Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How I Got Here

The local news had run a feature inviting girls from the area to submit applications as to why their mother should be Mom of the Year and, initially, I was very excited. Until, that is, I actually tried to think of reasons why my mother should be Mom of the Year.
In my eyes, a child's eyes, there was no doubt that she was Mom of the Year, but in society's eyes, well, I had to admit, she didn't have much to offer. The truth of it was, and is, that single mom's of three children whose kids go to school hungry and wearing the same clothes as they had worn the day before, aren't exactly Mom's of the Year. That mom's like mine, who opted out of meet the teacher night and who never baked cookies or accompanied the class on a field trip weren't the sort of mom's who earned honors.
The realization brought with it quite a bit of shame--shame for myself and shame for my mother. At that moment I knew that I wanted to be Mom of the Year. That when my time came, my child(ren) would have a Mom of the Year.
And here I am now! I won't lie. It's been a bumpy ride. Like water following a groove, I have been tempted by mediocrity and I've had to teach myself and learn by default many things that I think other kids were taught--I don't know. But I've also taught myself and learned by default many things that other kids weren't taught for the simple reason that they had a Mom of the Year and I'm pretty sure that's what the whole trip has been about.

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