Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Tempo and 14 Miler Post Baby #3

I ran three times last week. This isn't enough. It isn't enough mentally and it's certainly not enough if I plan to successfully run Boston. I could dwell on this or I can choose to move on and focus on the success's I had.

I've often talked about how running is not just about the physical but also the mental. Dwelling on things that don't go according to plan or perceived failures in your training, only bring you down. In order to be successful and meet your goals you must use things like this as motivation, but never dwell on them and allow them to discourage you.

The positives about my week, in regards to running, were that I ran my first tempo and first 14 miler post baby #3.

Mile 1 - 9:06
Mile 2 - 8:46
Mile 3 - 8:56
Mile 4 - 8:27
Mile 5 (tempo) - 7:07
Mile 6 (tempo) - 7:07
Mile 7 (cool down) - 9:26

This was a perfectly executed tempo. I almost did negative splits in the warm up part, I was dead on for both tempo miles and my slowest mile of the whole run was the cool down.


Tempos are an excellent way to include speed work in your training. They are perfect if you don't have access to a track or simply don't want to do track workouts. Include these in your training if you are at a point where you no longer walk during your runs. It's important that you run the entire workout and push yourself hard during the tempo portion, but not to the point that you are unable to run a cool down mile or two after. As my training goes on, the tempo portion of the run will increase, but I will keep the mileage between 6 to 8 miles.

On Saturday I ran my first 14 miler post baby. I had company for 8 of the miles, but had to run 6 of them alone.

I don't typically run with music, preferring to test my mental strength and also be aware of my surroundings. I'm sure this has helped me during the marathon. I don't need any outside help to get through the race. I DO NOT RACE WITH MUSIC. I know I will catch some slack for this but I just don't believe it in. You don't see athletes in other sports wearing music during their games, races, competitions, etc. I think it should be no different for running.

My goal for the run was to complete all the miles and to keep them between 9:00 and 10:00 minute pace. I consider the run a success.

Mile 1 - 9:46
Mile 2 - 9:17
Mile 3 - 9:30
Mile 4 - 9:36
Mile 5 - 9:21
Mile 6 - 9:27
Miles 7 - 9:10
Mile 8 - 9:22
Mile 9 - 9:10
Mile 10 - 9:32
Mile 11 - 9:50
Mile 12 - 9:46
Mile 13 - 9:44
Mile 14 - 9:55

I've already moved on from my lack of running last week and am looking forward to a new week, a fresh beginning.

5 COLD miles tonight alone. Thankful that I was able to literally start the week off on a good foot.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Meet TR

So this is my treadmill, affectionately names "TR," and the bane of my existence lately. TR and I have been through years of ups and downs, and this winter just has not been a good one for us.

Last night, I tried to put in my miles. I really did. But mentally, I was totally defeated. How is it that one can run 8+ miles in freezing temps, wind, hail, snow and ice, yet fails to run a measly mile on the mill.

Last night, I turned to my peeps at DM and here are some thoughts / suggestions they came up with:

The Una Runner: "drop it off the roof."

Shawna L: "intervals"

Esther J W: "I am much faster and less bored outside"

The Una Runner: "glad I live down south" (warmer)

Scott S: "check out these DVDs - "<--- I did, and an awesome idea!!

Killer: "dreadmill. enough said."

Michael S: "if you get a good answer to that one, let me know."

Ihopeagain: "these last 7 weeks of jogging outside have made me a convert."

Jeni: "I make sure to have Pandora radio turned on"

Mark H: "Im real close to going with Una Runners suggestion"

Jocelyn: "I put a towel over the timer and guess how much time is left"

The comments go on, but Im sure you get the idea: I am not the only one who has a mental barrier with treadmill running!


If you have any other ideas, please, throw them my way!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesdays Tips

Re: Running Shoes

Buy Running shoes during your lunch break. Afternoons are the best time because your feet are at their largest midday.

Heat Destroys. The trunk of your car is not the best place to throw your shoes. Heat damages the form & shape of the shoe.

Untie the Laces. Believe it or not, kicking off your shoes with the laces tied can not only ruin the fit, but the heel counter as well. (fyi- the “heal counter” is on the inside of the shoe between the lining and the outsole. Dont worry, I had to look this one up too.)

Softer Surfaces Preserve. Obviously, pavement and hard surfaces wear the shoe out faster. Grass and track are more friendly. So. Happy Trails ;)

* I’d love to know of any other shoe tips you’d like to add??

Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's final: My blog has moved

I am no longer Marathon Mommy. I'm now Watch Mom Run. Sorry for the Confusion!!

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Thanks so much!!