Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free? Try Taste Guru -- Extra Month FREE With Coupon Code

If you're eating gluten-free and have been on the lookout for more more food options, check out the Taste Guru Gluten-Free Box of the Month Club. They deliver only the best-tasting gluten-free food on the market -- guaranteed!

Sign-up and get ready for new goodies every month. Your shipment is delivered right to your door--always with free shipping.

Choose a three, six, or 12-month subscription--plus for a limited time, you'll get a bonus month FREE with coupon code: 1Free making this an even better deal.

If you have food sensitivities, are trying a gluten-free diet for a child with autism, or just want to give gluten-free eating a try, this is a great way to discover some new foods. 

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

FREE Online Account & Bill Organizer

          • One login for all of your bills and online accounts
          • Reminders about when bills are due
          • Unlimited storage for your bills and statements

I pay almost all of my bills online, book travel online, and sign up for new services online whenever possible. That makes for a lot of passwords, payments, and due dates to keep track of!

Luckily, there's a FREE service to help you keep all of your online accounts organized. Manilla is a free web-based service that helps you better manage all of your household accounts, including financial accounts, utilities, subscriptions, travel rewards programs, and more in one secure place. With just one password, Manilla provides you with an automated, organized view of all of your account information, text and/or email reminders to pay bills and unlimited storage of account documents.

Most people have more than 20 different household accounts, including three or four credit cards, several travel and hotel rewards accounts, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, plus cable, phone, and other assorted utility bills. How do you keep up with all this? You get paper mail, you have to remember all kinds of online usernames, passwords, and websites.

Manilla will retrieve all your account information – current balances, previous payments, upcoming bills due – and store it for you in one secure place. Best of all, you only need  one password to view, manage, and organize it all--and of course, it's FREE!

Oh, and if you're still unsure -- Manilla's been recommended by The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Forbes, Time, and too many more places to mention. Check it out for yourself!

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The F Word

That is the headline that caught my eye on MyYogaOnline today.  The F Word.

FUN!  It made me stop and realize that the F word is what I've been missing in my workouts!!

I remember when running was FUN.
Bootcamp drills were FUN.
Core work was FUN.
Yoga was FUN.
Cycling was FUN.
Walking the beast - I mean, dog - was FUN.

What happened?  Have I been too exhausted from having a newborn / baby?  Do I save the FUN for rollerblading with the kids, chasing them on bikes, and crafting?  

This is how I have decided to re-motivate myself to enjoy running again!  Put the FUN back in my RUN.  I am desperately longing to get back out there and start logging more miles.  I am trying to squeeze it in between baby nap times, homeschooling, and kids' activities.  If I could simply get excited to get out there and do it!!!!!  So FUN here I come!  

No more dragging my feet out the door when the temperature is optimal that day.  No more saving it for the weekends.  No more choosing my route based on the fewest uphill climbs and the turn-around points to shorten it if I feel like it!!!!!

FUN!  Sprints, speedwork, hill repeats, maybe even competing with random people through Map My Run.  I have downloaded Broadway tunes from SMASH my absolute favorite show on TV, and other broadway musicals.

I have officially signed up for 2 FUN races:

The Glo Run is a nighttime 5K. You run wearing glow-in-the-dark gear through lasers and strobes, DJs pump the tunes, etc.

Run or Dye is an untimed 5K with 3 different routes.  You are sprayed with washable dyes at the end of each course.

What's your idea of FUN on a RUN?

Style Challenge - Week 10 - Red Nail Polish

How hard can this challenge be?  Paint your nails RED for no reason!  No special event.  No special person.  

Whip out that bottle of red you bought for special occasions (nail polish, not wine -- or nail polish AND wine) and paint' toes...dogs' nails.  Unfortunately, my most recent purchase of nail polish was TEAL (thanks Amity).  So I might have to cheat a bit this week and do teal.  Do I dare paint my actual fingernails for the first time since high school?????  Actually, I got a french manicure for my wedding.  But that doesn't count as painting my own nails some BIG color.  Or do I stick to my toes?  Hmmmm...