Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Good Point

Runningfor3, you make a very good point below. I wonder if children of running mommies are better able to sit still later as a result of Sitting Still training from such an early age. What do the rest of you think? I for one can vouch for a supernaturally calm 2 year old. Is this the result of spending so much time a. in the jogger and b. with mommy?

Another point covered by runningfor3, patient walks. We made a very rare trip to the mall yesterday. My little guy walked, albeit slowly, and LISTENED to me. I think this behavior can be attributed to, not to beleaguer the point, but the 90 minute mile. Other kids twice his size where strapped into strollers as their mothers rushed through the mall.

What's your take?

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runningfor3 said...

Hmmm. That requires some thinking. So, you know how kids - even babies - are pretty good at knowing what they can get away with in different situation or with different caretakers? All three of my kids have been strapped into the jogger from the earliest moment and continue to tolerate it up to ages 5, 3 and 6 mo, respectively. I think that what you do with your kids while you jog greatly influences what they get out of it. Though I don't think that it necessarily translates to the ability to sit better through other tasks, I do think that it fosters skills such as paying attention to detail since we point out so many sights and sounds as we go. The ability to entertain oneself with small toys, etc. would apply in the stroller as well.

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