Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The F Word

That is the headline that caught my eye on MyYogaOnline today.  The F Word.

FUN!  It made me stop and realize that the F word is what I've been missing in my workouts!!

I remember when running was FUN.
Bootcamp drills were FUN.
Core work was FUN.
Yoga was FUN.
Cycling was FUN.
Walking the beast - I mean, dog - was FUN.

What happened?  Have I been too exhausted from having a newborn / baby?  Do I save the FUN for rollerblading with the kids, chasing them on bikes, and crafting?  

This is how I have decided to re-motivate myself to enjoy running again!  Put the FUN back in my RUN.  I am desperately longing to get back out there and start logging more miles.  I am trying to squeeze it in between baby nap times, homeschooling, and kids' activities.  If I could simply get excited to get out there and do it!!!!!  So FUN here I come!  

No more dragging my feet out the door when the temperature is optimal that day.  No more saving it for the weekends.  No more choosing my route based on the fewest uphill climbs and the turn-around points to shorten it if I feel like it!!!!!

FUN!  Sprints, speedwork, hill repeats, maybe even competing with random people through Map My Run.  I have downloaded Broadway tunes from SMASH my absolute favorite show on TV, and other broadway musicals.

I have officially signed up for 2 FUN races:

The Glo Run is a nighttime 5K. You run wearing glow-in-the-dark gear through lasers and strobes, DJs pump the tunes, etc.

Run or Dye is an untimed 5K with 3 different routes.  You are sprayed with washable dyes at the end of each course.

What's your idea of FUN on a RUN?

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