Friday, December 21, 2007

Truth is out-- laundry is bad for your knees

Hello Running Mommies! I'm at the tail end of caring for my sick family. Two straight nights of my 4-year old vomiting, even my baby vomited once and my usually energetic husband spent the day in bed. Me-- I do not have the good luck to get a day in bed. How pathetic am I that I'm jealous of a sick person :)
I was carrying a load of laundry up from the basement and somehow twisted to get up the stairs and hurt my left knee. It really hurts. I've never really hurt anything before (except broken leg/arm as a kid). I know my side of the family is expecting this. I keep showing them Runners World articles that emphatically deny knee problems have to go with running. I'm healing and trying not to eat all the stuff that comes with the season. I must make a New Years resolution to give up laundry. Merry Christmas Ladies!!


Anonymous said...

Oh,Trice!! It sounds like you've had a time of it. But I wholeheartedly support your New Year's resolution to give up laundry...let us know how that works out for you :)

just4ofus said...

We had the barfs for Christmas too.
Merry Barfmus.
I have been jealous of sick people too.
I hear ya.
Feel better and hope your knee heals.