Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love changed my life.

Subtitle: I feel the need to clarify that this was pre-Oprah's embracing of it. Is that sad? (that I need to clarify--not that the Big O embraced it) Probably.

Since this is a blog post and not a book report (or a dissertation. that's how much I loved it) I wont go into book specifics except to say that you must read it.

skim it.

buy and keep on your bedside table until you (if youre anything like me) have a bout of insomnia and find yourself with a couple of free hours.

Since this is a blog post that's supposed to be about FITNESS that's the part Ill yammer at you about.

The "pray" part. The SPIRITUAL fitness part.

What so resonated with me about Eliz. Gilbert's writing is that it wasnt denominational but simply served as a reminder that the answers we all seek are waiting within us.

When we find/steal a moment to be still & fully present with ourselves (which I find to be *such* a challenge. Chickenbus, trying to work and be a mom I find it a challenge sometimes to be fully present with my Toddler Tornado!) that's when our questions & struggles begin to be answered.

(lost yet? In typing this out I almost get muddled myself)

Gilbert, though her fabulous and humorous writing style, reminded me that it is possible to find balance and calmness in my hectic world simply through silence.

Again as I type this I begin to wonder if that is what led me to ponder running in the first place.

Meditation need not be in an ashram in India or a special room in a yoga studio as Im quite certain the women I see running in Austin are experiencing that "meditative state" with every step.

what about you?
is running your meditation time?
Id love to know as I start down my new path of spiritual fitness.

(oh, and if youve read the book, I ADORE that she had bestowed upon her such a cool nickname as GROCERIES. I want a fun nickname like that. can it be called a nickname if I bestow it upon myself?)


Priscilla said...

I hereby christen thee Chickenbustastic!

Run, girl, run.

Anonymous said...

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