Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 3 Style Challenge: Scarves

Do you where scarves?  Do you want to wear scarves but have never tried?  Do have some cool scarves tucked away in a drawer unworn and in need of some love?  I do!  This week's Style Challenge is SCARVES.  

Any kind of scarf will do.  
Wrapped around your head.  
Tied around your neck.  
Worn as a belt.  
Twisted into a necklace.  
Tied onto your purse.  

How will you incorporate scarves into your wardrobe this week?  Will they sparkle?  Will you choose retro patterns?  Do you prefer rectangular scarves or small square scarves?  

I will check in with you with a taste of how I will wear scarves this week. 

Here is some inspiration:

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