run. At that time I really did not know how far two miles was though I've always been athletic and enjoy sports. I read for a while and then put it away. Flash foward to January 1990, Fort Lee VA and I arrive in my Fisherman's sweater and jeans and sign-in. Within a day they had us line up to take the APFT. I laced up my tennis shoes-- who knew if they were running shoes or not? I ran the 2 miles and passed all sorts of people. I had to go around the track 8 times. I was really surprised at how good it felt, how easy it actually seemed. I finished in 19 minutes 38 seconds. I think I could have gone faster, but I was afraid to do too much too fast. That started my first day as a runner and I've been loving it ever since. From there we went to UVA in Charlottesille, VA and I met some real runners. My classmates who ran at lunch, after class, on the weekend-- wow! It opened up a whole world to me. There was the rabbit looking guy who took me out for an 8 mile run and I was just floored that my body could do that.

Next came Airborne School. I signed up to jump out of airplanes and had to do rigorous runs to get ready for it. I arrived at Fort Benning GA with only 10 weeks of military training and I was a First Lieutenant JAG. They had a good time making fun of us lawyers and putting us through hell (sort of like Basic Training, but the goal is to leave a perfectly good aircraft at 2000 feet-- feet and knees in the breeze). If you fall out of a run- you're done. My trainer (called a Black Hat) was a great guy. He was mean and yelled a lot, but really just playing the role. He did however pull me aside and threaten me that if I fell out of a run there would be hell to pay. I assured him that I may not be able to do any of the Army stuff, but run I could do. It was so empowering. In a world of very unfamiliar everything-running saved me. It was the only thing I could confidently do. The Army is very judgmental about running. Falling out is sort of like treason. I enjoyed my time in the air,but more than that I was proud to finish the runs strong.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great And Mighty O.

subtitle: get yer mind out of the gutter.

Did any of you see Oprah the other day when Seal & Heidi Klum were on?

(not sure when it was since I TiVo everything but it was this week)

First? I have an enormous crush on them now. Both of them. As a couple. Talk about what really appears to be a dynamic of love, respect and BALANCE.
All that chickenbus, however, is a post for a different day.

This one? About how Heidi pretty much laid the (subtle) smackdown on The Great And Mighty O.
Not surprisingly Oprah commented on how fantastic Heidi looks *so quickly* after having each of her babies.
Homegurl DOES look amazing and we know that for certain seeing as she strutted down the catwalk TWO MONTHS after giving birth.

Heidi seemed to sincerely appreciate the compliment and then proceeded to (paraphrasing here) say that she ate healthy during her pregnancy, ate well after, exercised and all the weight came off.

T.G.A.M.O.? You know she had a sarcastic (and hilarious) comment to make in response.

Heidi? She did NOT let that chickenbus go.
She didnt get irritated but she did clarify (and THANKFULLY so we now know she's human) that she doesnt eat everything she wants all the time and look that great.

That it IS hard to see others eating cakes, cookies & pasta (which she did say she ate in moderation. something I also loved.) and keep eating healthy (again paraphrasing you, Ms. K. Please not to sue my chickenbus for misquoting you).

For some reason I adored this entire exchange (because I have no life? sure. but I think there are other reasons as well).

How refreshing to hear Heidi "the body" Klum being HONEST and T.G.A.M.O. being called on her chickenbus because, well, Id imagine she has lots of people around her telling her precisely what she wants to hear.

And, perhaps, because it reminded me of a personal training client I had back in the day.
A client whom I still quote upon occasion.

Said client was struggling to lose weight & asked if I would keep a food diary for her so she could see what worked for me.
Upon receipt of the diary she looked at it, looked at me and said:

"You see, it's HARDER for me because I like Pop Tarts & things like that."

I didnt say it then (at least not out loud) but HOMEGURL, WE ALL ENJOY POPTARTS & "things like that."

In summation: Way to go Heidi. We have enough stars out there telling us they do nothing, eat everything, and "just look this way."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greetings new leaf!

Allow me to turn you over.

My tornado is turning two next month and, well, please to see the title of my post.

Ive got one word for you: COOKING.

Im so bad about it. I mean, I do "prepare" her food (if you read my personal blog youre already painfully aware that a lot of this involves my boyfriend Mister Micro Wave & fresh ingredients) but I could be better about cooking for myself and my husband.

Me? Im old school. Id just as soon eat tuna out of the can instead of driving to whole foods, buying a fresh tuna steak, soaking it in a marinade and firing up the grill (all with aforementioned toddler in tow).

Id rather scramble egg whites and grab veggies from the fridge when I pass by than motivate to chopchopchop and scramble & season (all with aforementioned toddler in tow).

my hubby? the most amazing man and AMAZINGLY plain eater as well (cue wedding bells! I wasnt letting that one go).

AND amazingly LATE worker. So, for now, we dont do dinners the three of us.

yada yada yada.

Greetings new leaf! Allow me to turn you over.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homework is Hard

I'm going to go ahead and put this in black and white: I must be the worst mother in the world not to mention that I must not be very bright because I had to google an answer to my son's second grade homework. Second grade people!! I'm so glad I looked at his homework before he sat down to do it so that I could see the word in question and get my fingers typing! As a result, when he looked at me with those adorable big brown eyes and said "Mommy, what does estivation mean?" I was able to look back at him as only June Cleaver could and say "Why dear, estivation is a rare state of dormancy similar to hibernation, but that occurs in the summertime!" I can hardly wait to see what he brings home in 3rd grade.

Calibrate Your Nike +

Do you own the Nike + for your iPod Nano? I have it and I love it. I really do. It's a great way to know how far you've gone, how many calories you are burning and what your average per mile pace is. It's also pretty darn cool to see all your runs in graph form on the Nike + site. However, if you do use the system, do yourself a favor and calibrate that sucker! "They", meaning the Nike Gods, advise you to head to your nearest track and walk, then run a set distance for calibration. I never did that and just always took the number with a grain of salt. Surly it couldn't be to far off, could it? Well, this weekend, I learned just how far off it actually is. I ran in an 8K on Sunday and before the race began, I set the distance on my iPod at 5 miles assuming that it wouldn't be right on with 4.9. At the end of those 4.9 miles, my iPod was thrilled to tell me that I had just completed 5.43 miles, ".43 miles past your goal!" So that thing has been a half mile off all this time?! Honestly, this isn't that big of a deal if I have a long run, but on those days when it's all I can do to log 3 miles, I'm kind of devastated to know that I didn't even make it that far! So, do yourself a favor and get up to a track and calibrate, calibrate, calibrate!

Veggies make you jump higher!

I'm not at the food wrestling stage with the baby yet, but you all have gotten me to thinking. Just how did I get my daughter to eat? And then I remembered. I used to call broccoli Monkey Trees and, when she refused to eat her carrots, I told her they made her jump higher.
"I can already jump high!" The defiant toddler assured me.
"Show me!" I challenged.
And she jumped.
"That's not very high." I said in mock disappointment.
Then she'd scramble back onto her chair, shove some carrots into her mouth and jump again, just to show me.
"Wow! That is the highest I've ever seen anybody jump!"
Her father would just shake his head in amazement.
Ah, the good ol' days.

I may have to hurt him

I love my husband, but (you know something bad is going to happen, huh? - kinda like when the scary music starts during a horror movie) does he HAVE to weigh less than me?

I've been battling these last several pregnancy pounds (yes, my twins are almost 5 - yes, I'm still calling them pregnancy pounds - don't judge me!) for a while and feel I have finally decided to meet these stubborn pounds head on over the past couple of months. I have already lost 6 pounds and at least feel like I'm making progress.

My poor husband has had to deal with me discussing, debating, complaining about these pounds since the girls were born, but - more importantly - I have had to deal with him always weighing less than me.

