Wednesday, October 17, 2007

completely frivolous

I laugh that blogs are kind of like the intimacy you feel when you sit next to someone on a plane and assume you'll never see them again.

You reveal stuff you might not tell your realworld friends or your family or even your husband.

back in the day anyway.

Ive learned that if I am going to have a blog about our daughter then I need to keep that thing pretty well sanitized (for my protection :)). There is a *lot* going on in my head that I seriously doubt my mother in law could handle as she swings by for her morning granddaughter fix.

Also my amazing husband reads my other blog & there are certain things I dont wanna burden his pretty little head with either.

(Dooce? anyone? I heart her blog. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? all the snark & no one seems to get their feelings hurt! anyway, I digress.)

My revelation? Im getting my teeth whitened tomorrow.

I realize you dont know me but this is a fairly big beauty step in my world.
I own no make up, havent had a haircut that wasnt courtesy of supercuts in years, and possess an old comb instead of a real brush.

it's just who I am.

I blame the teeth-issue on my daughter.

about 1 year ago I started obsessing that my teeth were no longer white and I couldnt figure out why it had suddenly become a "thing" with me.

I bought crest white strips (didnt work. for me anyway.).
I started using straws when I drank my (trying to only have one a day) diet coke.

It all be came clear when I brought my daughter home to visit my parents.
My mom's first remark? SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL & HER TEETH ARE SO WHITE!!

That's when I put it together. Her teeth are exceedingly (toddler) white.
I hadnt consciously noticed but, as evidenced by my bathroom trashcan brimming with strip-wrappers, subconsciously I had.

Flash forward to my 6 month cleaning last week when I said (CASUALLY): I might whiten my teeth.

And the hygenist (who is a close friend so she wasnt up-selling me)didnt miss a beat and responded: OH GOOD YOU NEED IT.

So there you go.

tomorrow at 920 am I shall be the proud owner of some kind of whitening tray configuration which shall supposedly take years off my face.

I hope not.

I like my years.

I just dont wanna have bottom teeth that mightcould soon resemble baby corn.

now you.

any whitening horror stories before I make my mold?


mom2zayna said...

I used to read Dooce! She is awesome. Now I'm so busy trying to run a non-profit from my laptop that every second I'm onlinen is working and not reading. Darn it!

I am actually whitening my teeth at the moment! I plunked down the big bucks for Invisalign about 6 months ago. And my dentist said I could simply use my Invisalign trays for whitening too. HOWEVER, I'm about as precise about using the gel twice a day as I am about taking my birth control pills. HIT OR MISS!! Man, I need to get better about that one!

Kimberly said...

I sucked up two years of braces (with rubber bands...and it's my third time!) just for teh free dental whitening.
I am not overly concerned iwth my appearance, but I do go for the low maintenance things (DAILY low maintenance that is). I do the highlights, I prefer a tan and a pedicre...and I want white teeth so I can avoid excessive makeup and fancy dress.

Trice said...

You'll like it-- it just feels cleaner to see white teeth. You cannot bleach if you are nursing a baby- twice I've had to give up free trays :(

Best to you!

Priscilla said...

I just made an appointment today to go in for whitening in two weeks! I'm doing the in office all in one shot thing b/c the strips made my teeth hurt so I want to get it over in a hurry.

I hope things are going ok for dooce these days...monday's post worried me.