Friday, October 26, 2007

The Great And Mighty O.

subtitle: get yer mind out of the gutter.

Did any of you see Oprah the other day when Seal & Heidi Klum were on?

(not sure when it was since I TiVo everything but it was this week)

First? I have an enormous crush on them now. Both of them. As a couple. Talk about what really appears to be a dynamic of love, respect and BALANCE.
All that chickenbus, however, is a post for a different day.

This one? About how Heidi pretty much laid the (subtle) smackdown on The Great And Mighty O.
Not surprisingly Oprah commented on how fantastic Heidi looks *so quickly* after having each of her babies.
Homegurl DOES look amazing and we know that for certain seeing as she strutted down the catwalk TWO MONTHS after giving birth.

Heidi seemed to sincerely appreciate the compliment and then proceeded to (paraphrasing here) say that she ate healthy during her pregnancy, ate well after, exercised and all the weight came off.

T.G.A.M.O.? You know she had a sarcastic (and hilarious) comment to make in response.

Heidi? She did NOT let that chickenbus go.
She didnt get irritated but she did clarify (and THANKFULLY so we now know she's human) that she doesnt eat everything she wants all the time and look that great.

That it IS hard to see others eating cakes, cookies & pasta (which she did say she ate in moderation. something I also loved.) and keep eating healthy (again paraphrasing you, Ms. K. Please not to sue my chickenbus for misquoting you).

For some reason I adored this entire exchange (because I have no life? sure. but I think there are other reasons as well).

How refreshing to hear Heidi "the body" Klum being HONEST and T.G.A.M.O. being called on her chickenbus because, well, Id imagine she has lots of people around her telling her precisely what she wants to hear.

And, perhaps, because it reminded me of a personal training client I had back in the day.
A client whom I still quote upon occasion.

Said client was struggling to lose weight & asked if I would keep a food diary for her so she could see what worked for me.
Upon receipt of the diary she looked at it, looked at me and said:

"You see, it's HARDER for me because I like Pop Tarts & things like that."

I didnt say it then (at least not out loud) but HOMEGURL, WE ALL ENJOY POPTARTS & "things like that."

In summation: Way to go Heidi. We have enough stars out there telling us they do nothing, eat everything, and "just look this way."

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