Thursday, October 04, 2007

Brain vs. Legs: Game On!

Since yesterday was Wednesday, it was my "oh goodie! I get to run so I think I'll go out way to hard and to fast because I'm so happy to be running" day. As a result, my legs were very anti-run this morning. My brain, on the other hand, was all for it. And so the inner dialogue began. There is something about that first 1/4 mile or so when my legs are just screaming at me. The argument goes something like this: Legs - "What are you doing! Why did we leave that perfectly good hazelnut coffee and the couch? We were happy there! And there was a great article in the Style section just begging to be read!" Brain: "Zip it and keep moving. We are running today and you will like it!" And so it goes. On days like this, I like to trick my legs into going further. I play the 'just one more tree' game, as in "OK legs, see that tree up there? I bet you can't make it to that tree." and my legs, being the stubborn things that they are say "Oh yeah? Watch me!" and then just like that, I make it to the tree. I do this for as long as it takes. One tree at a time. Mile after mile. Today this game was very much in effect and I am happy to say that the brain was way ahead of the legs. Around mile 3, I see this woman walking with her dog coming toward me on the path. She is grinning ear to ear. As I get closer, I realize why this woman is so dang happy. She is walking with a venti frappuccino!!! A venti!!! At that moment, my legs and my brain both nearly came to a screeching halt. Legs: "Did you see that? Starbucks is closer than home! That could be our next tree!" Brain: " make a good argument." But somehow, I managed to plow through and turned left instead of right which took me closer to home and further from the Starbucks. Game back on. I am happy to say that I added 1.5 miles to my run from yesterday and everyone is happy. My brain gets to brag and my legs got a banana and vanilla yogurt smoothie as a much better substitute for that 500 calorie frappuccino (yes, 500. I looked it up as soon as I got home).

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