You see, he has never had a weight issue (he really is a stick - 6 feet tall and MAYBE weighs 145) and there is NO possible way for him to understand what I am going through and I get that. I - on the other hand - have had to deal with weight issues since I was little and it has just become a part of my life. Kinda like a demon possessed security blanket.

So, when I have a mental breakdown over the fact that a few Halloween costumes don't fit me right because of my weight (that's another post for another day) there is no way for him to relate. And - as much as I want to be sympathetic to his confusion over my breakdown - all I really want to do is drop-kick his skinny butt through the kitchen window.

Love ya honey - mean it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Win a Free Pair of Shoes from Stride Rite

Thought I'd share this week's Classy Mommy giveaway with the See Mommy Run gang! Good luck and run on over to Classy Mommy to enter!

Win Classy Mommy Swag! Thanks to stride rite for sponsoring our latest giveaway with a kick! One winner will receive a pair of brand new cute shoes from stride rite's fall collection for their lucky child! Contest entries need to be received by October 27th.

Food thoughts....

I was motivated to share some of my favorite sites thanks to GoShellyGo's post.

the first? helpful and interesting.

the second? helps to keep things interesting

the last? I love even though there are more than 2 of us.

(I know. I cant reach all my goals in a few weeks. the links? UGLY but work.)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uggg. I thought I was doing ok.

I am one of those Moms who hates to have her kids looking uncared for or sloppy (I can however spend all day in running clothes). I remember very smuggly watching the other kids in preschool with unkempt clothing, dirty fingernails, messy hair and feeling very relieved that my kids were pretty clean/kept up. The other morning I took my sweet 10 month old baby out of her crib, nursed her, loved on her, and got ready to change a diaper. I did not put her to bed the night before- my older kids and husband did. I gently tugged her sweet little toes out of her sleeper and kissed her right foot and made a big deal out of the toes. I went for the left foot and as I started to kiss the tiny feet- I saw large green slash marks of magic marker on my poor baby's feet. She had grafitti on her feet. She was far from pristine, but boy was she happy as she is every morning. Reality check. I just cannot do it all and was I ever wrong to ever be smug. A good friend once told me we probably would not make it as friends since my firstborn was her 3d child's age and I was oh too uptight :) Green magic marker on my baby. I've sunk to a new level. Nobody admitted to coloring on the poor thing.

Ugh, rainy weekends!

Okay, I confess. Feel free to laugh, judge and ridicule, but it has been a LONG rainy weekend here in Portland Oregon (the first in a long line of them this winter!), and not only did I not go out and be healthy or productive, but I have fed my children candy and cookies. Yep. They've had meals too but nothing remarkably healthy. I've been a poor role model. My youngest daughter truly only plays with her little kitchen's microwave oven. She tosses a plate in, pushes a few buttons, hits "start" and walks away. We've watched videos upon videos, made blanket forts, chased each other around, and colored forever. I showed my older daughter the food pyramid and felt like our family's was upside down. And it's finally Sunday night. Wow.

I feel that I can say all this because I plan to make big changes in how we eat. But does anyone know good websites that make healthy meals fast? I work outside the home 40 hours a week on top of being a mom and trying to launch my freelance graphic design business. I've enjoyed but am looking for something fresh. Ideas (but no ridicule) welcome!


crumbs brought it my attention that goes to a software site and she wonders if that's my favorite site and all I have to say is Heck Yes! I am all about software.

Okay. So maybe I'm not ALL about software.

The correct site is

Y'all are going to love it!

(Guess which state I'm from...)

Friday, October 19, 2007

is it called a MeMe?

Im not really even sure what these things are called---but Ive been tagged with one.

Which started me thinking that it might be fun--by way of introduction/re-intro.--to have any blogger here who wanted to participate do the same.

So feel free to consider yourself tagged!

And, because Im never one to follow directions, Ive decided not to answer the questions as some would have gone on & on...

My route? listing only the answers that would *surprise* people who know me.

Im such a boring open book my MeMe thing is brief.

*Jobs I Have Had*
Sunday school teacher
Aerobics instructor (zero rhythm here)
Hamburger patty maker (please to think ginormao vat of cold bloody ground beef & me chanting in my head I NEED MONEY FOR SPRING BREAK. I NEED MONEY FOR SPRING BREAK)

*Places I've Lived*

oxford, england

*Foods I Love*
plain air popped popcorn and a SHAKER of salt.
sad but true. I lovelovelove plain chickenbus.
a close second? a vat of plain oatmeal.
third? BOXES AND BOXES of plain ole chocolate poptarts :)

*Places I'd Rather Be*

(cue sappy music) nowhere else but wherever I am at the moment. It has taken a lot of work to get to this place (both where I am & appreciating it)

*Movies I Love*

(everyone around me knows I love low-brow. the lower the brow the better)
The surprise answer? Born into Brothels and the Shawshank Redemption.

*TV Shows I Watch*

sadly nothing surprising here. Love? James Spader & William Shatner’s friendship on Boston Legal.
Adore? Julia Louis Dreyfus on the New Adventures of Old Christine.
Eddie Izzard on The Riches? Amazing.

*Books I Love*

many many many many.
Today? Eat Pray Love.
Tomorrow? Perhaps The Year Of Living Biblically or Foreskin’s Lament.
Always? Steinbeck.

Anyone else wanna jump in?

Desperate Housewives.

Is there one in every crowd? The other woman who always tries to one-up everyone else. The one that is on the edge of the stalker cliff, ready to jump full fledged into crazy stalker status. The one who makes the new neighbor on Desperate Housewives seem mild and makes you feel like Bree? I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.......but I admit, I can hold a grudge like a jaded elephant. Some how I got caught up in some sort of a stay-at-home turf war. I expected politics in the work arena.....but seriously.........politics as a mom?? It's nuts. I went from mild mannered minivan driving mom into "oh hell no, not her AGAIN!!" HELP!!!!!
Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't post this..........................

Favorite Site

Hi ladies! It's me again. I just spent some time on my favorite website: and wanted to let you know about it.

Aunt Stephanie

I became an aunt (again) yesterday! My little sister (if you can call six feet tall little) had her first baby. I'm so happy for her. I'm so glad that she finally went through labor. I'm so glad that everything she ever thought she knew about parenting will be put to the test. I'm hopeful that she will stop filling my daughter's room with useless junk. I'm so glad that her days of being flighty are over and that she will learn that if she wants her old body back, girl, you're going to have to work.
Did I just say all that? Am I really that mean?
Why, yes. I am.
Congratulations, Sister. Welcome to the jungle.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What kind of inheritance did I give them?

For the past three days I have been catering to a sick little girl whose illness was allergy induced.

I have twins (Thing 1 & Thing 2 for the purpose of this blog and a "shout out" to Dr. Seuss) and they have inherited my lovely allergies. Of course, I am not completely at fault. I put some of that blame (oh heck - I'll just give him all of that blame) on my father. A good man by all other accounts, but he has one heck of an allergy issue. This - my dear internet friends - is what he decided to pass on to me. Not his ability to run hurdles in track, not his great athletic prowess (I'm athletic, but not great by ANY means) - his allergy issues (and his freakish outgoingness - is that even a word?). And I have passed this gloriously annoying trait on to my children - lovely.

Their father? - not an allergic bone in his body - seriously. You could shove him in a room full of hairy cats, hand him a large bouquet of ragweed and make him guzzle peanut butter (can't leave out those food allergies) and he wouldn't bat an eye. Why - oh why couldn't they inherit these "non-allergies" from him.

So, as I sit here with my daughter's head in my lap as I type I consider all the traits I may or may not have passed on to these beautiful girls. I just hope the good traits outweigh the bad.

