Saturday, October 06, 2007

Internal Dialogue

I hurt my knee in May.

You see we have these wonderful friends in Florida who brought 25 (or so) of their friends to Nashville at the end of April for the Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. They were a joy to be around and they inspired me to FINALLY get my butt in gear and fully prepare for the 2008 marathon.

I started training - HARD! A little too hard - with the type of intensity I used to have in trying to get my hands on a Krispy Kreme doughnut (yummmmm). I was STUPID. I hurt my knee. Genius.

Ended up being a "slightly torn" meniscus. Had to lay off it for a couple months along with some physical therapy. It SUCKED!

I've now been cleared for modified 1/2 marathon training. This means the dr. was trying to tell me not to be stupid and overdue it again. I've been good. I can't run every day, but I can throw a little running in with each workout.

This is where the internal dialogue comes into play. I have to talk myself out of breaking into a slight jog. "A little bit of running won't hurt me. I'll just do it for a few minutes. I know I did it yesterday, but I feel pretty good and I think my knee can take it." And that is when I have to have a serious argument in my head to control my running urges. Usually, the part of my brain that is telling me to NOT run wins out and I hope I can keep listening to it, but the better I feel, the harder it is to pay attention to that nagging little voice.

Plus, the people passing me on the street are starting to stare at me talking to myself. Hmmm...maybe these conversations "in my head" are actually happening out loud.

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