Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Share the Love

I wanted to share a simple/fun way that you can create a little extra happiness on Valentines Day. BTW, I normally don't give into the marketing hype of V-Day, but this year decided to view it more as a good time to volunteer (without being asked to volunteer).

Taking Valentines Day Cards to the Elderly:
  1. I called one of the smaller, tucked-away Assisted Living communities to find out the # of residents and if they were doing anything for Valentines Day. This is a community that doesn't have a ton of help, volunteers, or events for their residents. They have 20 residents only.
  2. Then I called a larger Nursing Home to find out how many residents they have. They have 200. This is the nursing home where most of the state assisted residents are sent who cannot afford a private nursing home.
  3. I have asked 2 different seeMOMMYrun groups for volunteers to have their children make Valentines Cards or gifts for the residents. For the larger Nursing Home we're each making 10 to 20 cards .
  4. Myself and a couple other moms will be delivering the cards on Valentines Day with our kids.
This will help foster a sense of compassion in our kids, while cheering up the residents! Residents at Assisted Living and Nursing Homes don't receive nearly enough visitors and smiles and hugs. Bless the staff who work hard to make their lives easier and happier. Bless those who can stop by now and then just to say hello and share a little human touch!

CONSIDER DOING THIS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA. You could even take cards to people in the hospital. The crafts can make great daily activities for the kids! And your heart will smile.


channelmarker said...

What a great project!!
Miss U

Christa said...

This is a great idea!