Thursday, October 04, 2007


This too is my first Blog and after reading the others, I feel like a bit of an imposter. I've been with seemommyrun for more than two years and go nearly religiously....let's face it, it is cheaper than therapy and more sociably acceptable than a straight jacket. I was a walker through pregnacy and breastfeeding until I found "The Oprah Bra" to support my DD lactating boobs ( OK.....they were probably larger than DD, but I still squeezed those puppies into those bras because I didn't want to know what the next size was!!!) The thing is, with me, it is more more like.....see mommy pant, see mommy turn beet red, see mommy walk up the hills, see mommy sweat like a prostitute in church, and see mommy in last place AGAIN!! I am a Navy gal ( just reserves now) so have had to run for more than 20 years. During most of those years I belonged to the 3 mile club......that is 3 miles a year ( our tests our bi-annually at 1.5 miles each time). I admittedly don't LOVE to run but I do love this group, I do love the way I feel when I finish and I do love the Starbucks stop with my "real" runner friends. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. Soooo next time you see a group of ladies running, wave to the the one bringing up the rear to encourage me......I mean her!

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