Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Style Challenge - Week 10 - Red Nail Polish

How hard can this challenge be?  Paint your nails RED for no reason!  No special event.  No special person.  

Whip out that bottle of red you bought for special occasions (nail polish, not wine -- or nail polish AND wine) and paint something....toes...fingernails...kids' toes...dogs' nails.  Unfortunately, my most recent purchase of nail polish was TEAL (thanks Amity).  So I might have to cheat a bit this week and do teal.  Do I dare paint my actual fingernails for the first time since high school?????  Actually, I got a french manicure for my wedding.  But that doesn't count as painting my own nails some BIG color.  Or do I stick to my toes?  Hmmmm...

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