Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lift Mommy Lift!


Ive previously admitted that Im new* to the running thing & that my passion is weight training.

Now that the comments are enabled I just wanted to take a moment and offer to answer any questions you might have about why to lift weights, how to lift weights, where (is a gym necessary?) to lift weights---anything like that.

I'd love the chance to return the favor as Ive gotten a ton of fantastic free running advice from all you SMR moms.

For the sake of full disclosure Id like to state that Ive competed in bodybuilding (my scrawny natural-self against a few women whom I certain somehow cheated the steroid urine test) and fitness (my scrawny natural chest against a few women whom Im certain cheated nature with the aid of Dr Robert Rey) but came in close to last in all the shows.

blahblahblah in my mind I was a winner.

*if by NEW you mean I havent started yet but vow promised & commit to SKIP the ease of my stationary bike and hit the pavement this weekend when I have toddlercare---which I do.

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