Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homework is Hard

I'm going to go ahead and put this in black and white: I must be the worst mother in the world not to mention that I must not be very bright because I had to google an answer to my son's second grade homework. Second grade people!! I'm so glad I looked at his homework before he sat down to do it so that I could see the word in question and get my fingers typing! As a result, when he looked at me with those adorable big brown eyes and said "Mommy, what does estivation mean?" I was able to look back at him as only June Cleaver could and say "Why dear, estivation is a rare state of dormancy similar to hibernation, but that occurs in the summertime!" I can hardly wait to see what he brings home in 3rd grade.


Anonymous said...

Google has got to be mankind's greatest invention...just wait until your 6th grader asks you who wrote the Constitution!

Shelley said...

Holy cow! "Estivation"????? My girls are 4 so I had better start studying now!