Of course - I do give myself credit for how gorgeous they are :-). Now, if I can just get my parents to let me know when I'll inherit that trust fund I'm convinced they have set up for me. I'm still not quite sure why they laugh when I ask them about it.

My Mommy is faster than your Mommy

Yesterday my 9 year old son told me he had the oldest parents in his class and he was not looking thrilled about it. I'm 43- husband is 48. I was gleeful and asked him, "ah hah, but can those young Mommies run 26.2 miles or 10 miles for that matter? Can those Daddies run as fast as your Dad? Of course I could have gone into us finishing grad school and starting careers while others had babies or that I did not meet your Dad till I was 28. Running was the first thing that jumped in my head-- I never ever feel old-- I feel wise for running. I feel strong. I feel capable and yes, I've got lots of lines on my face and all the other funny little things that happen every 5 years (I get slower and weight is harder to keep low). My 10 month old daughter is probably going to have it worse. I may need to go back to sky diving to keep up with the latest young Mommies.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

8k This Sunday

This Sunday, I am running in the Star Kid 8k which benefits the Pediatric Heart Program at INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children. The race takes place at George Mason University. I was wondering if any of you MD/VA/DC moms were participating. If so, it would be fun to meet you!
Information on the race can be found on Washington Running Report.

completely frivolous

I laugh that blogs are kind of like the intimacy you feel when you sit next to someone on a plane and assume you'll never see them again.

You reveal stuff you might not tell your realworld friends or your family or even your husband.

back in the day anyway.

Ive learned that if I am going to have a blog about our daughter then I need to keep that thing pretty well sanitized (for my protection :)). There is a *lot* going on in my head that I seriously doubt my mother in law could handle as she swings by for her morning granddaughter fix.

Also my amazing husband reads my other blog & there are certain things I dont wanna burden his pretty little head with either.

(Dooce? anyone? I heart her blog. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? all the snark & no one seems to get their feelings hurt! anyway, I digress.)

My revelation? Im getting my teeth whitened tomorrow.

I realize you dont know me but this is a fairly big beauty step in my world.
I own no make up, havent had a haircut that wasnt courtesy of supercuts in years, and possess an old comb instead of a real brush.

it's just who I am.

I blame the teeth-issue on my daughter.

about 1 year ago I started obsessing that my teeth were no longer white and I couldnt figure out why it had suddenly become a "thing" with me.

I bought crest white strips (didnt work. for me anyway.).
I started using straws when I drank my (trying to only have one a day) diet coke.

It all be came clear when I brought my daughter home to visit my parents.
My mom's first remark? SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL & HER TEETH ARE SO WHITE!!

That's when I put it together. Her teeth are exceedingly (toddler) white.
I hadnt consciously noticed but, as evidenced by my bathroom trashcan brimming with strip-wrappers, subconsciously I had.

Flash forward to my 6 month cleaning last week when I said (CASUALLY): I might whiten my teeth.

And the hygenist (who is a close friend so she wasnt up-selling me)didnt miss a beat and responded: OH GOOD YOU NEED IT.

So there you go.

tomorrow at 920 am I shall be the proud owner of some kind of whitening tray configuration which shall supposedly take years off my face.

I hope not.

I like my years.

I just dont wanna have bottom teeth that mightcould soon resemble baby corn.

now you.

any whitening horror stories before I make my mold?

Let's Dish!

I was just reading about how Deceptively Difficult Deceptively Delicious seems to have turned out, and I remembered my own little trick for healthy eating: Let's Dish!
It is one of those prepare-your-own-food places. I have no desire to prepare food for 2 hours, but they also have "Dish and Dash." They prepare the food for you, and you cook it. It's fabulous, and not expensive. It's a $15 fee for them to prepare it, but even with that, it figures out to $4 a serving. The food is fresh and very good. I had them divide the 8 serving dishes in two. My husband and I shared the 4 servings with the 3 year old who eats nothing and actually managed to still have 2 servings left over, so they don't scrimp on size. Check it out. It's awesome!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

WHEw- what aweek so far...still no running in. Early morning work day Monday ( 5am start-which meant I had to hop out of bed at 4am....who gets up at 4am...OH I do !) Worked 6-1pm, then ran home to pack for an overnight....I had an overnight WORK trip on Monday night to Ft. Wayne, and just returned home, and went to dinner with my husband and our daughter. I am feeling like a hubby and I talked about making a routine of going to the YMCA....I am better at it than him....but we both need to do it. Next week it what he said...I said we have to...b/c winter is around the corner and we will neve start a routine in winter...I think this is starting to sound like random thoughts from my head....but isn't that what we all think us the MULTI_TASKING MOMS!
I plan to run tomorrow....notice the plan...I think it will be short and sweet 3-4 miles. It will have to be after my 5am- 12 work schedule....another day of getting up at 4am.... Well that is the "hustle and bustle" of my life.

Mission Accomplished

Eleven year old daughter came home from middle school. "Lost my cell phone." She said. Just like that: plop, the truth, deal with it. My first thought was that my husband was going to have a coronary which was immediately followed by the realization that my husband was going to have a coronary.

He didn't have a coronary, though his face (handsome, muscular, jaw like George Clooney's) did soften with disappointment. The truth of the matter was that we were as much to blame as anyone. "Get your cell phone", "Do you have your cell phone?", "We got you a cell phone for a reason." Yada, yada. (Are you as sick of the words Cell Phone as I am?)

Two days later, when the phone still hadn't surfaced, I did what I do best and that is to take masterful control of the situation because, dog-gone-it, how in the heck else is anything going to get done about it?

"I'm taking you to school tomorrow." I told her. "And we are going to find that phone."

Her face fell. I mean, fell.

"And the baby?" She asked, meaning her seven month old brother. Nightmarish visions of her mother (gasp!) pushing a baby stroller through the halls of her middle school were, I'm sure, dancing tormentlingly through her head.

"Oh, he'll be there." I assured her. I mean, it wasn't her fault that the phone hadn't been found, but I had a job to do.

The size and scope of my mission increased the next morning with the discovery that my husband had taken the checkbook without leaving a check for her french horn tutor.

(That's all right. Shake it off. I've handled more than this.)

We all load into the car, drive across town and buzz the buzzer to get into the school. The secretary let me in, but she also let me know that no one was allowed into the school until 7:15.

I thanked her for the information but, as I was on a mission, nothing--not even a little protocol--was going to stop me.

So, with a 21 pound baby on one arm, a french horn under the other, I retraced my daughter's steps with her. No luck. Until we happened to run into her math teacher who tells us that although she found a phone, it couldn't possibly be Susanne's because the name on the phone was Suzy-Q.

Apparently being a math teacher is a far cry from being a rocket scientist because it was indeed my daughter's phone.

"What do I do now?" She asks me.

"You begin your day," I tell her, my face aglow with accomplishment.

Back in the car, I venture farther into the Burbs and through several school zones to my husband's golf course. He gives me the checkbook, kisses the baby, tells me he's got to get back to work, so long.

By this time, the baby's had it. Nothing about the morning even resembles our routine. Nothing. And he's not afraid to tell me about it.

After turning at the wrong turn and going the wrong way at the school's one way, I trudged, victorious, into the school office.

My daughter was paged and the look on her face when she came into the office and I put the check in her hand and she had witnessed, once again, how mommy had single-handedly wrestled the world into order, was GOLDEN.

Mission Accomplished.

You can do what you want to me, you can say what you want about me, but you cannot stop me.

Update: Deceptively Delicious Review

Deceptively Delicious arrived on my doorstep on Saturday. I immediately began pureeing veggies in high hopes that this was going to be my ticket to getting healthy eaters! So what's my verdict? Unfortunately, not so good.

