Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Don't Have The Time?

I read a tip in Working Mother magazine a couple of weeks ago. The tip was to squeeze in exercise whenever you can. I now do squats while I wait for my water bottle to fill. I do push-ups while I wait for Harry's "Mimo" in the microwave. I do sit-ups while Harry is on the potty. I just grape-vined up the stairs.
One of my first runs ever was a marathon (I did train for it, but I'd never done a 5K or a 10K or gone running on a track). After running a marathon at about age 25, a last minute 10K was no big deal...even when said 10K turned into a 10 miler! Well, times change. You do what you can to get by, and stay trim.
Since I work, I have real issues about taking even more time away from Harry. Now that he is 3, he does, too. Just ask me about the events leading up to him "zoom-zoom-ing" his cars during the ceremony at my sister-in-law's wedding. While I'd like to get out on a long run on Saturday, it's been easier for me to just lug my gym clothes along and hop out of the car on the way back from a meeting, or to run to the bank since with traffic as it is, it's quicker to run anyway.
I have also given up fast food. It's been almost 1 month. Instead of waiting in line at McDonald's, it is just as fast to get a bowl of Miso soup and seaweed salad from the Japanese Restaurant, or Harris Teeter, even.
I have gained ten pounds since December. I can't tell you yet that I have seen noticeable improvements, but I definitely have more strength and energy. And I even look forward to when Harry wants to sit on my shoulders during a two hour hike! I can tell you, I blew away my trainer at the gym today with my endurance for doing squats with a twenty pound bar on my shoulders. After all, I'm used to 34 pounds!