Sunday, October 07, 2007

Husband Sunday Run

It is Sunday morning. Church is over. Kids are sort of fed and my husband I are going on a date run. Finally our oldest can baby-sit at least for an hour and we can zip away. I love to be beside him. He's calm. He is what I call the real runner in the family and I owe this peace of mind that comes from running to him. He will always find time to get a run in for me. It is a priority. When he was getting his Ph.d at Texas A&M I would drive up to campus, drop our two toddlers to him with a packed lunch and get a work out either at the gym or run. Sometimes they had to eat in the car because of rain. I love him so much for this. Even more than his paying off my law school loans when we got married. Most Mommies want to know how to get the run time in. I think husband or family or neighbor help is they key. Someone who wants you to run as much as you do. This may take some time and eff0rt. If all else fails find another Mom who needs to run and trade off. Be flexible in any arrangement you make and give each other a break. Often these Mommies can be found at the gym. They can also be found at your children's school. I think only other athletes get it. My Mom will sit for me to go to a spa or shopping (her things), but sort of sighs when it is run or workout because that is not a priority for her. Our kids know we love to run together. I hope they marry runners.

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mom2zayna said...

This post gave me goose bumps! It is exactly how I feel about running with my husband. My kids have been "running with us" since birth and they don't mind a bit. He and I make sure we get in our run time each week - whether together, alone or with other friends. It works!