First up, the Brownies with spinach and carrots. The biggest trick, she says, is letting the brownies cool off all the way before serving them otherwise the spinach taste may still be detected. Fine, sounds easy enough. I jumped through all the proper hoops, (even separating an egg, something I have never attempted before...I'm not exactly a legend in the kitchen.) but when taste time finally came, I was very disappointed. The brownies were very dense. Flat. So dang heavy! I put them in front of the kids whose eyes lit up and squeals of "You made brownies!" rang through my kitchen. My husband took a bite and had to leave the room. I took a bite and immediately felt the need to apologize to my kids. They ate half a brownie each but I think they only ate that much because it took them a few bites in for their taste buds to catch up with their excitement. Even my 4-year-old who will eat anything sweet had a look on his face that I can't quite put into words. So what happened? I have no idea. My best guess is that I had to use semi-sweet baking chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder and no (zero!) white sugar. There was a bit of brown sugar involved but nothing quite replaces the good 'ol white stuff I guess. They had that fake chocolate taste to them. In other words, it wasn't the carrots or spinach, those were totally hidden in both site and taste, it was the basic brownie recipe that failed. My husband, when he was finally able to join us again, asked the most simple question, "Why can't you just put the veggies in a boxed brownie mix and call it a day?" My man is smart like that. So that is what I am going to do today, wish me luck.

Second attempt: chicken nuggets with spinach puree. This one actually tasted really good but it was a bit tricky to make. I used chicken tenders for this one. Basically, you mix spinach puree with an egg, coat the chicken in all that green goop (and I am here to tell you, goop is a nice way of putting it!) then coat it in a mixture of flax seed meal, panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan and some seasonings. The first problem was that the spinach goop would not stick to the chicken so it was just kind of glopped around on parts of the tender, (somehow I don't think I'll ever get a job writing reviews for cookbooks with words like 'goop' and 'glop' but you get the point) then I tossed it in the dry mixture and began the cooking process. You cook these on the stove top in a bit of olive oil. Lesson learned here: flax seed meal cooks very, very quickly. I had smoke! I had burning smells! I quickly yanked them off the pan and put them in the oven to finish cooking. They were not pretty when they came out so I naturally assumed no one would touch them, especially since they were still shaking from the brownie experience. But, much to my surprise, they both ate it. It was good too! You could see the spinach and the coating kept falling off but they ate it and no one said "what's that green stuff?" Next time, I think I'll cook them in the oven and skip the stove all together.

Feeling pretty sure of myself because I was 1 for 1, I decided to give another recipe a go: Yellow Cake. This starts with a boxed yellow cake mix so I figured I couldn't fail. Sure enough, this was a huge hit. It calls for 1 cup of canned pumpkin and 6 ounces of nonfat yogurt, I used vanilla. It was rich, very moist and sweet. Very delicious. This one I will for sure make again. The kids loved it.

With all that confidence, I began to puree again yesterday. I made the macaroni and cheese with 1/2 cup butternut squash puree and the mozzarella sticks with 1/2 cup cauliflower puree. The mac and cheese was really good, very creamy. My 7-year-old liked it but my 4-year-old was a bit harder to please. He is very easily swayed by how things look and this simply didn't look like his favorite boxed mac and cheese so he was a real stinker about it. I managed to get 3 bites in him, hoping to change his mind, but he wasn't budging. On to the mozzarella sticks. What to say about the cheese sticks.....gross, nasty, too good for the trash can, smelly, just plain disgusting....that about sums it up. This used 1/2 cup cauliflower puree. First of all, have you ever pureed cauliflower? It isn't fun. And it stinks. You take that cauliflower and mix it with mozzarella cheese. Then you form it into "logs" and dredge it in whole-wheat breadcrumbs and flax seed meal. Again, the coating just kept falling off so I was left with a cheesy-cauliflower mess of a log. The boys were very excited about the idea of having cheese sticks in the middle of the afternoon so again, trusting me, they dug in. Again, the silence. Again, those faces and again, that overwhelming felling of the need to apologize. Into the trash with the brownies they go.

So basically, I tried 5 recipes and had success with 2. I wouldn't be upset about those numbers if it were not for all the work that goes into these recipes. So what's next? Refusing to give up, I am going to put pureed spinach in a boxed brownie mix today and then I'm going to check out The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine whose book was out before Seinfeld's and who simplifies these ideas by adding purees to boxed food. I think this may be the way to go. So it's back to the kitchen I go. I'll let you know how those brownies turn out!

Oh, and in case you want to know what some nutritionist think about Deceptively Delicious, check out this article from the Washington Post today.

Monday, October 15, 2007

In Need of Advice

I have heard that schizophrenics often behave like toddlers, but my toddler is behaving like a schizophrenic...and it would be unethical to medicate him! Harry is 3.5 and goes from being a perfect angel and model human one minute, to a deranged freak the next!
He started preschool FT after Labor Day, and is expecting a baby sister, which he is looking forward to, so these could be stressors. I just can't figure out what is going on in his head. He cries at the drop of a hat for no reason. Saturday he took off running through IKEA screaming "No!!!!" What to do, what to do???

Half of me was impressed with his running, and his ability to avoid pedestrians. The other half was thinking "What the *&%$?!" He's normally a great kid, and a happy kid. Has anyone experienced similar behavior? How was it handled?

IKEA may be a one time deal, but the overall crying-at-the-drop-of-a-hat is throwing me for a loop! And it can happen at any time. Any words of wisdom?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Okay, I'm jumping in!

I'm brand new to blogging and have been a bit nervous about getting started, so I'll just jump in with a brief introduction:

I have a full-time job in higher education administration, have two wonderful daughters (ages 2 and 3 1/2) and am starting my own freelance graphic design business. Oh, and I try to fit some running in too! I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, daughters, golden retriever Molly and cat Toby. Busy life!!

I look forward to getting to know everyone and share in this amazing journey!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dont forget to tip your waitress...

we bloggers will be here all week.

There's something about blogging--when you dont get comments--that is really close to stand up.

Or doing a monologue (think more blathering Shakespeare soliloquy than David Letterman).

Or (*gasp*) lecturing.

This post? Just a public service announcement.

A reminder to feel free to JUMP RIGHT IN and comment. Am I boring the pants off of you? TELL ME.

(because, seriously, you need said pants in place to get out there and run)

Are you a firm believer in NOT LIFTING and ALL RUNNING? lemmie know where you stand.

Detest tutus? cringe at over the knee socks? Lemmie have it. It might not change my attire but I promise to dress appropriately should we ever meet off-line.

Happy Sunday.

It's I AM *GOING* TO RUN-day up in herre.

(and yes. if youve come here via my chickenbus blog that last word was for you. all my stuff DOES sound the same.)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hilarious Running Read

....not that I'd recommend reading while running but when you get home, yank off your shoes and wonder how you'll ever go another mile, you have to try "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get off Your Butt and on with Your Training" by Dawn Dais. I am about half way through it and it has become one of those books that you don't want to end; it's like a good friend. If you have never read this book, read it. It is a must read for all of us running women. Even if you are like me and are not training for a marathon - a 10k is as big as I can think at this point - if , also like me, you don't consider yourself a runner yet (I'm in the "I get my shoes on, get out the door and manage to survive a 5 mile run" camp) or if you are in fact training for a marathon, you have to pick this up. It is laugh out loud funny. I have been carrying it around in my purse and pull it out every time I have a spare second, I'm finding the pick up line at my son's preschool the biggest chunk of reading time I can get although I do get some pretty funny looks sitting there in my car cracking up while reading a running book. Dawn Dais is flat out hilarious. And inspirational. She makes me want to run even more and laugh at myself while doing it. I wish I knew her because I'm sure with her as my running buddy, I'd make it even further. Maybe even 5.5 miles! In her introduction, she says

I'd like you to think of The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women as your running buddy. It's here to keep you motivated and on the running trail when all you really want to do is lie on the couch and see what your TiVo has recorded for you. Rest assured that this book is much better than my running buddy; unlike Chipper Jen, this book will never call you at 6:30 AM on a friggin' Saturday and go on and on about how refreshing it is to run in the morning. This book is not a supporter of Saturday-morning chipperness.

