Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cool New Vitamin/Energy supplement found

Just a quickie~~~~~~
I did an impulse buy on the internet for antioxidant/vitamin/energy supplements. It is a 2 week free supply for only shipping ($3.95). I figured, why not? Lance Armstrong supposedly uses it. I wasn't even sure anything would arrive after I submitted my order. I DID get a box about a week later and now am addicted. This stuff is like crack for a busy mom. I'd rather have it than my coffee in the morning. It is an never ending supply of energy with out the caffeine jitters/up-set stomach. Anyways, give it a try for $3.95. Read everything though. If you you don't love it you have to call and cancel any future mailing. I am keeping mine coming but changing the monthly shipment to every other month. And NOOOOOOO they are not paying me for endorsing their product. It just isn't very often I find something that works so well!!!

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