Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dont forget to tip your waitress...

we bloggers will be here all week.

There's something about blogging--when you dont get comments--that is really close to stand up.

Or doing a monologue (think more blathering Shakespeare soliloquy than David Letterman).

Or (*gasp*) lecturing.

This post? Just a public service announcement.

A reminder to feel free to JUMP RIGHT IN and comment. Am I boring the pants off of you? TELL ME.

(because, seriously, you need said pants in place to get out there and run)

Are you a firm believer in NOT LIFTING and ALL RUNNING? lemmie know where you stand.

Detest tutus? cringe at over the knee socks? Lemmie have it. It might not change my attire but I promise to dress appropriately should we ever meet off-line.

Happy Sunday.

It's I AM *GOING* TO RUN-day up in herre.

(and yes. if youve come here via my chickenbus blog that last word was for you. all my stuff DOES sound the same.)


MelanyTN said...

Commenting mainly for the sake of commenting... but - did you know that I am a "runner" too? It is said with finger quotes because my long breaks between runs as of late makes it hard for me to say it with a straight face. However, I'm jumping on board with the I-am-going-to-run day today. So happy your new blogging is something of interest to me!

our little world said...

I thought I was the only one! Yay Carla! ; )

Kimberly said...

Well said! I am feeling neglected on my own blog too...even though I sometimes get email responses. Not the same! I want comments! Dialogue even!

Priscilla said...

I comment! I have been commenting here!! We heart Carla!!!