Check it out, you can pick it up here. Also, here is a link to her website where she sells the book much better than I ever could!

For the sake of argument...

Let's just say I quit running about a year ago, the morning of the Chicago marathon. I blamed IBS and a chilly morning, but I skipped the MCM the next week...and by December started to pack on 20 pounds. I was convinced running made me fatter than I would be with, say, just yoga or Pilates. I think I misjudged. Even with a trainer and some help from Jenny Craig, my weight kept soaring.
Now I realize the weight gain was likely from not running, but there's nothing I can do about it! I'm 20 weeks pregnant with #2, and pretty sick. Walking is a struggle most days, and I have a job and a 3 year old, so even on a rare day that I feel okay, I couldn't risk wearing myself out, or worse yet, getting sicker.
Instead, I am obsessed with running. It's all I want to do! I see runners everywhere, and adorable running clothes. I realized today, I don't even own a pair of sneakers! And I have know idea where my ipod is! Even more than a margarita, I want to run...and I am counting the days!

You could sort of call it a run

It is Friday-- fall break and a canceled Texas trip with 4 kids at home and a husband out of town. How to run? Put the baby in the Jogger, the 4 year old on a bike with training wheels, and the older two on roller blades and just go. We were a sight. Did I mention that I thought it would be a walk and had a coffee in my hand? It was one of my funniest runs. Even funnier because we live on an Army post and I'm an old Colonel's wife whose peers have a different life. See Mommy Run-- tee hee hee!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making time for running/strength training

In order to get my run in today I got up early...before the sun....the sun was just coming up when my running buddy AM and finished our 4 miles. Boy if it wasn't for her....I probably would of slept in. The early mornings are hard.....I work full time and sometimes start as early as 3:45am, so when I have a a day to sleep in....I look forward to it...but I play a mind game with myself...b/c I could sleep in...and run later...but the problem is I will most likely NOT run later...that is where AM comes in. We check in with each other generally the night before...and plan to meet in the most of the time...there is NO sleeping in( unless you call getting up at 6:15am sleeping in).
So when do I get my strength training in...our weather has turned chilly here in Indiana and I look forward to coming home and snuggling into PJ's and watching the tube....felling less and less motivated to do my strength training.....maybe I should do it after my runs or before( all in the morning before work).....what a battle...shouldn't it be an easier decision!
I could go to the YMCA...I did all summer....I was there 2-3 times a week on top of running...what is it about this cooler weather that makes you want to stay home and chill out...

So any suggestions?

Tattoos & Tutus & OTK socks.

I adore being a mom.
many reasons which, if I went into elaborate detail here, would simply be preaching to the choir.

The sweet hugs, the toothless grins yada yada yada.

one thing I **ADORE** that I did NOT see coming? the gift of the It Must Be For Her Daughter.

Unlike some of my fellow bloggers (and not to my pride & joy) Ive always been kind of a disheveled person (my kind husband calls it my style).

Never dirty--pre-toddler, anyway--but just kind of always to the left of coiffed/properly buttoned.

Now? if I run into people at the grocery and look a FRIGHT they assume my daughter, E., must have not allowed me ample time to "do" myself.

(never what happened. Id have rolled the exact same way before having her)

Now? if I run into people at the grocery sporting a big (rub on) tattoo of a pirate on my bicep they smile benevolently at me and (wrongfully) assume I did it for my daughter.

Now? if I buy 3 tutus at the dollar store, layer them on top of each other & wear THAT on top of capri tights they (again, wrongfully) assume Im such a good "sport" playing dress-up with my girl.

Ill spare you the over the knee socks rendition but just know it follows the same pattern.

Man, I love being a mother.
I could do without the chicken nugget mashed INTO my tutu but it all comes along with the toddler bundle of joy.


How did this happen? I once dressed well, always had perfect hair and make-up and now.......after babies #3 and 4, I have turned into a ponytail wearing, lucky to smear on some mascara, walking napkin. My little ones seem to think that anything offensive on their little faces or hands ( this does does include their noses) is fair game for anything I am wearing. Last night we met another mom and her 3 boys for dinner. When I rushed back home into the door to get the evening routine, which was seriously behind schedule, into play, I notice my reflection in a large mirror and thought.....who is that un-kempt woman??? She looks like a crumped up linen napkin at the end of a 7 course meal! I suppose someday I will miss these days........but as of today, if I have to be a napkin, can't it at least be the nice clean one folded like an elegant swan, BEFORE the meal starts??

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Absolutely lift

Howdy Folks: I have to absolutely agree that everyone needs to do weight training, especially for bone strenth but also for endurance. The first time I ever ran a Marathon was 2002- Houston. My partner was a better runner and ran more than I did. I did a twice a week workout called Body Pump. It is an amazing 50 mintute weight workout that anybody at any fitness level can start. You can google body pump or go to to find a class in a gym near you. My sweet partner finished a whole hour 1/2 after me. She just did not have the same strength. I absolutely attribute it to Bodypump and weights. I really do not like the weight room- get bored easily, but Body Pump is amazing. The music is really good. I found it at a Gold's gym and later became certified to teach it just so I could get their workout tapes. I did Bodypump through two pregnancies -- literally right up to giving birth. It is the ultimate Mommy workout-- gets the backs of the arms like nothing else. Abs are kind of weak though I hate do do abs anyhow and of course core training is invaluable.

Angelina Ballerina DVD giveaway from Classy Mommy

Hey See Mommy Run Readers! Classy Mommy has another super Giveaway to share with you all! 2 Copies of the DVD "Angelina Ballerina The Silver Locket Special Edition" Find details on entering here! Contest runs until 10/13/07

2 Lucky readers will each get a copy of this fantastic DVD and bonus book that Classy Mommy was able to review yesterday.This Angelina DVD has multiple episodes, along with the small bonus book, Angelina Ballerina: The Silver Locket - an episode that is also on the DVD. The book is a definite bonus as we were able to read the story, then watch the specific episode, and then go back and read the story again and again. A great way to limit TV time, but also give the kids a treat and discuss what you both reading and seeing! Hop on over to Classy Mommy to enter!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the writer in me

I have been working on my current novel for three years now. It's a children's book. My first novel, Necessary Exile, was not for children.

The Legend of Bridget Peacemaker began as a story about an old rabbit napping beneath a Creosote bush when he is suddenly awakened by the cries of a lost girl. I worked hard on that version but it never rang true because I needed to understand who Bridget was and just how she had come to be wandering around in the desert. Now I know and if the gods are smiling favorably then very soon everyone will know.

When I was nineteen I wrote a rambling little story about a girl obsessed with counting her steps. I abandoned the story because I didn't understand what I was trying to say. Now I realize that even then Bridget was trying to tell me her story.

It tires me to write, it's like my fingernails are being ripped from my fingertips. But I have so very much to say and everytime I try to talk I get the feeling that I am not being understood.

Lift Mommy Lift!


Ive previously admitted that Im new* to the running thing & that my passion is weight training.

Now that the comments are enabled I just wanted to take a moment and offer to answer any questions you might have about why to lift weights, how to lift weights, where (is a gym necessary?) to lift weights---anything like that.

I'd love the chance to return the favor as Ive gotten a ton of fantastic free running advice from all you SMR moms.

