Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Body I was Given

It's not a fact that I am necessarily proud of, but here it is: I have flat feet. Wait. The disappointing news doesn't end there. My right leg kicks out behind me, something my Xcountry coach brought to my attention in high school. (Man, I would love to still be on a Xcountry team...with a kick-ass triathlete coach and his running gear sponsored sidekick...I used to be one mean and lean little mama.) He didn't know how to fix it, so we just kind of let it be. Now, some twenty years later, the back of my right leg is crawling with spider veins. And sometimes the leg, I don't know, just goes weird on me and I can feel myself limping. When that happens then the front of my right foot joins in on the fun and starts aching, too.

And you all thought I was perfect :)

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Trice said...

I have incredibly flat big feet and I love them. They got bigger with each child. They get me where I want to go. They can go fast. I am now having a tough time with my right hamstring. I wonder if it is related.