Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ouch this hurts

Hello Running Mommies. I've been quiet this past week because someone stole my yahoo account, got into my inbox, address book, and messed with my life. I felt so incredibly vulnerable. They know my full name, address,kid's names, password. They wrote to merchants I'd dealt with including ebay and paypal and tried to get more information and more passwords. My invite to blog was there too and it left me feeling like my identity was raped and do I really want to put myself out there. I'm back and feel stronger after this whole yuck fiasco. I think I was phished by signing onto a fake yahoo sign in page where they grabbed my password. Yahoo took a week to get me my account back. They emailed my address book asking for money too. Knowing they know about this blog too just left me feeling so vulnerable. Then I stood up, brushed off the dirt, and went for a long run. I'm still out there and am not going to be bullied off the web or anywhere else. What else but feeling physically strong could do that? Keep running, keep going for good health and Run Mommy Run.


crumbs said...

How scary! But if they read this blog, they'll know you're not running away, you're giving them a run for their money!

Run Trice Run

Wannabe Runner said...

Wow! I'm so sorry that happened to you! Stay strong!

carla said...



Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how some people can live with being so deceptive. Take comfort that those yahoos (pun intended) will get their own!