Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Careful what you wish for...

I'm always complaining because I can't find any running partners in my new town (that fit my schedule, that is). Monday, however, it didn't just metaphorically rain, it poured.

The other day, I tried to convinced my co-workers at the bakeshop that even absolute novices could enjoy running, if done right. So we set a running date for 6:30 am. Turns out, everyone had wonderful excuses why they didn't make it and I ran a hard, hilly 4 miles all on my own. Despite being stood up, it was refreshing to put in a few miles before mixing a few batters.

When I checked my e-mail upon returning home, I was startled to see a note from another girl from my running group confirming that we'd still be doing 4 miles at 5pm that same night: "A slow 11:30 min/mile pace."

Oh, man. I forgot!

Not one to stand up a running partner, even when tired, I strapped my sleepy 4 year old into his stroller. Unfortunately, we blew our goal pace to bits. I dug deep-- I mean, Lamaze-breathing deep; self-hypnosis deep; holding-back-tears deep; I-should-have-eaten-more-cherry-pie-bars-at-work-today deep -- just to keep up with my new 12-years-my-junior buddy*.

"Whew!" she said upon finishing , "That's a minute and a half per mile faster than I've ever gone! You really pushed me! I never could have done that on my own. I hope we can run together again!"

What? What? What? I pushed her?

Funny, we both almost passed out because we were trying to please the other.
I guess I'm not the only one who would do anything for a running partner!

*okay, I'll try to give the hyphens a rest.

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Vicki said...

Sounds like me and my husband. Many times we have done/ate/watched something neither of really wanted to because we thought the other one did. Congrats on a great run though!!