Monday, February 23, 2009

repeating week four

I finished week four, column three very weakly and will repeat it this week. This program is very tedious but it does produce results. Andrea, I expect for you to get back on the wagon!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Understanding Food Labels

If the label says... It means each serving of the product has...
  • Calorie free Fewer than 5 calories
  • Fat free Less than 0.5 gram of fat
  • Low-fat 3 grams of fat or less
  • Reduced fat

or less fat At least 25 percent less fat than the

higher fat version

  • Low in sat. fat 1 gram of saturated fat or less, with not

more than 15 percent of the calories

coming from the saturated fat

  • Lean Fewer than 10 grams of fat, 4 grams of

saturated fat, and 95 milligrams of

of cholesterol

  • Extra lean Fewer than 5 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat,

and 95 milligrams of cholesterol

  • Light (lite) At least one-third fewer calories or no more than

half the fat of the high-calorie,

higher fat version or no more than half the sodium

of the higher-sodium version

  • CholesterolfreeFewer than 2 milligrams of cholesterol

2 grams (or fewer) of saturated fat

  • Low cholesterol20 or fewer milligrams of cholesterol

and 2 grams (or fewer) of saturated fat

  • reduced cholesterolAt least 25percent less cholesterol than the

higher cholesterol version and 2 grams or fewer

of saturated fat

  • Sodium free Fewer than 5 milligrams of sodium and no

or no sodium sodium chloride in ingredients

  • Very low

sodium 35 milligrams or fewer of sodium

  • Low sodium 140 milligrams or less of sodium


Source: Living Well, Staying Well from the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society

Note: I clicked on the wrong blog. This was intended for the blog I keep for my mother. But it is information we can all put to good use.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, Mama!

(deep inhale through the nose...slow exhale through the mouth)

(deep inhale through the nose...slow exhale through the mouth)


Remember those nights in college when you'd begin by forcing down cheap beer in your dorm room, then soon it went down much quicker...and before you know it you're tossing back whatever fruity jungle juice concoction your friends handed you in the big red keg cup?

More importantly, remember that feeling the next morning when your head spun, your stomach took it's revenge and you thought you should vomit (but couldn't)? Remember thinking pancakes would soak up your sins but instead made you gag?

Ahh.  Yes.  

That's how I feel this morning.  Only, instead of binge drinking, I've begun growing an itty-bitty sesame seed.  (Between the bloating and the gas, though, I'd swear I was up to an heirloom tomato by now.

Exciting - Yes!  Two years in waiting!  But, oh my, I don't remember feeling this terrible last time around (nearly 5 years ago).  Blech.   All the hangover, with none of the humiliating photos.

I've come to the point of my post: how do you do it?  HOW do you get to the gym when you want to just hug the toilet? HOW do you get out the door for a run when you have to pull out Lamaze breathing while bending to tie your shoes?  I want to keep exercising, but man, I'd rather just curl up in bed and read people's status updates on Facebook.  Not that that's a possibility with a 4 year old and a job, but a girl can dream.

How did you survive this trimester?  

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 4, column 3

Starting week 4, column 3. I think this challenge really helped me hold my own while arm wrestling Thursday as a part of a high-spirited girls' night out!!!

Next time, time. Relish your victory now, but next time I'm slamming your arm onto the table!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Good Point

Runningfor3, you make a very good point below. I wonder if children of running mommies are better able to sit still later as a result of Sitting Still training from such an early age. What do the rest of you think? I for one can vouch for a supernaturally calm 2 year old. Is this the result of spending so much time a. in the jogger and b. with mommy?

Another point covered by runningfor3, patient walks. We made a very rare trip to the mall yesterday. My little guy walked, albeit slowly, and LISTENED to me. I think this behavior can be attributed to, not to beleaguer the point, but the 90 minute mile. Other kids twice his size where strapped into strollers as their mothers rushed through the mall.

What's your take?

Monday, February 09, 2009

9 months in, 9 months out

After a particularly exhausting week, I realized that I'm carrying (or pushing) around a bunch of extra weight, diverting enough calories to grow a person, and suffering through sleep disturbances. Sounds like pregnancy, right? Except the baby is 6 months old. So, despite being the third child I've nursed, I think, perhaps, I've underestimated at times that I am still growing a child, so maybe don't be so hard on myself. This is tough since my standard for "recovered from pregnancy" has gotten higher with each one.

