Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Have The Power

Two articles caught my eye in today's paper. First off, smack dab on the front page AT THE TOP, was an article about the rising cost of groceries and how in the (near) future the cost of cooking at home would be equal to the cost of eating out. Not to mention the cost of oil and the cost of driving to the grocery store to pay those higher prices. That, my friends, is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Secondly, the need for ethanol is causing an increase in chemical run-offs into the Mississippi which then runs-off into the Gulf causing a "Dead Zone" where sea life basically suffocates which then causes the people who make their livings from fishing have to go farther and farther out. Using more fuel.
My question is: When will enough be enough?
Really. When I look at our society, I see a bunch of yapping dogs chasing their own tails.

Life is so much more than this rudimentary nonsense and you don't have to live like a hamster in a wheel. It's in your power, it's in all of our powers.

Walk. Run. Garden. Cook. Live.

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Walk. Run. Garden. Cook. Live.

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