Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lunge Mommy Lunge

Subtitle: this post is so trite--but since Ive only just experienced it please to indulge me.

Im not great about making myself do things that I dont like to do.

In the exercise/diet realm anyway. Im fully aware (*sigh*) that as an adult my life shall be crammed with doing stuff I dont r-e-a-l-l-y want to do, however, I shall spareth you THAT rant.

I definitely cling to the notion of consistency with my workouts (as in if I do it 6 days a week for YEARS then it mightcould be ok that I am not good about mixing it up).

In a really obvious way.

Im certain that the people who are at the gym the same time I am in the mornings could tell you precisely which machines Im going to do in what order once they know the body part Im lifting/if Im there to do cardio.


It was leg day (extensions, inner/outer, seated ham, prone ham and DONE) and something possessed me at the end to throw in a few sets of lunges.

The exercise of champions and one which I detest.

You know what? it felt really really good.

I may do nothing else today to challenge myself but as of 8 am I already had.

what did you do today that challenged the way you think or work out?
That scared you just a little bit but you did it anyway?

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crumbs said...

Doesn't it feel so good to reach a new level in fitness when the exercise you do doesn't make you curse like it would have 2 months earlier? It's a little bit of hope and proof that your hard work is paying off. Hoorah!