For the sake of full disclosure Id like to state that Ive competed in bodybuilding (my scrawny natural-self against a few women whom I certain somehow cheated the steroid urine test) and fitness (my scrawny natural chest against a few women whom Im certain cheated nature with the aid of Dr Robert Rey) but came in close to last in all the shows.

blahblahblah in my mind I was a winner.

*if by NEW you mean I havent started yet but vow promised & commit to SKIP the ease of my stationary bike and hit the pavement this weekend when I have toddlercare---which I do.

Feeding Picky Eaters: Is This Book the Answer?

Did any of you catch Oprah yesterday? She had Jessica Seinfeld on, author of Deceptively Delicious a cookbook aimed at us moms with picky eaters. I have to admit, when I saw the previews, I was a bit skeptical. My kids are the worst (seriously, the worst!) eaters I've ever seen. I have a 7-year-old who is on the 'all carbs, all the time diet': if it isn't pasta, he isn't eating it. Well, with the exception of the occasional piece of pizza and nuggets but only if the nuggets are cooked at my friend Cathie's house because she has a toaster oven. Then there is my 4-year-old who is on the 'brown and crunchy diet': chicken nuggets, crackers (brown) and chips of any kind and if I'm lucky, the occasional mac-n-cheese. I am a very healthy eater, as is my husband (most of the time) so it isn't that they are not exposed to all things green and healthy, but they just wont budge.
So as you can imagine, the idea of hiding veggies in their food had me skeptical because (a) I don't have a lot of options for things to be hidden in!, and (b) my kids are very smart and I just know they will figure it out! But watching the show, I was turned into a believer and ordered the book off Amazon before shows end - a book, by the way, that jumped to #1 on Amazon by the end of the day. The Power of Oprah is incredible.
I can't wait to try the chicken nuggets (with spinach!) and the brownies (spinach and carrots!). I'll be sure and post again after the book arrives and I sneak a little something into my boys' food! Want to see the recipe for the nuggets? Check it out here!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yeah, this is ANOTHER test.

Youd think Id never used a computer before (and thanks, shelley, for showing me how this is done) I like to think of it as Im simply linkposting-challenged.

here's my test.

if it works then just know that I adore this list. It's nothing new but more of a reminder of easy ways to lead a calmer more centered life.

Im all for anything that makes me (& as a result my entire domicile) less *frazzled*

(Im also a few steps away from the truly fancy people who can make plain ole WORDS become magically clickable. I have lofty goals. That chickenbus is in my future.)

Marathon Documentary

I recently heard about Marathon, a NOVA documentary to air on PBS on October 30th. The documentary follows 13 "generally sedentary" people through a nine-month training program that was designed to get them off the couch and across the finish line of a full marathon. In addition to the pure human aspect of the show, there will be computer-generated graphics to show what all that running does to our bodies. The show sounds fascinating to me, this is one 'reality' show I will surly enjoy. I cannot imagine being marathon ready in nine months but I supposed if I had access to the former Olympian and three-time Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippig, I might have a better shot! Do you think all 13 will make it across the finish line? I'll be cheering loud for them all!

Skip Hop Giveaway from Classy Mommy

Hi ! This is my first post on the See Mommy Run Blog...... I'm a Mommy Runner and I also founded a fun website for Moms called Classy Mommy. I'm a "work at home" / "stay at home" mom with a daughter named Mackenzie who will turn 2 later this month. I'm also expecting # 2 - a baby boy very soon. I'm due December 9th and it will be here before I know it!

Classy Mommy reviews all kinds of products for Parents and kids and Classy Mommy has lots of neat free giveaways that I'd love to share with you all. Totally enter for your chance to win!

Our latest giveaway this week is compliments of Skip Hop .5 Lucky winners will each win Skip Hop's trendy TABLE FUN 5 piece feeding set valued at $24. Classy Mommy loves the functionality and modern style found across Skip Hop's product lines.

Classy Mommy had the opportunity to test out a Skip Hop product for the first time when we were given the chance to review TABLE FUN, Skip Hop's 5 piece feeding set for tots and kids. The TABLE FUN set is made of melamine, a hard sturdy plastic, with colorful and spunky animal designs. The designs are made by Eleanor Grosch, whose design work is favored by both rock bands and apparal companies. My daughter, Mackenzie, almost age 2, has the Circus Pals TABLE FUN set shown above in purple. We love how the bowl and plate are a bit bigger than pretty much every other "plastic" kid style set we currently own. And although we adore Elmo in our house, it is a refreshing change of pace to eat a meal (or in my case prepare a meal!) on a modern designer place setting that is both lively, vibrant, and still kid friendly.

Skip on over to Classy Mommy to enter!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Husband Sunday Run

It is Sunday morning. Church is over. Kids are sort of fed and my husband I are going on a date run. Finally our oldest can baby-sit at least for an hour and we can zip away. I love to be beside him. He's calm. He is what I call the real runner in the family and I owe this peace of mind that comes from running to him. He will always find time to get a run in for me. It is a priority. When he was getting his Ph.d at Texas A&M I would drive up to campus, drop our two toddlers to him with a packed lunch and get a work out either at the gym or run. Sometimes they had to eat in the car because of rain. I love him so much for this. Even more than his paying off my law school loans when we got married. Most Mommies want to know how to get the run time in. I think husband or family or neighbor help is they key. Someone who wants you to run as much as you do. This may take some time and eff0rt. If all else fails find another Mom who needs to run and trade off. Be flexible in any arrangement you make and give each other a break. Often these Mommies can be found at the gym. They can also be found at your children's school. I think only other athletes get it. My Mom will sit for me to go to a spa or shopping (her things), but sort of sighs when it is run or workout because that is not a priority for her. Our kids know we love to run together. I hope they marry runners.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Internal Dialogue

I hurt my knee in May.

You see we have these wonderful friends in Florida who brought 25 (or so) of their friends to Nashville at the end of April for the Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. They were a joy to be around and they inspired me to FINALLY get my butt in gear and fully prepare for the 2008 marathon.

I started training - HARD! A little too hard - with the type of intensity I used to have in trying to get my hands on a Krispy Kreme doughnut (yummmmm). I was STUPID. I hurt my knee. Genius.

Ended up being a "slightly torn" meniscus. Had to lay off it for a couple months along with some physical therapy. It SUCKED!

I've now been cleared for modified 1/2 marathon training. This means the dr. was trying to tell me not to be stupid and overdue it again. I've been good. I can't run every day, but I can throw a little running in with each workout.

This is where the internal dialogue comes into play. I have to talk myself out of breaking into a slight jog. "A little bit of running won't hurt me. I'll just do it for a few minutes. I know I did it yesterday, but I feel pretty good and I think my knee can take it." And that is when I have to have a serious argument in my head to control my running urges. Usually, the part of my brain that is telling me to NOT run wins out and I hope I can keep listening to it, but the better I feel, the harder it is to pay attention to that nagging little voice.

Plus, the people passing me on the street are starting to stare at me talking to myself. Hmmm...maybe these conversations "in my head" are actually happening out loud.

Eat, Pray, Love changed my life.

Subtitle: I feel the need to clarify that this was pre-Oprah's embracing of it. Is that sad? (that I need to clarify--not that the Big O embraced it) Probably.

Since this is a blog post and not a book report (or a dissertation. that's how much I loved it) I wont go into book specifics except to say that you must read it.

skim it.

buy and keep on your bedside table until you (if youre anything like me) have a bout of insomnia and find yourself with a couple of free hours.

Since this is a blog post that's supposed to be about FITNESS that's the part Ill yammer at you about.

The "pray" part. The SPIRITUAL fitness part.

What so resonated with me about Eliz. Gilbert's writing is that it wasnt denominational but simply served as a reminder that the answers we all seek are waiting within us.

