Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to Eat Before A Run??

After a huge thanksgiving feast, it's hard to think about fueling up before a run! But it's interesting to note the different foods for different goals.

Goal: Build Muscle
Food Type: Carb + Protein to build lean muscle mass
Best Foods:
**Hummus with cucumber and tomatoe slices on whole wheat
**Oatmeal with fruit and low-fat chicken sausage
**Baked sweet potato topped with low fat cottage cheese

Goal: Burn Fat
Food Type: Low Calorie High Carb (to give extra energy to blast fat)
Best Foods:
**Unsweetened cereal with skim milk and fruit
**Toast with light spread of almond butter and preserves
**Low fat yogurt fruit parfait

Goal: Easy on Tummy (sensitive stomach)
Food Type: Low Fiber, Low Fat
Best Foods:
**Low Fat Yogurt
**Whole Wheat English muffin

Remember to give yourself an hour after you eat, prior to running ;)

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morgan said...

Great tips! I've never thought of fueling before a run with different foods for different goals. I usually go toast and almond butter and a banana no matter what.