Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Mommy is faster than your Mommy

Yesterday my 9 year old son told me he had the oldest parents in his class and he was not looking thrilled about it. I'm 43- husband is 48. I was gleeful and asked him, "ah hah, but can those young Mommies run 26.2 miles or 10 miles for that matter? Can those Daddies run as fast as your Dad? Of course I could have gone into us finishing grad school and starting careers while others had babies or that I did not meet your Dad till I was 28. Running was the first thing that jumped in my head-- I never ever feel old-- I feel wise for running. I feel strong. I feel capable and yes, I've got lots of lines on my face and all the other funny little things that happen every 5 years (I get slower and weight is harder to keep low). My 10 month old daughter is probably going to have it worse. I may need to go back to sky diving to keep up with the latest young Mommies.


Kimberly said...

That's awesome! WHat was his response?

carla said...

uh oh.

Ill be FORTY SIX when my daughter is nine.

talk about running motivation.


Trice said...

I should have detailed his response. He looked at me, gave me that hmmmm, my Mom's kind of weird look, but did not look unhappy anymore. He likes being from an athletic family.

I guess I'll be pushing 51 when my little one is 9 - yikes!