Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 2 pink lipstick challenge

Here's a quick update on our 2013 challenge. Week 1 is a short week (thank goodness) and is probably my biggest challenge of all. I mean, I like fashion but makeup really isn't my thing. And even when I wear a bit of makeup I rarely wear lipstick.

Making rambling excuses?

You betcha!

So far I have failed this challenge miserably!!! I can't even find my old stash of lipstick!! I did, however go on a way too long run and my entire face turned hot pink! Might very well be the first time that has ever happened. Getting old stinks.

Amy, on the other hand, painted her lips hot pink and set out on a neighborhood walk Day 1. Not only that....her 2 precious daughters wore pink lipstick too! How cute is that!?!

Tomorrow is another day.

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