When we find/steal a moment to be still & fully present with ourselves (which I find to be *such* a challenge. Chickenbus, trying to work and be a mom I find it a challenge sometimes to be fully present with my Toddler Tornado!) that's when our questions & struggles begin to be answered.

(lost yet? In typing this out I almost get muddled myself)

Gilbert, though her fabulous and humorous writing style, reminded me that it is possible to find balance and calmness in my hectic world simply through silence.

Again as I type this I begin to wonder if that is what led me to ponder running in the first place.

Meditation need not be in an ashram in India or a special room in a yoga studio as Im quite certain the women I see running in Austin are experiencing that "meditative state" with every step.

what about you?
is running your meditation time?
Id love to know as I start down my new path of spiritual fitness.

(oh, and if youve read the book, I ADORE that she had bestowed upon her such a cool nickname as GROCERIES. I want a fun nickname like that. can it be called a nickname if I bestow it upon myself?)

Friday, October 05, 2007

I promise getting better with computers is on my to-do list...

for now the link below will look ugly---but work just fine!

It's really pretty simple: email a duck. raise a buck.

All the money generated is donated to breast cancer research.

Have fun, get creative, send to friends & raise some cash.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday's run

I usally do not run on Thursdays. It is a BodyPump day, but I missed yesterday and was anxious for a run. I talked my husband into planning to be home till 0830 so that I could run for an hour. My baby kept waking up from 5am on, but I still got out the door at 0740. It is a beautiful day-- Fort Knox, Kentucky- a place I never would have chosen, but God put me here for a reason. I start out my normal route headed to the front entrance with railroad tracks and a road to keep me on the straight and narrow. It is my normal 4.5 mile run and my body kicked into a familiar pace. I try to pray on these runs for my family and did a little bit. On the way back I noticed up armored Humvees headed my way. I was in the Army from 1990-1996 and this is a training post that does not send large units off to war. I looked up at these soldiers manning machine guns on the top and fully realized we are in the midst of a long drawn out war. Please no politics here-- I have never been for invading Iraq, but am sure our soldiers are doing their best and need our full support. I guess I just felt really sad knowing that we're no longer playing cold war games or playing war games in the desert. These soldiers really need these heavy weapons on their vehicles. The Army I was in just seemed safer than this though we did invade Panama and fight Desert Storm while I was in. Is it because I'm a Mom now and my children may follow their parents to the military? Last year we had Thanksgiving Dinner in the mess hall with a bunch of new enlistees going through Basic Training. They were carrying their weapons with them inside and everywhere. That is also new to me. We always left them in the Arms room or one soldier would guard them outside while everyone ate. On Monday morning there were hundreds of these basic trainees running down my street (their Commander lives on my street). It was loud, they were yelling and happy, they were a unit. I looked out my window and could see the stragglers being helped along the end of the formation run. Running really builds stamina, esprit de corps, and whether they were ever runners before, they are now. We were assigned to the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) for 5 years and the cadets always ran by our house. They seemed so young and carefree. I'm going to add soldiers to my morning prayer time on a run or not.

thank god for my running buddy

if it wasn't for our 6am runs, I would probably sleep in. We say this to each other about every other time we meet to run. Both of us are moms, AM has three and I have 1....we both work so it is the dedication of each other that keeps us going. We actually made time to train for a local sprint triathlon this summer and compete in it. having access to this FREE site seemommyrun, is awesome! Because in the hustle and bustle of life, running can be alot easier, and fun with a buddy or buddies!!!
This is my first blog...I look forward to gabbing about the UPS and DOWNS of life, and running...literally!
as dorie from finding nemo might say " just keep running, just keep running, just keep running"!:)


As all moms I finally decided that it was time to lose my swear words. My daughter is a late talker (she's practically an ASL interpreter with all the signing she does but that's an 'UhOh should I have done all those signs with her? will she be speaking by the time she goes to prom?" for another day) so thus far she isnt mimicking. But it's coming. And my dear sweet husband does not swear.

So the day the Toddler Tornado drops an f-bomb we'll all know from whence it came.



Todays chickenbus is brought to you by the fact Im really truly a newbie runner.
As in I dont. Yet.
Im a bodybuilder (natural. small. I often get "oh you must be a runner!" when people meet me.) and I love the endorphin rush I get from lifting & I love being strong.

and I love looking strong (*wink*)

However I am going to get into running.

They (the big they. in my first career I owned a personal training studio. so the THEY I was compelled to listen to) say that it's important to change up your cardio every few months.

Ive been doing the recumbent bike for 6 years.

Now you know why Im here.

can you say external accountability?

Brain vs. Legs: Game On!

Since yesterday was Wednesday, it was my "oh goodie! I get to run so I think I'll go out way to hard and to fast because I'm so happy to be running" day. As a result, my legs were very anti-run this morning. My brain, on the other hand, was all for it. And so the inner dialogue began. There is something about that first 1/4 mile or so when my legs are just screaming at me. The argument goes something like this: Legs - "What are you doing! Why did we leave that perfectly good hazelnut coffee and the couch? We were happy there! And there was a great article in the Style section just begging to be read!" Brain: "Zip it and keep moving. We are running today and you will like it!" And so it goes. On days like this, I like to trick my legs into going further. I play the 'just one more tree' game, as in "OK legs, see that tree up there? I bet you can't make it to that tree." and my legs, being the stubborn things that they are say "Oh yeah? Watch me!" and then just like that, I make it to the tree. I do this for as long as it takes. One tree at a time. Mile after mile. Today this game was very much in effect and I am happy to say that the brain was way ahead of the legs. Around mile 3, I see this woman walking with her dog coming toward me on the path. She is grinning ear to ear. As I get closer, I realize why this woman is so dang happy. She is walking with a venti frappuccino!!! A venti!!! At that moment, my legs and my brain both nearly came to a screeching halt. Legs: "Did you see that? Starbucks is closer than home! That could be our next tree!" Brain: " make a good argument." But somehow, I managed to plow through and turned left instead of right which took me closer to home and further from the Starbucks. Game back on. I am happy to say that I added 1.5 miles to my run from yesterday and everyone is happy. My brain gets to brag and my legs got a banana and vanilla yogurt smoothie as a much better substitute for that 500 calorie frappuccino (yes, 500. I looked it up as soon as I got home).


This too is my first Blog and after reading the others, I feel like a bit of an imposter. I've been with seemommyrun for more than two years and go nearly religiously....let's face it, it is cheaper than therapy and more sociably acceptable than a straight jacket. I was a walker through pregnacy and breastfeeding until I found "The Oprah Bra" to support my DD lactating boobs ( OK.....they were probably larger than DD, but I still squeezed those puppies into those bras because I didn't want to know what the next size was!!!) The thing is, with me, it is more more like.....see mommy pant, see mommy turn beet red, see mommy walk up the hills, see mommy sweat like a prostitute in church, and see mommy in last place AGAIN!! I am a Navy gal ( just reserves now) so have had to run for more than 20 years. During most of those years I belonged to the 3 mile club......that is 3 miles a year ( our tests our bi-annually at 1.5 miles each time). I admittedly don't LOVE to run but I do love this group, I do love the way I feel when I finish and I do love the Starbucks stop with my "real" runner friends. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. Soooo next time you see a group of ladies running, wave to the the one bringing up the rear to encourage me......I mean her!


My biggest challenge is motivation. This morning I woke up and my first thought was, 'Ugh! Today's a running day!' (I alternate weight training with running) Running days mean suiting up and getting out there and noting each muscle that is not performing up to optimal levels. (Upper inner thighs--hate it!)
But I did it and I do it because I want my kids to see me doing it...I want them to know that Mama's a badass. I want my daughter to aim for my standards and I want my son to look for my qualities in a partner.
And now, of course, I have this blog as a motivator. I feel connected now, not like it's me against the world anymore.
So, Run, Sisters, Run!


