Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to Eat Before A Run??

After a huge thanksgiving feast, it's hard to think about fueling up before a run! But it's interesting to note the different foods for different goals.

Goal: Build Muscle
Food Type: Carb + Protein to build lean muscle mass
Best Foods:
**Hummus with cucumber and tomatoe slices on whole wheat
**Oatmeal with fruit and low-fat chicken sausage
**Baked sweet potato topped with low fat cottage cheese

Goal: Burn Fat
Food Type: Low Calorie High Carb (to give extra energy to blast fat)
Best Foods:
**Unsweetened cereal with skim milk and fruit
**Toast with light spread of almond butter and preserves
**Low fat yogurt fruit parfait

Goal: Easy on Tummy (sensitive stomach)
Food Type: Low Fiber, Low Fat
Best Foods:
**Low Fat Yogurt
**Whole Wheat English muffin

Remember to give yourself an hour after you eat, prior to running ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Can This Fragrance Improve Runs?

Yes the headline says it all. Could a fragrance help keep you motivated to endure those long, grueling workouts? Surprisingly, many reviewers of this fragrance say YES.

The fragrance is called Moves, by Adidas.

They say the motivation may come from the uplifting scents of citrus and floral. We say thumbs up!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Watch for FREE Kellogs FiberPlus in your Mailbox

This past week seeMOMMYrun mailed 10,000 coupons for FREE Kellogs FiberPlus bars with antioxidants. Any members who have given us your physical mailing address will receive one. So watch your mailbox for a white envelope with the coupon inside. Just a little THANK YOU from KELLOGS to our wonderful members for your participation!

Enjoy the yummy treats!

Friday, November 05, 2010

speedwork actually works, really

I run only four days a week and cover around 30 miles in those runs. If I run more often than that, I get injured, though I can increase my overall mileage without injury (and I feel compelled to write that I exercise every day because I am compulsive; the other three days of the week are for spinning, plyometrics, kickboxing, and strength training). Until recently, I incorporated one speed session a week…at most...when inspired.

This summer and fall, I decided to follow an “advanced” training program (which I modified for my four-day a week routine) in order to prepare in a more focused manner than usual for the Wilson Bridge Half-Marathon and the Army 10-Miler. So I had to up my speedwork to twice a week.

I don’t go to a track. (I do have a funky track near my house. “Funky” because you have to run, I think, 3 1/3 times around to cover a mile, which is simply confusing for speedwork.) My schedule incorporates one tempo run, one interval/fartlek run, one “regular old” run, and one distance run.

My speed sessions are definitely challenging, but not hard to incorporate every week, and they relieve any possible running boredom. This must be good for the brain as well as the body, since doing routines in new ways creates new neural pathways.

Without changing my diet, I have lost five pounds and my race pace of (just barely) sub-eights has become “comfortable” again—and I can even push into that less comfortable realm of 7:20s-7:30s for a mile or so at the end of even a long race.

I did nothing fancy, and I feel great.

(This may be my first “perky” post ever. I apologize.) 

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