Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let's Dish!

I was just reading about how Deceptively Difficult Deceptively Delicious seems to have turned out, and I remembered my own little trick for healthy eating: Let's Dish!
It is one of those prepare-your-own-food places. I have no desire to prepare food for 2 hours, but they also have "Dish and Dash." They prepare the food for you, and you cook it. It's fabulous, and not expensive. It's a $15 fee for them to prepare it, but even with that, it figures out to $4 a serving. The food is fresh and very good. I had them divide the 8 serving dishes in two. My husband and I shared the 4 servings with the 3 year old who eats nothing and actually managed to still have 2 servings left over, so they don't scrimp on size. Check it out. It's awesome!

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