Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Tomorrow

I remember the pure joy of ringing in the new year. Especially when single and on the prowl or with a new boyfriend (or new husband) and cherishing that midnight lip lock!! I even remember celebrating midnight when I was a kid during one of my parent's big parties. It was so much fun sneaking into the kitchen to see if there was still a few drops of margaritas clinging to the sides of the blender!

It is 11:00pm EST. I have not been awake at midnight to "ring in the new year" in 5 years. Yes, 5 years! My youngest is 3.5, so I was lame about New Year's Eve before having kids. But I was soooo not lame in many other ways - so hush (okay, I was really going to type BITE ME)!

This year's Plan #1:
This year I was going to head to a dear friend's house and get in the spirit (if you know what I mean). Alas, my 1yo began puking last night. She stopped this morning after being up 4 times last night and covering us both with (well, I won't go into details). Poor little thing. It was so sad to watch. However, I decided it best to keep our germs to ourselves and forego the party.

Plan #2:
I was exhausted from being up all night. So at 6pm I headed out to get a triple shot latte!!! That should do the trick and keep me awake when the clock strikes 12!
Ate dinner.
Baby down at 7:30pm.
Hubby let me squeeze in a workout in our garage gym.
Toddler down at 8:30pm (with hubby who was supposed to stay up, drink wine, and play Scrabble - which we used to enjoy playing years ago).
Hubby fell asleep with toddler.

And here I sit with some dark chocolate (thanks Brae) and red wine (really, really good red wine - thanks Amy).
I began working on my laptop because my work has been piling up.
Chocolate is gone.
Wine is gone.
House is quiet.
My mind is quiet.
My heart is full and thankful for all the love I share.
Should I watch a movie?
Should I read?
Should I sanitize this germ-ridden house?

Nope, I'm heading to bed.
Signing off at 11:12 pm EST.
Happy New Year to someone somewhere OR everyone everywhere.
I will go kiss my kids and husband on the forehead while they sleep. (or maybe not - it might wake them!!!!)
Silence is truly golden!

Here's to a fabulous 2008!!!! This year is going to truly ROCK!


Crumbs said...

I read this last night near the end of my New Year's tradition since I've become a mother - start baking a cake and finish decorating it around midnight. Only last night, while the TV was on in the background with random celeb musicians I've never heard of spouting off how much time until the ball drops, I had forgotten that I was on TiVo time. At midnight, Ryan Seacrest was mentioning there was 20 minutes left before the big event - and even though I had finished my cake, I stayed up for 20 more minutes, oblivious that technology was messing with me.
Your post was so serene and comforting. I'm glad I was awake to catch it last night.

carla said...

I echo crumbs.