Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Meet TR

So this is my treadmill, affectionately names "TR," and the bane of my existence lately. TR and I have been through years of ups and downs, and this winter just has not been a good one for us.

Last night, I tried to put in my miles. I really did. But mentally, I was totally defeated. How is it that one can run 8+ miles in freezing temps, wind, hail, snow and ice, yet fails to run a measly mile on the mill.

Last night, I turned to my peeps at DM and here are some thoughts / suggestions they came up with:

The Una Runner: "drop it off the roof."

Shawna L: "intervals"

Esther J W: "I am much faster and less bored outside"

The Una Runner: "glad I live down south" (warmer)

Scott S: "check out these DVDs - "<--- I did, and an awesome idea!!

Killer: "dreadmill. enough said."

Michael S: "if you get a good answer to that one, let me know."

Ihopeagain: "these last 7 weeks of jogging outside have made me a convert."

Jeni: "I make sure to have Pandora radio turned on"

Mark H: "Im real close to going with Una Runners suggestion"

Jocelyn: "I put a towel over the timer and guess how much time is left"

The comments go on, but Im sure you get the idea: I am not the only one who has a mental barrier with treadmill running!


If you have any other ideas, please, throw them my way!

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cea said...

I don't have a treadmill--but I do have my road bike hooked up to a wheel for indoor workouts. It was terribly boring and hard to get past 30 minutes until I started using printouts of interval workouts. You can make up your own, include sprints and increase the incline, or find many options online (or in magazines such as Self), but it is important to have it printed up and visible so you don't actually have to think about what to do next. Somehow, this has made it possible for me to do 60-90 minutes on the bike when necessary.(And I watch a movie or other show on my laptop.)