Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mommy lost that loving feeling.

I'm at the gym getting ready to take my own advice and run/walk and get some speed back. Well the gym has all these TVs lined up, but I need an FM tuner to hear them. I thought ok, I'll join this century and get an MP3 player/FM tuner. I tried Napster, Itunes, etc.. and could not get any songs I liked and gave up. Then I ran for 40 minutes and it was awful. I was fiddling with the damn player and almost fell several times. I probably should have thrown the thing away, but I was determined not to be beaten by technology. It was ok and I finished the workout. I'm going to beat this. My kids are getting Ipod nanos for Christmas-- how wll I ever get them loaded up? Have I mentioned what a great bunch of people contribute to this blog? I've never written one never mind read one and this just makes my day.

On SEP 11, 2001 I was at the gym and the TVs played the tragedy over and over. I had earphones then and unfortunately could not stop listening/watching. I think I'm feeling pressure not to miss thew news. Since then I've read the entire 9-11 Congressional report and just about every book written on the subject. I still cannot believe it happened.

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