Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Absolutely lift

Howdy Folks: I have to absolutely agree that everyone needs to do weight training, especially for bone strenth but also for endurance. The first time I ever ran a Marathon was 2002- Houston. My partner was a better runner and ran more than I did. I did a twice a week workout called Body Pump. It is an amazing 50 mintute weight workout that anybody at any fitness level can start. You can google body pump or go to to find a class in a gym near you. My sweet partner finished a whole hour 1/2 after me. She just did not have the same strength. I absolutely attribute it to Bodypump and weights. I really do not like the weight room- get bored easily, but Body Pump is amazing. The music is really good. I found it at a Gold's gym and later became certified to teach it just so I could get their workout tapes. I did Bodypump through two pregnancies -- literally right up to giving birth. It is the ultimate Mommy workout-- gets the backs of the arms like nothing else. Abs are kind of weak though I hate do do abs anyhow and of course core training is invaluable.

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