Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustle and Bustle

WHEw- what aweek so far...still no running in. Early morning work day Monday ( 5am start-which meant I had to hop out of bed at 4am....who gets up at 4am...OH I do !) Worked 6-1pm, then ran home to pack for an overnight....I had an overnight WORK trip on Monday night to Ft. Wayne, and just returned home, and went to dinner with my husband and our daughter. I am feeling like a slacker....my hubby and I talked about making a routine of going to the YMCA....I am better at it than him....but we both need to do it. Next week it what he said...I said we have to...b/c winter is around the corner and we will neve start a routine in winter...I think this is starting to sound like random thoughts from my head....but isn't that what we all think us the MULTI_TASKING MOMS!
I plan to run tomorrow....notice the plan...I think it will be short and sweet 3-4 miles. It will have to be after my 5am- 12 work schedule....another day of getting up at 4am.... Well that is the "hustle and bustle" of my life.

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