Thursday, October 04, 2007


As all moms I finally decided that it was time to lose my swear words. My daughter is a late talker (she's practically an ASL interpreter with all the signing she does but that's an 'UhOh should I have done all those signs with her? will she be speaking by the time she goes to prom?" for another day) so thus far she isnt mimicking. But it's coming. And my dear sweet husband does not swear.

So the day the Toddler Tornado drops an f-bomb we'll all know from whence it came.



Todays chickenbus is brought to you by the fact Im really truly a newbie runner.
As in I dont. Yet.
Im a bodybuilder (natural. small. I often get "oh you must be a runner!" when people meet me.) and I love the endorphin rush I get from lifting & I love being strong.

and I love looking strong (*wink*)

However I am going to get into running.

They (the big they. in my first career I owned a personal training studio. so the THEY I was compelled to listen to) say that it's important to change up your cardio every few months.

Ive been doing the recumbent bike for 6 years.

Now you know why Im here.

can you say external accountability?

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Anonymous said...

I have my 3yr old saying, "god bless america" - which is my favorite cursing correction!