So, I won't be training for another marathon until Francesca turns one this summer, but my husband and I are signed up for an on-road and off-road duathlon in April. He mountain bikes, I trail run, I ride the road and he runs the roads. Shorter distances (relative to the marathon) but consistent training as a part of one's routine and keeping the foundation strong is key. Helpful for my physical and mental well-being and key for keeping the kids "on board".

Trying to put a 2-year-old in the jogger for the first time because you waited to get back into shape and then convincing him that sitting there for an hour or more is OK, let alone fun, is unlikely. Train them from birth, and they'll be climbing in the jogger every time you turn around. Plus they'll appreciate the good times - you know - when the temp is over 30 F and the run is under 90 minutes.

Push-up check in

Starting week three, column three today. I have to say, I am loving what this challenge is doing for my shoulders!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Mama-to-be ROCKS

Not exactly running related - by my goodness, if you didn't get a chance to see it, you should google MIA and Grammy.  

Despite tonight being her due date, she got up on stage and rocked hard.  
Now THAT's endurance!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Careful what you wish for...

I'm always complaining because I can't find any running partners in my new town (that fit my schedule, that is). Monday, however, it didn't just metaphorically rain, it poured.

The other day, I tried to convinced my co-workers at the bakeshop that even absolute novices could enjoy running, if done right. So we set a running date for 6:30 am. Turns out, everyone had wonderful excuses why they didn't make it and I ran a hard, hilly 4 miles all on my own. Despite being stood up, it was refreshing to put in a few miles before mixing a few batters.

When I checked my e-mail upon returning home, I was startled to see a note from another girl from my running group confirming that we'd still be doing 4 miles at 5pm that same night: "A slow 11:30 min/mile pace."

Oh, man. I forgot!

Not one to stand up a running partner, even when tired, I strapped my sleepy 4 year old into his stroller. Unfortunately, we blew our goal pace to bits. I dug deep-- I mean, Lamaze-breathing deep; self-hypnosis deep; holding-back-tears deep; I-should-have-eaten-more-cherry-pie-bars-at-work-today deep -- just to keep up with my new 12-years-my-junior buddy*.

"Whew!" she said upon finishing , "That's a minute and a half per mile faster than I've ever gone! You really pushed me! I never could have done that on my own. I hope we can run together again!"

What? What? What? I pushed her?

Funny, we both almost passed out because we were trying to please the other.
I guess I'm not the only one who would do anything for a running partner!

*okay, I'll try to give the hyphens a rest.

Share the Love

I wanted to share a simple/fun way that you can create a little extra happiness on Valentines Day. BTW, I normally don't give into the marketing hype of V-Day, but this year decided to view it more as a good time to volunteer (without being asked to volunteer).

Taking Valentines Day Cards to the Elderly:
  1. I called one of the smaller, tucked-away Assisted Living communities to find out the # of residents and if they were doing anything for Valentines Day. This is a community that doesn't have a ton of help, volunteers, or events for their residents. They have 20 residents only.
  2. Then I called a larger Nursing Home to find out how many residents they have. They have 200. This is the nursing home where most of the state assisted residents are sent who cannot afford a private nursing home.
  3. I have asked 2 different seeMOMMYrun groups for volunteers to have their children make Valentines Cards or gifts for the residents. For the larger Nursing Home we're each making 10 to 20 cards .
  4. Myself and a couple other moms will be delivering the cards on Valentines Day with our kids.
This will help foster a sense of compassion in our kids, while cheering up the residents! Residents at Assisted Living and Nursing Homes don't receive nearly enough visitors and smiles and hugs. Bless the staff who work hard to make their lives easier and happier. Bless those who can stop by now and then just to say hello and share a little human touch!

CONSIDER DOING THIS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA. You could even take cards to people in the hospital. The crafts can make great daily activities for the kids! And your heart will smile.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Push-up Challenge- goof up

OK~ I know I hit 40 and all last month but you think I could follow simple directions. I copied the directions for what I thought was week two last week. I seemed so much harder BECAUSE IT WAS.............somehow I managed to copy down Week # 3 Level #3 instead. When I went back to the site today to copy down week #3, realized, I already did it so now do I go back to week #2 , do week #3 again or push on to week #4 (the very least appealing right now as my pec's are moaning. I sure the rest of you follow directions more clearly than I do!