Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, Mama!

(deep inhale through the nose...slow exhale through the mouth)

(deep inhale through the nose...slow exhale through the mouth)


Remember those nights in college when you'd begin by forcing down cheap beer in your dorm room, then soon it went down much quicker...and before you know it you're tossing back whatever fruity jungle juice concoction your friends handed you in the big red keg cup?

More importantly, remember that feeling the next morning when your head spun, your stomach took it's revenge and you thought you should vomit (but couldn't)? Remember thinking pancakes would soak up your sins but instead made you gag?

Ahh.  Yes.  

That's how I feel this morning.  Only, instead of binge drinking, I've begun growing an itty-bitty sesame seed.  (Between the bloating and the gas, though, I'd swear I was up to an heirloom tomato by now.

Exciting - Yes!  Two years in waiting!  But, oh my, I don't remember feeling this terrible last time around (nearly 5 years ago).  Blech.   All the hangover, with none of the humiliating photos.

I've come to the point of my post: how do you do it?  HOW do you get to the gym when you want to just hug the toilet? HOW do you get out the door for a run when you have to pull out Lamaze breathing while bending to tie your shoes?  I want to keep exercising, but man, I'd rather just curl up in bed and read people's status updates on Facebook.  Not that that's a possibility with a 4 year old and a job, but a girl can dream.

How did you survive this trimester?  


seeMOMMYrun said...

I hear you! I had hyperemisis (or however you spell it). Vomited for 9 months and never for a single moment did the nausea let up - EXCEPT WHEN I WAS RUNNING!!!

I hurled prior to running and immediately after and every other time of the day - but felt normal when running. Weird, I know. Exercise somehow made my symptoms go away. Now....getting motivated and out of the bathroom to exercise was a different story. But, man, once I started it was heavenly. So I did it often in order to not cry and vomit and lay on the floor completely motionless and afraid if I moved a tiny hair I would throw up.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I felt sick all of the time. But when I exercised I felt better, not great but better. For me, I would the older boys at the gym nursery and workout for an hour about 4 days a week. So I saw it as my free time and enjoyed every minute of getting bigger while everyone else got smaller!