Friday, December 14, 2007

Ear Problems

I'm sending out a big fat S.O.S for ear bud ideas. I am so over my iPod ear buds flying out of my ears while running so I have decided it's time for a change sisters! I know, I'm a wee bit dramatic today over the ear bud issue. Please tell me I don't have some kind of weird ear issue but I really think I do! I can't get them to stay in to save my life...or my run as it so happens! I've tried the ear wrap things too but apparently I have child-like ears because they are too big!! Help! What to do to keep my music playing during these long runs?


Shelley said...

I have the exact same problem. I actually have pretty small ears which is why my ears won't hold the regular ear buds. I recently bought a pair of the buds that have a loop around the outside of it which basically holds it onto your ear. I had to try out a couple different brands before I found the perfect pair, but it has worked like a charm ever since. Good luck!

Trice said...

Me too- really hate ear buds and cannot get them to stay in.

Team Hagin said...

Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only person with this problem . . . I have tiny ears and "normal" buds would either fall right out or would hurt. With the help of my wonderful husband, I found some buds that work perfectly for me: Koss "Plugs". These are the kind that you squeeze to make really small, insert them in your ears, and they expand to fill your ear canal. Very soft! And only around $15! Try them and see what you think. I hope you'll be as happy with them as I am.