Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making time for running/strength training

In order to get my run in today I got up early...before the sun....the sun was just coming up when my running buddy AM and finished our 4 miles. Boy if it wasn't for her....I probably would of slept in. The early mornings are hard.....I work full time and sometimes start as early as 3:45am, so when I have a a day to sleep in....I look forward to it...but I play a mind game with myself...b/c I could sleep in...and run later...but the problem is I will most likely NOT run later...that is where AM comes in. We check in with each other generally the night before...and plan to meet in the most of the time...there is NO sleeping in( unless you call getting up at 6:15am sleeping in).
So when do I get my strength training in...our weather has turned chilly here in Indiana and I look forward to coming home and snuggling into PJ's and watching the tube....felling less and less motivated to do my strength training.....maybe I should do it after my runs or before( all in the morning before work).....what a battle...shouldn't it be an easier decision!
I could go to the YMCA...I did all summer....I was there 2-3 times a week on top of running...what is it about this cooler weather that makes you want to stay home and chill out...

So any suggestions?


Trice said...


I would strenth train in lieu of running. Go to the gym or get a tape and do it at home instead of running. You can always do pushups- get a 5lb bar and do army work. I really think lunges/squats with a weight bar does great things for your legs. I only run 3-4 times a week and do strenth training the other two. Good job on that morning run. It is true that if you wait it does not happen.

Trice said...

oops-- typo. I meant to say do "arm" work not army