1. I am not a fast runner (I’m 5’1” and all my height is in my torso – scary!).
2. I am trying to lose these final pregnancy pounds. (Ok – my twin girls are almost 5 – I don’t think I’m technically allowed to call them pregnancy pounds anymore – but just try and stop me!)
3. This is my first post on this fantastic site and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

I started running in high school. My dad was the track coach & football coach so I felt I needed to participate in one of those sports (don’t even get me started on the trauma I will tell Oprah ALL about regarding going to the same high school where my father taught and coached – HA!). Since my high school was completely against females playing football (they were just scared of our abilities – I’m sure of it), track was my choice. I was never very good – admittedly. I was too short and not fast at all, but I knew I would finish. I just told Coach to be sure they never started a new race without me coming in (I ran the 800m and the mile occasionally). I think I was only on the track team for one season and switched over to a sport that was a little more up my alley – cheerleading – but I have never lost my love of running. See I am a people person – the shining example of the word “extrovert”, but there is something about the solitude & serenity of running that appeals to me. And that is why I continue to do it. Just remember – don’t start another race without me finishing.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm in a Rush to Pace Myself

I am relatively new to running. I joined a boot camp with some friends back in April and as it turns out, that was the only kick in the rear I needed to get me moving. I was always an athletic kid. I played soccer for as long as I can remember, ran short distance track and could play football with the boys even when the ball had to be fetched out of the prickle bushes. I was a full on tomboy. I'm sure that is why I was blessed with two boys. Fate was kind to me and knew if I had a girly girl, I wouldn't have a clue what to do! After both of my pregnancies, I walked like mad and used exercise dvd's to get back into shape. I always thought that I'd like to try running but then the excuses would quickly follow. Things like "No way! You'll never go further than a block!" and "Don't do it! Think of your knees!" Eventually, I settled into a life of non-activity. That is, no activity unless it involved chasing after two kids, cleaning the bathrooms and doing massive amounts of laundry. Then last April happened. Boot camp happened. On the first day of the boot camp, our trainer had us run from the parking lot to a community center that was approximately 1/4 mile down the road. I got there but was panting so hard that I could hardly hear my friend say "what the heck are we doing here!?" At that moment, something clicked....or I freaked, whichever you prefer...and I decided that was it. I was going to do this running thing and I was never going to pant like that again! Needless to say, there was a lot of panting after that but I've stuck with it and have found something I truly love. I started out too hard and suffered a sprained ankle and achillies tendonitis in both ankles that had my butt on the couch and my feet elevated for over a month. But I got back out there and eventually got two 5k's and a 4-mile race under my belt. There is an 8k around the corner that I am hoping to complete as well. Running does something incredible for me. It magically erases any stresses of the day. It makes me feel like I can do anything and I truly believe that it makes me a better mommy. I love when my preschooler says, with a big smile, "so mommy, are you going to go for a little run today?" He knows what it does for me.

So what's the problem? The problem is time. Which I'm sure is the same problem that so many of you have. My youngest son goes to preschool on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. On those mornings, and typically one morning on the weekend, I get a quick run in. I drop him off, race home and get out there as quick as I can before I have to jump in the shower just in time to go pick him up again. All three days I do this and then nothing. Nothing other than strength training and dvd's until the next Wednesday. When that next Wednesday finally comes, I'm so excited to get out there that I run way too fast and typically burn out by mile 3.5. Every Wednesday is like starting from scratch. By the weekend run, I'm up to a comfortable 5.5 miles but I would really like to go further. So what is the secret? I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that have been where I am now and have found a way through it and increased your mileage so I'd love to hear your tips! Until then, I'm off to put my running shoes by the door so I can get out there again tomorrow.

I never quit before

Now that I have my first ever blog out of the way I can talk about running or I guess in this case not running the Marine Corps Marathon. This is the 3d time I've made the cut and had to back out. The first time I backed out I was pregnant. The second time I backed out I had gotten into the NY City Marathon and lived in NY so I ran that one. This time I have no excuse and it feels awful. I ran NY 9 months after my 3d child was born. I breastfed at the family reception area after a very long marathon (had to keep drinking at every station to make breast milk). I thought wow what a great way to get back in shape. None of my friends told me I was nuts so I thought it had to be ok. Soooo,, 4th child born last December and I signed up to run the Marine Corps. I pulled out Hal Higdon and started training, then stopped, then started and got up to a 12 mile long run before realizing I am out of my mind. I have two kids on select soccer teams, a busy 4 year old and an infant who really does not ask for much except to be fed and held, but I was jumping my mileage without putting the weekly runs in. My knees hurt. I've never ever had a running injury. I'm too slow for that. I weigh too much for this and I've got to call it quits. My friends and family could care less. I'm the only one crying for a lost marathon. I should go ahead and run a half marathon as I'm trained for that. Lost causes. I did love the two hours to myself for the weekly long runs. My husband will always help me run. I feel pressured to have a plan. What will I write in our Christmas letter?

This is a testblog...

although with my luck it will actually WORK and my blogmommyblog career shall be launched with a fizzle.

If, however, the blog-G-ds smile benevolently upon me then I shall be back.


At some point here after I bathe my toddler tornado, motivate to shower, shave my legs and actually GO OUT (sans husband) and pretend Im a grown-up again.

For a few hours anyway...

How I Got Here

The local news had run a feature inviting girls from the area to submit applications as to why their mother should be Mom of the Year and, initially, I was very excited. Until, that is, I actually tried to think of reasons why my mother should be Mom of the Year.
In my eyes, a child's eyes, there was no doubt that she was Mom of the Year, but in society's eyes, well, I had to admit, she didn't have much to offer. The truth of it was, and is, that single mom's of three children whose kids go to school hungry and wearing the same clothes as they had worn the day before, aren't exactly Mom's of the Year. That mom's like mine, who opted out of meet the teacher night and who never baked cookies or accompanied the class on a field trip weren't the sort of mom's who earned honors.
The realization brought with it quite a bit of shame--shame for myself and shame for my mother. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be Mom of the Year. That when my time came, my child(ren) would have a Mom of the Year.
And here I am now! I won't lie. It's been a bumpy ride. Like water following a groove, I have been tempted by mediocrity and I've had to teach myself and learn by default many things that I think other kids were taught--I don't know. But I've also taught myself and learned by default many things that other kids weren't taught for the simple reason that they had a Mom of the Year and I'm pretty sure that's what the whole trip has been about.

Put on your running shoes, clothes....

Good Morning,

This is my first ever blog and I'm as nervous as a new bride. Ok, I was never nervous getting married, but it makes me laugh to write that. I'm Trice. I'm 43, and have 4 children. I have been in the Army and they make you run. Now I run because I love to run and it makes me a nicer person. My whole family knows that Mommy is so much nicer when she comes back from a run even if I was running in the rain, even if cars tried to run me over, even if it was only 30 minutes or 2 hours. They have also figured out that I'm a little less nice if I took a child in the running stroller and had to share the run. I've been the owner of at 7 running strollers over the past 12 years of Motherhood. I've run with two children in the heat of Texas in the double when my husband could not pinch hit. I've run in Germany in 1996 with one of the first Baby Joggers on a Volksmarch (10K) and had Germans chasing me down trying to buy my stroller. Now who would give up a stroller in the middle of a run? I've run on Normandy Beach commemorating D Day with both babies in a double. I'll keep this short today, but love to talk about running. I joined this blog to give my neighbors a break. They are tired of talking to me as I come in from a run and want to talk about running. My neighbor is running the Army Ten Miler this weekend. I signed up for it in 2001 and it was canceled after 9-11. I flew to DC and ran 10 miles by myself. I still have to get there for that race.