Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feeding Picky Eaters: Is This Book the Answer?

Did any of you catch Oprah yesterday? She had Jessica Seinfeld on, author of Deceptively Delicious a cookbook aimed at us moms with picky eaters. I have to admit, when I saw the previews, I was a bit skeptical. My kids are the worst (seriously, the worst!) eaters I've ever seen. I have a 7-year-old who is on the 'all carbs, all the time diet': if it isn't pasta, he isn't eating it. Well, with the exception of the occasional piece of pizza and nuggets but only if the nuggets are cooked at my friend Cathie's house because she has a toaster oven. Then there is my 4-year-old who is on the 'brown and crunchy diet': chicken nuggets, crackers (brown) and chips of any kind and if I'm lucky, the occasional mac-n-cheese. I am a very healthy eater, as is my husband (most of the time) so it isn't that they are not exposed to all things green and healthy, but they just wont budge.
So as you can imagine, the idea of hiding veggies in their food had me skeptical because (a) I don't have a lot of options for things to be hidden in!, and (b) my kids are very smart and I just know they will figure it out! But watching the show, I was turned into a believer and ordered the book off Amazon before shows end - a book, by the way, that jumped to #1 on Amazon by the end of the day. The Power of Oprah is incredible.
I can't wait to try the chicken nuggets (with spinach!) and the brownies (spinach and carrots!). I'll be sure and post again after the book arrives and I sneak a little something into my boys' food! Want to see the recipe for the nuggets? Check it out here!


carla said...

I saw that and while I did think TODDLER I also thought HUBBY :)

Im definitely buying that book.

crumbs said...

I buy the stage one jars of baby food to use. I mix squash into the beaten egg of an omelette, I spread Turkey paste under grilled cheese, I pour carrots/mixed veggies into tomato-based pasta sauces.
Shhhhh...don't tell my family!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

I never watch Oprah but it was on in the background by accident yesterday and I have to say it snagged my attention. I'm seriously considering ordering the book even though my little one isn't picky yet - I am sure she will be!

our little world said...

Crumbs - you are my hero!!

Shelley said...

Yep - that book was on my "wish list" for Christmas before Oprah signed off. Can't wait to hear what you think of it once you start using some of the recipes.

Kimberly said...

Hey- I saw Jessica on the Today show and immediately ordered the book! WIth Harry's diet as it is, there aren't even food choices that I could hide things in! I can't wiat to try the book...even for me! Chocolate pudding with avocado you can't even taste and only 69 calories? Sign me up!