Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesdays Tips

Re: Running Shoes

Buy Running shoes during your lunch break. Afternoons are the best time because your feet are at their largest midday.

Heat Destroys. The trunk of your car is not the best place to throw your shoes. Heat damages the form & shape of the shoe.

Untie the Laces. Believe it or not, kicking off your shoes with the laces tied can not only ruin the fit, but the heel counter as well. (fyi- the “heal counter” is on the inside of the shoe between the lining and the outsole. Dont worry, I had to look this one up too.)

Softer Surfaces Preserve. Obviously, pavement and hard surfaces wear the shoe out faster. Grass and track are more friendly. So. Happy Trails ;)

* I’d love to know of any other shoe tips you’d like to add??

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